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Just because it's inexplicted doesn't mean it's inexplicable.

01. Whoa, TWoP had a completely layout makeover didn't it? Huh, interesting.

02. I caught an episode of Drake and Josh the other day and, aside from being funny which was shocking to me, but it holds the largest amounts of HoYay! in almost everything the two characters do. I was like, and this is a kids show? There's some pretty mature themes that happens in it too...not that kids will understand the undertones, but it's still there for us gutter-minded individuals. I like the sister too, she's cool.

03. It's starting to get cooler here, and possibly a chance of giving us some rain. Um, yays?

04. The other day I visisted the library for the first time in like forever, since whenever I need books I usually just go the the bookstore and purchase them. I prefer buying instead of borrowing, why I don't know it's just how I roll with that. Anyway, it was strange but in an interesting way. Of course it was a small library, the other one is downtown and is bigger with many floors, so perhaps one of these days I may have to go down there and check things out.

05. Five days until Heroes!
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