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Mini-Late Night Ramblings

First of all, happy birthday to juliet42 and belated birthday wishes to jenniferkaos. Hopefully both birthdays will/have been celebrated happily and no getting drunk and table-dancing unless it's done safely. Also, it's also the belated birthday of the lovely Hayden Panettiere, who recently turned 18 just a few days ago!

In case anyone's missed it: Brand New Heroes Promo Spot.

Nothing spoilerish, just a gorgeous and fancy promo-trailer. Could these people be any more pretty? I swear. We have the money-shot at the end, which is totally FTW baby! That, along with Mohinder's smexy voiceover. I've watched this several times now, and the more I do the more I get anxious for season two. Which I do have some things to say about that and fandom in general, but that's for when I actually have time to write all my thoughts out coherently.

Now? It's time to sleep because I am completely wiped out.
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