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Nothin' but the rain, sir.

You know how when there's something to be released and you wish there were a different cover/artwork to choose from other than the official choice (ex. a certain Big Damn Movie region 1 DVD)? Well, apparently Ron Moore and Co. are granting fans this wish, as you can now vote for the best box coverart for Battlestar Galactica: Razor.

Seriously, it's difficult for me to even choose one in particular because I find them all incredibly beautiful and kickass. Coverart C will probably be the best bet in willing, because it matches with the soundtrack covers and would be going along with the theme, however I really like Coverart A because it looks really professional-like with the standing-group shot and Admiral Cain/Kendra Shaw...but I also like Coverart B too, just for the matter of group shots. This makes choosing even harder because I do like all three. Couldn't they just have this bidding thing where fans could purchase whichever cover they wanted for a limited time or something? Gah! I honestly don't know.

And while I'm pining over which to choose, may I direct everyone to this brilliant "We Were Centurions" short-film. Oh my God, I now want my own little animated Centurion with their cute little voices, complaining about being second-class Cylons! So cute.
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