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28 August 2007 @ 04:47 am
I restored timepieces...I know what makes things tick.  
Last night NBC reaired "Six Months Ago", one of my favorite episodes, and because I've been having Heroes withdrawals I felt obliged to watch though any fan wouldn't object to watching a freaking marathon of the show over and over again anyway. Of course during rewatching the episode there was the obvious conclusion:

I want my own Gabriel. Can I please have my very own Gabriel Gray for Christmas? He is just too adorable, even if he does turn into a brain-stealing psychopath.

++ Firstly, the beginning sequence at Gray and Sons is just beautifully done. The tinkling of timepieces with harmonious music, signifying the simple yet somewhat joyfulness that Gabriel has for restoring watches. It's just so happy and cheerful, and so Gabriel y'know? From the moment we see him you wouldn't even believe that this would be the man to become the murderous Sylar. The shots where he's concentrating really hard on placing the small piece together, so delicately, and his smile of accomplishment after getting it to work -- it's just so pretty. Love that whole sequence, as it really does show Gabriel in his truest nature. Oh yeah, and I find his multi-lens glasses adorable on him, but that's just me.

++ Throughout I couldn't help but seethe at Chandra Suresh. He's a complete oblivious dumbass for not recognizing that Gabriel does, in fact, have an ability. It may not be as obvious or huge, but it's still there. Just the way he wanted to approach these people about their supposed abilities was all wrong.

++ Eeee! Gabriel had a fish in his shop! I've read over at the Sylar thread over at TWoP where someone posted that Gabriel had a fish, and seeing it more closely in this episode it's clear he did. Aww, I just think that's so cute, and appropriate for his character really. Although I keep wanting, in an alternative universe where there was a way to prevent Gabriel turning into Sylar, he would've had a puppy. Since theorizing what his childhood would've been like, he seems that all he really needed was some love and attention. And since dogs are loyal, playful and are very affectionate towards their masters it would seem like a great opportunity for Gabriel to have that kind of exposure. So when Chandra came to him only to brush him off like he did, Gabriel would feel some disappointment but not lash out as he did.

Okay, I'm really going off with this fannish obsession and theorizing. Moving on now....

++ This episode really made me feel nostalgic for Eden. I mean really. She might not have gotten off to a loveable start with fandom but after her heroic sacfice in the next episode she certainly has been missed. Especially with Candice in the picture, Eden is looking not so bad compared to that character. Also, Eden with long hair is very pretty.

++ I should've noticed this before but didn't, because I fail at paying attention, that Matt has dyslexia which is the reason why he failed his police test multiple times.

++ Claire is still adorable, Jackie still sucks major, and Mr. Bennet's morally grey decisions are all about protecting his Claire-bear (hee, the "bears from around the world" is still the cutest thing ever!). Also, the Haitian is still mysteriously in the background, being silent and somewhat creepy and still awesome. I hope he comes back, I liked him.

++ The Petrelli family, fucked up than ever but still has that brotherly love between Nathan and Peter. Also I like Heidi, she was really encouraging and supportive of Peter becoming a nurse and helping people, whereas Nathan compared himself to his "destiny" of following in his father's footsteps. It seems to be a theme in this show, huh?

++ Hee, Gabriel's temper tantrum in Chandra's apartment is something I shouldn't find completely adorable, but in my mind it is. It's just totally different from how you see Sylar acting in frustration or rage since you'd expect Sylar to start TKing anything and everything in sight, really violently. Although, there was the exception in Mohinder's apartment after waking up and discovering that the List had been taken and he starts beating the laptop with a stick, but yeah. No, Gabriel's little tantrum here was more like a little boy not getting the results he wanted and acting out on his emotions, while Chandra was going "okay, you need a time out" and Gabriel was all "fine, be that way then!" and storming off.

++ Though with Gabriel's intentions for calling Brian Davis it seemed like he was trying to get some sort of answers, because I don't think Gabriel intentionally wanted to kill him at first. Obviously he needed the reassurance that perhaps he could get to the special people first, that maybe they could see what Chandra could not. But once realizing that these people with abilities didn't want their powers, Gabriel just couldn't comprehend why anyone would give up the opportunity to be special. Hence his own ability kicking in, seeing what was wrong and discovering a motive for gaining his right to be someone important in life.

