September 3rd, 2021


Command me, Mother Confessor.

++ First of all, Bridget Regan has been cast as Poison Ivy in CW's Batwoman. I don't watch the show, but I know that Bridget has been fancast as Poison Ivy in fandom for years, so seeing this news is such a pleasant surprise. Fancastings becoming a reality is still a surreal thing sometimes.

++ We have the trailer for the third season of Doom Patrol, and I'm pretty stoked about it. I know that they halted production before filming the last episode of S2 when quarantine hit last year, so hopefully we'll be getting answers in regards to that since we left off on a pretty big cliffhanger (that wasn't supposed to be a cliffhanger). Regardless, I love this show and its cracked out chaotic energy, and I cannot wait for the new season to premiere. I missed these precious idiots so much.

++ Archive Of Our Own has now implemented a tag limit (for single fics, it doesn't affect fic series), and the reaction is mostly incredibly positive with a resounding "thank god". Many have been requesting a limit for some time due to people abusing the tagging function, and I'm sure the tag wranglers were figuring out a way of doing this but, of course, this decision was then sped up due to the incidents earlier this year with the infamous "STWWX" trolling fic and other trolling that happened to purposefully fuck AO3 up for one reason or another. I think this was the best course of action to take, and they gave a reasonable explanation for their limit and I approve. As someone who has often hated scrolling past walls of tags for fics (none which I really read and will bypass entirely because I don't have time for that), I'm extremely thankful. Of course, 75 tags is still a lot, but looking at the statistics it is a fair assessment and a good limit to have. Of course, not everyone is happy with this decision. It's just a small minority and while some do share legitimate concerns, others are just being ridiculous in complaining and throwing temper tantrums and idk, it's kind of funny to me, to be honest, since it's so fascinating seeing what their complaints are about.

Perhaps this is just proof of me being in fandom for so long, since I remember the days when tags/content warnings weren't really much of a thing on fanfics. There was even constant debates surrounding the need for them, whether they were necessary, what should be considered a warning, etc. This is just yet another continuation of that, I suppose.