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Be a soldier, take a stand and fight!

This passed week went by so quickly, and yet it didn't, if that makes any sort of sense. I've been dealing with some things, family and homelife issues, searching elsewhere for school options, and most recently catching some allergies in the process. Which sucks, considering I'm not feeling great at the moment due to the monthly problem all us females go through. Cramping and aching plus allergies is no fun at all, however I've got Heroes DVDs so that makes up for it. Other than that, I've been dealing with the INVASION OF THE ANTS. Like seriously, for the last few weeks now the house has been completely taken over by ants. Not a whole lot, but enough to make me squirmish. In the bathroom, covering the shower, all around the toilet, in the sink...honestly, what exactly is it that attracts them to the bathroom? Unless they like my scented body washes, lotions and shampoos then there's nothing in there for them. And they always come back, no matter how much I spray and clean. It's ridiculous. Argh.

In other news, more like celebrity gossip news, regarding the current Baby V scandal it's rather unfortunate. While the subject at hand might've been a little tasteless and a bad judgment call on Hudgens' behalf, it was a matter of privacy and the photo, apparently taken some years ago, was never supposed to have been made public. I like Vanessa Hudgens, I think she's a really sweet person so I feel horrible she's in this particular situation. It was an immature thing to do in the first place though, but she's still young and will bounce back from this and learn from her mistake. Even if her Disney reputation will never be restored after this incident, I doubt this'll ruin her career (hell, it might help her later on).

This is actually reminding me of Morning Musume and their contract of staying "pure and innocent". If one of the girls is seen doing something that might tarnish their image, even if it's hanging out with boyfriends assuming their allowed to have boyfriends on the streets or clubbing, they may get kicked out of the group.

But in lighter news, Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli) has uploaded videos on YouTube, just short snippets of film with him and other cast members being silly while on the Heroes World Tour. Seriously, they are the bestest, most adorablest cast ever!
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