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Checkmate, mate.

Psych 2.07 "If You're So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead?"

Can I just mention that I just love the titles for these episodes? It's their schtick of course, but still it's fun! Adds to the wackiness.

This episode dealt with two young students from an elite school wanting Shawn and Gus' help with catching a murderer on their campus. Trouble is, while they assume it's a teacher, they don't know who it is, who was killed or who might be targeted next. So it's up to Shawn and Gus to solve the problem, in their own typical crazy way of course. I liked the twist in the end, with the 30-year-old posing as a high school student. Obviously hitting close to home because that had actually happened some time ago, but this plot dealt with it more interestingly without being pervy, about this guy's dream to attend such a prestigious school even though he had a criminal charge on his record that automatically dismissed him from getting approved, thus stole a dead kid's identity and erased all his past records in order attend the school and lived the life he'd always dreamed of. Neverminding the fact that he was living a lie, but still how Shawn caught him was golden.

Shawn was hilarious, as usual. He had many one-liners in this episode that literally made me laugh out loud. Gus was funny too, especially when they were in the teacher's lounge and he slid off the table. Oh Lords, that was so frakking funny I didn't even pay attention to what was being said in that scene. Also, the "Pyschics: Physics of Psychics" was just brilliant. Too brilliant.

Though I felt bad for Gus, for getting accepted into the school but his letter was sent back without him knowing about it. At first I thought it was Shawn that did it, because he's been known to do something like that before so his best friend wouldn't go somewhere and lead a different path without him. But this seemed like such a big deal and Shawn did seem genuinely concerned over Gus' anger and disappointment. I'd never would've guessed it was his own family that did it, though it was funny in the last scene while Shawn and Henry were playing chess and him shouting into his cell phone in the background.

Speaking of which, I liked how the flashback in the beginning matched the ending scene, with Henry and Shawn playing chess. And Shawn winning both times, hee.

The two nerdy students mentioning "fanfiction" and "roleplaying" was a total shoutout to fandom. I approve.

Also, the subplot with Juliet and Lassiter was cute. Juliet really liked having that kind of power, and Lassiter certainly looked proud when she was taking control -- of course I like that while Juliet took that kind of power in stride, she didn't abuse that kind of power of authority during the interrogation scene with the two students. Their bickering over what's ethically right or wrong for that matter was hilarious, and the students calling on the obvious. Again, hilarious. I felt it was like the intuitive nerdy!Shawn in training. Heh.

Aww, not another episode for about a week? That sucks. Oh well, there's always reruns!

Painkiller Jane 1.18 "Jane 113"

So as the plot thickens, the mysteries start unraveling, and only several more episodes left until the series ends for it all to be revealed and solved. My only hope is that they continue with the interesting, action-packed episodes until the finale.

Starting off, this is the episode that goes with the continuity from the beginning of the series. From Jane's first assignment where she incidentally fell from the window, causing her to wake up with strange ability to heal and her introduction in her strange life following thereafter. Because the team was going on vacaction, Jane had to go solo on figuring it all by herself. Of course how she managed to get this information was from the neuro that they didn't chip (er, more importantly she didn't chip because she removed the chip before Andre shot him), who shared the memory of what happened that day on her first assignment. That she's now "one of them" and will be pursuaded into "joining them". Confused about what he means, Jane knows that the only way to get answers was to return to the building. Since, after all, while the case file was closed there was still the inconsistency of the missing floor, being floor 113. Jane does everything she can, including bribing Riley into letting her get into the building, and finds herself in quite a shock at what she witnesses.

A white room filled with hanging bodies, these bodies are still alive and breathing, but apparently unconcious and unaware of their surroundings; with tubes attached to them for oxygen and whatnot. Jane finds a scringe-like contraption which she recalls from the memory that was used on her during her assignment. She stealthily follows one of the men that worked there out of the facility and sees where he goes to -- which is unfortunately secretly meeting her boyfriend who said he was going to Texas. Jane is pissed, naturally. She questions him angrily, gets so unexpected answers and is led to meeting the man in charge of the whole operation. Leading her into more stunned confusion over who/what she is and her involvement in everything.

I think this whole revelation for Jane and her ability is what we've been waiting for all season, and if only they'd stringed these mysteries all season long it would've made loads more sense to the viewing audience. Specifically put with the "Jane 113" drawing to Jane's dream involving the "113" stitched into the teddy bear. It was all leading up to this, but the season did have some inconsistent, or irrelevent, episodes about the team in general. Which I think drew people away because it was going nowhere fast, but I knew the biggest secrets to be revealed weren't going to come until the end.

This also gives a chance to introduce the man responsible for creating the dangerous Neuros Jane and the team hunt down, capture and deactivate. Although my only confusion is what happened to Jane in the end? Was she brainwashed, reprogrammed? Why was she giving all this information to this guy about Andre and the team if she knew it was a bad idea? I have a feeling that things are going to be turned around because of this meeting. She is one of them now, and I somehow think it was inevitable.

Unless of course, this is all part of a bigger plan she has in mind.

Leaving me to wonder about the last shot. Was that her boyfriend as one of the hanging bodies? That confused me greatly, it was like whoa. Perhaps a clone? I don't know.

Here's something interesting, Kevin Smith is going to be directing an episode of Battlestar Galactica. Huh, he seems to be getting lots of directing nods from various places recently. Now if only we could get Joss Whedon into the picture....

Also, what's with the Hannah Montana lawsuit squabble? Seriously, it's ridiculous. I find it interesting that this Buddy Sheffield guy was willing to wait two freaking years until claiming that Disney "stole" their original idea, and after Hannah Montana gained success and popularity. First of all, I haven't even heard of his show and secondly, it's only when something is more successful that the other decides to sue. Oh, what lengths people will do for money. *shakes head*
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