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PKJ: "Endgame" Review (Series Finale)

Painkiller Jane 1.22 "Endgame"

Bangup job in creating a finale; action-packed, answered some questions with the continuity issue regarding what happened to Jane, casualties were made though not from the people we knew, and left a cliffhanger suggesting that even though the show will not be renewed the story still continues. So it's a half-satisfactory, half-mystery of an ending. Which I liked, and was impressed by how they handled it if only they'd done something like this in the beginning of the show to hook in more viewers.

Obviously the idea for the episode was to get the answers out in the open, mainly revealing who created the Neuros they were hunting and how Jane was connected to it by her sudden evidence of betrayal towards the team. It was interesting to see that played out, and seeing their reactions of her presumably being their traitor. I noticed that although Riley was shocked, and thankfully discovered the red paint stain almost immediately to signal that something wasn't quite right, that he didn't want to destroy Jane. I think perhaps he felt somewhat responsible after it was revealed how Jane was being controlled because he'd offered her the access routes into the buidling in the first place. Of course, he likes Jane as does everyone else on the team. It was only a matter of whether they could trust her at that very moment in time when everything was starting to fall apart; the stakes were high therefore there was no other choice.

Aside from the massive firepower both Andre and Connor were packing, I liked that it was initially Andre that wanted to go onto that search-and-destroy mission by himself. Like he said, he recruited Jane Vasko himself, he sought out her skillful talent and kept her on the team despite what ability she possessed. He could've sent her to NICO after discovering what she could do and be done with it, but he didn't. Andre felt close to Jane, and I felt that he knew it was the right thing to do because she was valuable to the team; loyal, and could be completely trusted. I also think that even though he wanted to kill her during this episode, somewhere in the back of his mind he knew this wasn't the real Jane. And with the information that Hungarian medical woman still pissed that they replaced the original Doctor with her, but whatever presented offered up interesting revelations about what happened to Jane, and made him reconsider and take on the mission himself. It could've ended severely, wiping both him and Jane out, which I am SO glad it didn't.

Though I did go through many scenarios of how that situation could've gone down. Andre would've been on the verge of pushing the button on the explosive, and just as he was about to do so Jane returned back from her controlled state, but it would've been too late; the floor would've exploded, Andre died and Jane survived (because of her cells becoming stronger at regenerating, that perhaps the explosion would not have killed her). The end would've had Jane be in command of the team, and continuing the mission. Or Jane would've been locked up in NICO, but having someone else go and bail her out, leaving yet another cliffhanger. But then again, that was just my mind overthinking and overexaggerating the scenarios a bit, but hey it's plausible right?

So Jane had been brainwashed, or more specifically mind-controlled by that flashing light, and apparently had a listening device planted inside her brain or something. Interesting, which answered the question as to how and why this hadn't been revisited in recent episodes.

It was a nice satisfactory ending, at least in my opinion. We figured out exactly who the source was behind the Neuros, had the team had esembled again and returning back home so they could fix that problem however they can now that Jane finally is not under that organizations control anymore. Most of all, Jane had gotten a promotion as a double-agent.

Though I have to say, while the Evil Corporation is certainly a nice touch in the end, showing they aren't finished yet....activating neurological detection through protein bars? Seriously? Well, evil likes anything edible they should've gone the ice cream route, Sylar would've loved that.

Funniest Line: "I knew I shouldn't have bought this on eBay." Hee. For some reason it was just that random comment by Jane that made it funny, though I see it more of her super strength talking than the crappy suitcase.

Overall, it was nicely done finale to a series. While not exactly a phenomenal, groundbreaking show it could've been it was still entertaining to watch, much thanks to the attention-grabbing screentime of Kristanna Loken, and certainly kept my SciFi Friday watching nights worthwhile. I just hope there's a DVD in the works.
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