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Seeing is believing, just don't be decieved by it.

starcrossed has a Fall TV Friending Meme. Go ye forth, my darlings.

Painkiller Jane 1.21 "Reflections"

Somehow, I knew that Sarah couldn't have committed those murders because of her sincerity towards Andre. She was literally freaked out once realizing a disturbing dream she had actually was true, and that she might've actually done those horrible things. The twin sister twist was interesting, and very plausible considering they both have the same ability and therefore were connected. At first I thought it had something to do with the mother, as the backstory that Connor told Jane about what Sarah had been doing before being chipped, but still it's all connected within the family. I liked that while Sarah was relieved about having a sister who shared the same ability, she didn't like what her twin was doing in the process of finding her. This raises some questions though: was it the quest of tracking her sister down that made the other twin a murderer? Or was it inevitable that she would turn out to be like that? Would've Sarah turned into the same kind of person had Andre not chipped her?

Sarah seemed very content and grateful for being at NICO, and her fear being risen and her twin sister's presence being known is what made her realize that despite being content there was no escaping, and that is why she playeded the ultimate sacrifice; destroying herself and her sister before anymore wrongdoings were done. At first I was confused at what exactly happened...did she literally phase both of them out of existence? Her last words were "you were right, we were meant to be together" was bittersweet. It seemed that Sarah had nothing else to live for, not even Andre, and she knew that despite everything she couldn't go back to being free.

This wasn't exactly the kind of episode I'd expected, but I wasn't disappointed with the storyline. In fact it was a nice one. However, what has me concerned is with these most recent episodes of the team being at NICO, it seems that Andre is now the overall boss of the organization. Whatever happened to the other guy, the one supposedly "above" and giving Andre orders? What has become of their original main headquarters, the one in the warehouse and where Riley's millions of computer screens and connections are, not to mention the doctor? I understand that they are needed at NICO until things start cooling down, but it seems that they are more focused on NICO than other missions and Neuros in the world. That facility has Neuros already, they need more missions that has loose Neuros outside of that private organization. Perhaps this is where the funding/money expenses are dying off from the show, as it is nearing the end. It would seem impossible that they would return now, with only the finale left.

Also, there's the continuity problem. We know that Jane had been brainwashed I'm still thinking that because she didn't initially want to be part of anything involving whatever the other organization wanted of her but it seems that there hasn't been anything indicating this from that particular episode, which I find odd.

Jane's healing ability also hasn't been shown in the recent episodes, again I'm guessing budget issues but considering this is a show about Jane Vasko that it would be expected at least one particular healing incident or two.

Anyway, the finale better be damn good, is all I'm saying.

Y'know, last night I watched "Unexpected" with my sister, mainly for the Sylar and Mohinder "OMG roadtrip yay!" scenes, and every single time there were a moment between them and then it'd cut to a different scene we'd say "...and then they had sex" or "...and then they made out". Also, pausing the scenes just to stare and comment at the prettiness, but that's a given. Yes, this is what DVD watching has resorted to, ladies and gentlemen. Damn you Heroes for having such a gorgeous cast! *shakes fist* I have yet to listen to all the commentaries, but I'm thinking this evening I'll treat myself to just that. I need some cheering up from this weekend, anyhow.

Oh, and George Lopez? Hi-freaking-larious show. Almost as funny as The Cosby Show or Hannah Montana, and believe me I'll fall over laughing until my sides hurt with any one of them.
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