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"I already have you...Mr. Sylar."

Tonight is the night! Sendhil and Zachary will be hosting "Parasite" as one of their favorite episodes gee, I wonder why? along with promoting the second season which premieres on the 24th. This is one of my favorite episodes too, not only because we get the amazing interrogation/torture scene between Mohinder and Sylar (the best scenes of the episode, I mean really - tuning fork torture, curare spiked chai, "it's going to hurt...", "gimme that damn list so I can sink my teeth in!" HEE) but also it shows Mohinder's resourcefulness and this character realization moment with him.

So yeah, I'll be squeeing later this evening while watching, and I'm sure those Sylar/Mohinder/Heroes fans in general will be viewing, as well. As a reminder: it airs at 9:00/8:00pm C. Don't miss it, or else you'll get Sylar'd!
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