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Humanity is a flawed creation.

Painkiller Jane 1.19 "What Lies Beneath"

The team gets a distress call from NICO where it's been reported that dechipped Neuros have escaped and are revolting from being held there. Suspicions run high once Jane, Andre, Connor and Riley enter the premises, as they suspect something fishy is happening without their knowledge. And they are in for a bit of a shock once they realize what's really been happening to the dechipped Neuros brought in, and the truth behind it all.

What's interesting, aside from the fact that I'd been misspelling NICO all this time as "NEKO", is the lack of information given out to the team about what's truly going on behind closed doors. The brutality experiments and testings being done on the supposed dechipped Neuros, the doctor doing those experiments moralizing it as an exception for scientific purposes and says that it was necessary. While yes, understanding who these individuals are is one thing, but to completely disregard that they are human beings to begin with, people with souls and emotions, is completely uncalled for and crosses that line of morality. The abilities these people possess may be extraordinary, some even dangerous, but that gives no right to treat them like things or animals. Jane's horrified and disgusted reaction truly in the right, especially since she could've been any one of those people held there, and perhaps because of her ability to heal the experiments done on her would've been much worse than what she'd seen done to the others. I also liked that Andre seemed to visibly disgusted as well, because all of the unauthorized experimenting had been happening without his knowledge, and he took full control over it after being exposed to the secrets.

This really places an idea what kind of place NICO is, while fancy it held something dark and disturbing. Who could blame all the other Neuros for escaping? The church tie-in was also interesting, although the nun was both right and wrong. Neuros were scientifically created, as witnessed in "Jane 113", however they are still people. It really emphasizes the idea that people fear what they don't understand, and with that fear they dehumanize the supposed threat and treat them as though they are foreign objects, even when the intentions at first was just to understand them better. Which is exactly what happened here.

Although, from what Jane learned about where her ability came from, couldn't she just suggest that something else was at play here? Or perhaps she was brainwashed after all. That still doesn't make sense, but whatever. Jane is even more connected than ever now, as she stated in her ending monologue.

Next week is more "Neuro becomes a monster", in the literal sense. Also, the previews are suggesting another character death. How many more casualities can we afford to have anyway? Of course, we only have a few episodes left until the series is done for, so who knows what might happen to the whole team, Jane included. Although from this episode it seems that Connor might bite the dust. I don't want that to happen, because I like him, but Jane can't be killed off obviously, Andre is their leader therefore he's out of the question, Riley is the only character on the team with the skill and connection to gaining information quicker than lightning. Connor seems to be the only option left, and he always puts himself in the line of fire so it's plausible. Still, don't want him to die, but what control do I have over that choice if it turns out to be true anyhow?

On a shallow note, I really liked Jane's hair in this episode. I don't know why, I just thought she looked pretty (not that she isn't always, but you know what I mean). Also, low-cut shirts are a must for her. Seriously.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now a proud owner of Heroes season one DVD. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go off and watch some episodes and play around with the extra goodies....
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