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Yay! It's finally here!

Serenity trailer

Granted it's not the best quality because I believe this was recorded at a convention, and the lighting is somewhat dark, but it's all we've got from Joss Whedon's continuation from the Firefly series.

Now I am psyched for it to come out, dammit. It's just what I need. I am awaiting for the PoA DVD to be released this November, the Firefly movie Serenity to arrive this spring, the Goblet of Fire film (with all of it's picturey goodness), and to top it all off, J.K. Rowling is nearly done with the sixth installment of the Harry Potter series. The anticipation is going to kill me.

But anyway, yay. Everything's all in the good so far. Can't wait for our lovely space cowboys in all their ohsoobviousgaynessloving! (Mal/Simon are teh sexy!)
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