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Fandomosity: BSG, House M.D., White Noise 2

-♠- The Shape Of Things To Come: Bear McCreary has updated with the full tracklist of the S3 soundtrack, along with the CD coverart. I honestly can't wait to hear it, especially "Battlestar Sonatica" and "All Along The Watchtower" c'mon, like I wasn't the only fan waiting for the full un-interrupted version of that. Also, the coverart for "Razor" has been voted and chosen; my opinion stood that I didn't care which one was picked, because they were all so nicely done, so I'm happy with the choice. Now this makes me want "Razor" to arrive even quicker.

-♠- Our Doctor, The Vicodin Junkie: House Season Four Promo. Yes I'm excited, despite the "WTF?" reaction from last season's finale I'm anticipating this premiere along with the rest of my shows.

-♠- Beware Of The Static: Extended trailer for White Noise 2, starring Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff. This is probably the longest trailer I've seen of it, others were mostly teasers with no explanation other than it was the sequel to the first movie. This has more Nathan featured in it with a little bit of Katee too. I know there'd been iffy reviews for it, but I am a horror movie junkie so even if it isn't that great, I'll watch it anyway. For Nathan and Katee, two gorgeous people on screen together.
Tags: battlestar galactica, fandom, house m.d., katee sackhoff, nathan fillion
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