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So, things are eventful. Must be tuesday.

Happy birthday slartibartfast! ~ ♥ I do hope you're having a lovely day of celebrating, happily and safely of course.

It was happy hour while watching "Parasite" last night. Filled with loads of Mohinder/Sylar goodness with the extra Zach and Sendhil on the side. Though the commentary in between commercials was SO freaking short. It should've been longer, but whatever. It was worth it anyway since, them and their adorable gorgeous selves. Besides, I have DVDs to drool over so, yay! Yeah, so totally worth it.

Apparently, there are two official promo shots for the remake of A Tale of Two Sisters. Okay, I've already expressed my anger regarding yet another Americanized remake of a foreign classic, but I'm torn with it. This might be a decently made movie if done in the right kind of atmosphere and feel, although one thing's for certain: it'll never match up to par with the original. Never. I say this for all remakes of classic films, despite my loathing for it in general. Plus, I like Emily Browning so this kind of exposure, aside from ASOUE, can actually be good for her career. Though I simply adore the original version, this may be good if given the right kind of direction without straying away from the suspense or storytelling. I may give it a chance once I see more of what they're doing with it.

But the remake of Battle Royale will certainly NOT do the novel nor the original movie justice, at all. Especially if they're watering it down with the violence for "sensitive audiences". Pssh, whatever.

Here's my Rec of the Day: Ayumi Hamasaki - "Talkin' 2 Myself" PV. Not only is this song awesome because it's another rock-style single of hers, but the video is wicked hot and amazing. There's just something about Ayu getting dirty, dancing fiercely in the rain, plus sporting the short hair which is very reminescent of her earlier days. Love this song, the PV, and Ayu in general. It's also great for working out, I find.
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