June 3rd, 2021

Elena Gilbert. Magic.

Current obsessions, an old obsession.

++ Word of Honor is now available on Netflix! Much like The Untamed and Heaven Official's Blessing, it is based on a BL novel. Word of Honor came across my radar not too long ago since I've been following a lot of cdrama (and Asian drama in general) fandoms and I watched in real time people live-blogging as the episodes were released, and of course I had to wait until English subtitles were available on YouTube, but I enjoyed seeing people's reactions and seeing the gifs come out in real time as the drama was airing. I'm actually surprised that it got onto Netflix as quickly as it did, then again it has garnered a lot of attention, especially international attention, much like a lot of Asian drama lately, so naturally it would make sense. Of course Netflix doesn't have the greatest track record with subtitles, so I'll have to see what they get right and what they get hilariously wrong. Although it seems like they have only 36 episodes, since there are 37 total, but I wonder if they combined 36 and 37 because the latter is more of an epilogue that was specially filmed.

What's interesting is that Word of Honor got super lucky with passing the censorship laws since they definitely were very bold with pushing the envelope just a bit, since one of the mains is incredibly openly flirtatious with the other main to a shameless degree. And that's not even taking into account the scenes that were cut/altered (the broadcast versions versus the special versions) and the dubbing over their original lines the actors said (there are various videos on YT that specifically focus on lip-reading).

++ To share something happy with you all: Wang Zhuocheng (who played Jiang Cheng in The Untamed) is a massive fan of Harry Potter, and not too long ago he posted a video of him fanboying out over getting a Nimbus 2000 broom (click captions for English subs).

Now I know most of us have become disillusioned a bit by Harry Potter lately, mainly the author in particular, but watching his level of excitement and enthusiasm over getting a toy broom just brings me back to the height of my own fangirlishness when I first got heavily into the series when I was a teenager. I think the last time I had a similar level of excitement over a piece of merchandising from this world was when I bought the Percival Graves wand from the first Fantastic Beasts. And just watching him be so happy with the purchase makes me happy, and it reminds me of that feeling I had when I first started getting into that world and watching the films and reading the books and wanting to go to Hogwarts. I might not have that level of excitement anymore, but that love for the story and the characters still exists. So yeah, I just wanted to share this because it makes me smile, and he's absolutely adorable. :)