June 17th, 2021

Skye. Transformation.

Coughing up flowers.

++ Taken from this fandom meme:

Crack!fic - We all know it. What's your opinion of it, and if you want, show us an example.

I'm fine with crackfic, honestly. I don't read it as often, but sometimes I will if the mood strikes. Sometimes you'll never know if a fanfic might actually turn you to liking something, this has happened to me recently with a few subgenres of fanfic that I hadn't previously read before. Although when it comes to crackfic, I actually personally love the "crackfic taken seriously" variants, since there is a wide range of options and there's so much you can do with them. I think my favorite one recently has been the hanahaki disease trope, although there is a debate whether this constitutes as crack or not and I think it's rather subjective depending on who you ask, since the trope isn't strictly used by fandom. The concept seems ridiculous on the surface (a character develops a disease of coughing up flowers/flower petals due to them having feelings for another that may appear to be one-sided), but I've seen some fanfics have interesting takes on the trope itself. Although I do have to admit that I actually prefer the concept of hanahaki being more of a chronic disease than a terminal one, but that's just a personal preference and again it depends on how the writer tackles the trope, since a lot of times it's about the angst and I love me some angst.

As an example: Even Loved Ones Scatter (Like Petals In My Hand) by locketofyourhair (The Untamed, Lan Xichen/Jiang Cheng)

This was the first fanfic I read where this trope was featured, and I was impressed by how much I liked it since when I initially heard of the trope I wasn't entirely sure that it would be something that I would get into. The first part is more genfic since it centers entirely around Jin Ling (Jiang Cheng's nephew) who is worried about his uncle dying and leaving him all alone, although the second part definitely deals with the shippiness of Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen a bit more in-depth since it's more of a companion piece to the first part. I really liked how it was handled because it's very emotional and very family-based, the worried nature and the way it's resolved is great. And this is what I mean by taking a crack trope and writing it in a serious manner.

++ Buzzfeed Unsolved will be having their two final seasons soon, which I know some people are upset about and understandably so, but honestly, it makes sense. Ryan and Shane no longer work for Buzzfeed and have since created their own channel/company after they officially departed from them. I'm guessing this is just them completing their contract for the series, which I know is sad because it had a very specific format that brought people in. However, I'm sure that they'll have something similar on their own channel, Watcher. They already have done things similar in tone there. So, I am sad that BFU is ending, but I understand why and it makes me excited about what future projects they have in store for their Watcher channel. I'm just hoping that as the pandemic rules start gradually lifting they'll be able to travel and do things that they started doing initially on that channel before shit hit the fan.

I actually would love to see them do a series discussing solved crimes, going over interesting and fascinating (and even bizarre) cases that have since been solved by going over what happened, how the investigation went, what the initial theories were at the time, and how it ended up being solved and their overall thoughts of the case in general, what they think could have been handled better, etc.