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Happy 30th, Queen Namie!

My girl, Namie Amuro, celebrated her 30th birthday yesterday and I'd like to pay tribute to that.

Namie has come such a long way through her life and career. Through the thick and thin, the hardships, trials and tribulations, she's managed to stay strong during those times and move onward. Now she's in a comfortable place in both her personal and professional life. Successful as she's become, she'll always be the Queen of Hip Pop no matter what, and she's not going anywhere. She'll continue to be an inspiration and strong woman, a mother and dedicated to her work, and most of all that adorable, sweet, down-to-earth person she's always has been.

Congratulations on all your success, Namie! I, along with your dedicated fanbase, love you!
Tags: jpop: namie amuro, queen of hip-pop
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