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Heroes: S2 Expectations and Thoughts

One more week until season two of Heroes premieres people, the anticipation is frakking killing me. With this, I've been thinking...which may actually be overthinking about certain things but nonetheless, this is what happens when I read too much threads about my favorite fandoms. For a time while avoiding spoilers I'd been reading upon other's reactions and reacting to their reactions, which I realized wasn't the smartest thing to do so I stopped. So in short, I've come up with some small thoughts and expectations for the second chapter begins.

None are spoilerish, except perhaps a few rumored/theorized things but not really big, so other than that I've remained spoiler-free and continue to do so. Even if I desperately want to look at something, I want to be surprised for the new season. It's more exciting that way.

To be clear, I'm not concerned over the new characters. Once we're introduced to them then I'll be making comments, but otherwise I'm focused on who we already know and who I actually care about.

Regarding Sylar's storyline, I know that we're going to see a totally different side to him this season. There's been ideas/rumors/theories that he might join up with the other Specials due to another Big Bad that's even more dangerous and will pose as a potential threat to Sylar, eventually becoming a competition. There's also been rumors about a certain new character that we'll meet that'll have Sylar become part of their mission. Whatever it is, I'm excited but nervous of what they'll do with his character in general. I don't want them to turn Sylar into a Spike (i.e. completely badass then softened/watered down into nothing but a harmless puppy); I kind of want Sylar to still be a threat to the Specials, but explored in a different light than what we've seen. Which is their intention, considering that he is now a regular on the show. I don't want his evil side to be stripped down, but I also want a more thorough exploration over his character, possibly dig deeper into his psyche. Plus, judging from the preview clip that's been released he's definitely not fluffed up and anticipates wanting to play with a "shiny new toy", so his evil tendencies aren't gone.

Since this will be focusing on the older generation and their part in the story, hopefully we might get a glimpse of his homelife, his father and whether he had any abilities that he'd inherited, giving some insight to what path Sylar may take. Also, I want more Gabriel scenes. I know that after "The Hard Part" any sort of redemption of Gabriel has been shot down, but flashback episodes can be good, or dream sequences even.

But what I'm more anticipating is the explanation of how he acquires the abilities of others, which had been the biggest mystery from last season. The ongoing joke was that Sylar was eating their brains, which isn't very plausible in itself really. Though it had been confirmed this will be explained in the first few episodes of the new season, and I can't wait for that.

Another thing I'm looking forward to is Mohinder's role this time around. I've grown quite fond of him since the beginning almost to a point of obsession but that's for another post altogether, and I'm curious as how they're going to go about his character's development. Obviously as seen in the previews that Mohinder is teaching inside a classroom (dressed in a snazzy suit, map behind him much like what we'd seen in the pilot episode), which suggests he's back to being a professor and probably providing his findings based on his father's research which has now has more evidence to go on. He certainly isn't done with locating everyone on the list, so what will become of him? Will the university reject these ideas and theories as plain mumbojumbo much like they did with his father? I still want Mohinder to be the moral compass of the series, with the voiceovers and the only individual to connect all the Specials together much like in the first season.

I kind of want him to go all Indiana Jones, y'know? Not that he wasn't before, as some have made that comparisons as his occupation and mission which are very Indiana Jones-esque in certain ways. I want him to be more rugged, getting down and dirty with his dedication on proving his father's theories, chasing after people with powers and such. That would be really awesome. But that's just my wishful thinking of possibly seeing him being all dirty, hot and sweaty in a wifebeater like he was in the first season (yes, shallow moment for wanting to see the hot prettiness, so sue me!)

I also read there might be more revealed about his family, more specifically his deceased sister, Shanti. I'm not sure I want to believe the rumors about that, or whether that news is old or whatever. But again, it's about the "generations" this season so who knows? Either way, more Mohinder is good enough for me.

There's Claire and Mr. Bennet, supposedly returning to a relatively normal life. I've read some comments concerning why Claire wants to return to a normal life when she finally had accepted her calling, that she was special. My sister and I were discussing this the other night while "How To Stop An Exploding Man" was airing on NBC, and we've concluded that she could do both. Obviously she can't just walk around going "la, la, la! My indestructibility, let me show you it!", and it wouldn't seem fair that she would go off without her family on a mission to recruit others with abilities. Claire has shown that she can lead a normal life on the outside while keeping her ability hidden from the world. Besides, now she knows she's not alone and doesn't need to feel that she is anymore, so that boosts her confidence. There's also the issue with her new boyfriend this season, West, who does have an ability also and dare I say it, she goes after those that are just like her biological father? If my reading of what his power is correctly. My expectations for Claire this season are quite simple: continue being adorable, and continue being awesome. That is all.

Curiosity has gotten the better of me as to what role Kristen Bell is going to play. Is she going to be on the good side or the bad side? Is she working with the Specials or against them? Is she the prime victim on Sylar's list as opposed to Claire somehow? I know she has a power, and is possibly connected to the past of one of the main characters, otherwise I know nothing else in regards to her involvement.

I'm also curious as what the new tagline for the first-half of the season is going to be. Last time it was "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World", then it was "Are You On The List?" and finally "How Do You Stop An Exploding Man?" One of the reasons why this show is so different is because of these taglines, which may seem hokey at the time but that's because it's pretty vague until a certain point in the story where it all comes together; like with "STCSTW" people were confused, but in the end it made perfect sense. I wonder if we'll have the same schtick this go around.

That's about it for now. There may be more coming soon, especially after the second season premiere because questions and theories? Always a good thing to write/converse about.
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