++ Though, everytime I see/think of Brian's death I come to this: Gabriel "Sylar" Gray murders Brain Davis, in the shop with a quartz crystal.

++ Overall, props to the very talented Zachary Quinto for creating the differences between Gabriel and Sylar, both in the mannerisms and appearances. As mentioned, you would never have given Gabriel Gray a second look and think he'd turn into a murdering, brain-stealing psychopath, and Zach's acting is very convincing in both aspects of the character, during the innocent stage to his slip into insanity, and his Sylar-as-Gabriel again in "The Hard Part" (yet another one of my favorites. Can y'all tell I love Gabriel/Sylar WAY too much? Gotta love our precious serial killer.)

There was something me and my sister were going on about, with deciphering between Jessica and Niki and came into comparisons between two other very specific characters from another fandom who also share the same appearance. Battlestar Galactica. Jessica is more like head!Six, with the violent tendencies, manipulation and no-nonsense attitude. Whereas Niki is more Caprica-Six for being pragmatic, sensible and understanding/having more compassion. While there are multipe Six copies in BSG, all which are considered cold-hearted and violent, head!Six and Caprica-Six have their own personalities, much like Jessica and Niki do. Just something our minds concluded while watching, because after seeing Jessica emerge to confront Hal I kept thinking of how many times head!Six physically abused Gaius (i.e. throwing him against walls, slamming his head against mirrors and tables, etc.)

Also last night was the lunar eclipse, which I miraculously caught thanks to people online mentioning it. While it's not solar, it's incidentally ironic that the Heroes S1 DVDs are being released the day there was going to be a lunar eclipse.
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Jen: heroes - sylar - basically!snowfire on August 28th, 2007 08:08 pm (UTC)
I skipped this episode because I knew my DVD set would be coming soon, but reading your thoughts on the episode has made me really eager to see it again. It was one of my favorites in season one due to all of the backstory and the insight we get into Gabriel/Sylar's character. Honestly, I love Heroes to death, but I think one of the things I love most about the show is how it fleshed out Sylar so much. He's not a one-note villain like he could have been, and I'm so glad about that. And Zachary plays him so well!

When I was watching the eclipse last night I kept thinking about the Heroes DVD release and grinning to myself. I do have to love the timing of it all!
Renée: Gabriel Gray. Cute!rogueslayer452 on August 28th, 2007 10:30 pm (UTC)
That is precisely one of the reasons why I consider this one of my all-time favorite Heroes episodes, the fleshing out and creating a well-developed backstory to our main villain. I am also glad that they decided to introduce him this way rather than continue one with him being the bad guy, then go directly into what we saw in "The Hard Part". It wouldn't have been nearly as believable and convincing that Sylar had once been a normal human being if they hadn't first introduced the character as such.

Sylar's such a complex character. He certainly is a well-rounded, thoroughly created villain and it's the combination of great writing, storytelling/direction and how Zachary Quinto portays him. You fear him, yet want to cuddle him.

I was grinning insanely, too. It's all too perfect, perhaps it IS destiny! :D
jirucloud on August 28th, 2007 09:48 pm (UTC)
lol, I didn't realize he was dislexic either! Eden? never a fan... >.> But she was better looking with long hair, lol

WHAT? I missed and eclipse?? ;.; So sad!!! ;.; Although, I did get to see the very beautiful full moon~

have fun and try not to get too excited waiting for next Monday, lol! (when is Mohinder hosting again?? Did I miss it?? *always forgets*)

Renée: BoA.rogueslayer452 on August 28th, 2007 10:13 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I didn't catch it the first time around but Matt mentioned that although hew studied hard and knew all the answers he couldn't read the questions because the words always appeared backwards. They haven't really brought it up again since this mention, but I found it interesting.

Eden was certainly prettier with the longer hair, but she also looked small and meek while sitting in the room with Mr. Bennet.

Hee, Sendhil and Zachary will be hosting on September 10th for the episode "Parasite", so mark that on your calender! You can never get enough of Mohinder and Sylar... *g*