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The freaks come out at night,

Painkiller Jane 1.21 "The Beast of Bolnar"

So my predictions from the preview were semi-right; it was Connor that'd gotten attacked, but it was in the beginning/prologue of the episode and he didn't die. Thank God, I really like his character and the team wouldn't be complete without him. Proving once again how misguided the previews are.

Still remaining where they'd been from last week's episode, on the premises of NICO, possibly keeping an eye on the place until it's ensured there are no other malfunctions of the tactics of their staff and whatnot. Though in a small town there is a mysterious force that has all the locals in a fright, apparently a legendary monster comes out at night between the hours of 8pm-9pm and will kill anything and anyone in its path. Connor gets a firsthand experience as he is attacked, but miraculously survives though with deep scars and wounds on him. The team ensemble to find out if this is a Neuro threat, but the reveal is somewhat shocking to their most recent discoverings than before.

What made this episode wasn't the monster legend, but the connection between those Neuros and their genetic makeup. Apparently if a Neuro has a child there's a possibility that the child could inherit some Neuro abilities. Also, Jane's concern over the boy was really touching and convincing, especially the end. We know that she lost her mother, and seeing mother and child reunited again must've been a sentimental moment. I really liked that while the boy was doing these things unconcsiously, projecting the entity from his inner rage from the abuse and neglect he'd been undergoing, that Jane's friendliness and concern was what brought that to save her from almost getting smashed despite the ability to heal of course, but he didn't know that. In a way, Jane can really understand and connect with him on a certain level. I also theorize that the reason why the father was treating him unfairly was because of his mother, who was imprisoned and a Neuro herself, and therefore he found his son somewhat lower than him or anyone else for that matter. Which is unfair and cruel, hence why Jane took pity and wanted to help the poor child.

I have to say I suspected something between the boy and the woman seen earlier in the episode, but I didn't expect this until the last fifteen minutes. Well played.

Only two episodes left, the next one focusing on Andre and I'm guessing the series finale, "Endgame", will be dealing with more than just the usual stuff we've seen, and that it'll end in a bang. If it doesn't I'm going to be very disappointed.

The more previews I see for Bionic Woman, the more I can't wait until it premieres this fall. Does it make me look guilty if I admitted it was primarily for seeing Katee Sackhoff being sexy and evil?
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