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God is a cockroach.

In basic celebration for the S2 premiere of Heroes this upcoming Monday, I've decided to rewatch the first season all over again like I needed a reason to begin with anyway. Watching the first several episodes I noticed some things I either overlooked or found quite interesting, sort of discovering things I hadn't noticed before or liked about a certain episode. This causes me to write about them, because why else would I be here? This is my backtracking of the first season, actually. I want to get into the second season with a clear, fresh start, even though I've seen all of season one hundreds of times before.

This segment goes from the pilot "Genesis" to "Nothing To Hide"; I'll try and do a concise writeup for the rest tomorrow before Monday, which will be a challenge in itself but I'd rather focus on the main interesting points than just squee (that I've saved for the episode reviews).

1.01 - "Genesis"

++ Mohinder's accent is incredibly thick here in the pilot, and then transforms itself from Indian to a British accent for the rest of the series. I find that hilarious, and interesting because Sendhil doesn't have an Indian accent at all. But because this was the pilot, not everything is as they continue to be as the series progresses. Besides, the British accent is just hot. It's!porn, I could listen to him speak all day/night, which is probably why I neverminded the voiceovers.

++ Moreover, cockroach reference! I'm baffled when people are STILL confused about what the cockroach is supposed to signify. Seriously folks, pay closer attention. In Mohinder's classroom lecture he compares cockroaches to God, and throughout the series the cockroach is the symbolism of survival and resilience, and it's all right here explained plain as day in the first few minutes of the pilot.

++ Yep, still love Niki. You've got to admit, she's willing to do anything for her son and doesn't care what lengths she has to do to achieve that goal, which is one of the reasons I liked her from the beginning. Well, that and Ali Larter was playing her. I also like how the whole reveal of Jessica is totally ominous, leaving the audience questioning. If only the writing had done that well mid-season when her storyline was dwindling down at bit, but nonetheless it's still very cool.

++ Linderman's mentioned here, whee! I honestly thought he was going to be the baddie during the season, because he seemed to have such a grip on everyone, Niki and Nathan especially.

++ Nathan Petrelli. You know, I have to admit I didn't like Nathan at first. He had that pompous attitude from being a politician, but it's from this starting point when we see how his character grows and progresses from the influences around him.

++ Angela Petrelli. Honestly, in the pilot she striked me as somewhat quirky, which is very different from the cold woman we see later. I mean, shoplifting socks? I thought she wanted to encourage Nathan's chances in winning, instead she plays these mindgames with him. I also sensed the bond between her and Peter...but that could've just been Peter's skill with connecting with people in general.

++ Claire is just the adorablest thing ever. ♥ I like how she's stubborn and reluctant to embracing her ability, yet is curious and testing the limits. I remember back during this time people were questioning whether Claire was actually trying to commit suicide based on her "I'm so depressed" comment. Seemed plausible at the time, but now we know different.

++ I don't care what people have said about Zach's sexuality, he TOTALLY has a crush on Claire.

++ Ah, back when Mr. Bennet was being highly suspicious with his morally gray tactics. Stalking Mohinder, invading the Suresh office/home, being that shadowy figure you might not want to cross paths with, especially with those horn-rimmed glasses. I totally thought he was one of the bad guys. Props to Jack Coleman to creating that kind of impression from the beginning. He was creepy, mysterious, and his motives were questionable. Exactly how HRG's character should be, and I'm glad they're still keeping him that way even though I absolutely love his character now.

++ One of the things I like about Heroes is the lack of popular music being played. Only a few episodes there have been music in the background, but never in montages or anything remotely distracting like in other shows. It would seem irrelevent somehow I think, which I can forgive in here because it is the first episode.

++ In a way, I can understand why this would be a hit-or-miss with certain people, especially when using the pilot as an introduction to the series. It does seem slow-paced, but I think that's because the audience is witnessing these characters going through the motions with just discovering their powers or experimenting with their abilities without having knowledge of the bigger picture. It isn't until later when these characters are meeting each other and finding out they are part of something bigger that things start speeding up. I think that's a good thing, because once you continue watching you soon realize you're experiencing the same things with these characters and you want more. This is why I loved the first season; the suspense just builds up and you start caring about the characters and what is going to happen.

Plus after seeing the unaired pilot, that had more things going on but would've confused the hell out of someone who is just introduced to it. So, I'm thankful they chose this as their final cut instead of that.

1.02 - "Don't Look Back"

++ It doesn't matter how many times I watch this episode, Mohinder grabbing the elephant statue as a potential weapon will never not be hilarious.

++ The character introduction to Eden McCain. I know people weren't too fond of her in the beginning, I was one of those who was iffy where her character stood especially once assuming she was working for the bad guys. But now watching this episode, I'm feeling very nostalgic. She was a great character, much better than Candice in my opinion. Hell, her backstory was even better than Candice's was and besides, Eden had a MUCH more effective power. Even if we didn't know it at the time during this episode.

++ Hiro in the future! "Go Yankees!" "Britney Spears!" He's so cute. Seeing him being so enthusiastic and not understanding what's to come for the future is heartbreaking, because he truly wants to be a hero. He has lots to learn. And didn't his interrogation scene resemble what happens later in "Five Years Gone", except less containment and violence?

++ I really do wonder what actually happened to Papa Petrelli. Did he really commit suicide? Is he hiding somewhere, unable to deal with what his wife was planning? I still have my theories regarding that whole thing, especially if he found out what Angela was planning and knew about the future and the bomb and tried to stop her. Maybe she had him killed before he could mess everything up in their so-called pre-destined plan. I don't know, it would seem like something she would do. She did hide Claire the entire time, after all.

++ Claire and Zach are really too adorable, same as with Claire and Mr. Bennet. Okay, Claire with anyone is just worthwhile screentime. She can create the chemistry like whoa.

++ For the sake of argument, Sylar did not take the cyrokinesis from Molly's father. He was frozen before his brain was removed, indicating that Sylar had gotten that ability before getting to the Walker's residence. It also seems that Molly's mother didn't have an ability from the reports that he didn't slice open her head. Although doesn't Sylar just kill those with abilities and leaves the non-specials alone because he has nothing to gain from them? Which that could be considered an inconsistency further into the series, but is slightly forgivable since Sylar's entire storyline wasn't thoroughly thought out yet, nor was there a particular plan of action in regards to the connection and backstory either.

1.03 - "One Giant Leap"

++ There seriously needs to be more of Mohinder in a wifebeater, sweaty, hot and bothered. Because I mean, damn.

++ Wouldn't throwing a laptop across the room damage the information inside? I haven't tried it myself, but I figured things would've been lost or something especially if it wasn't backed up on extra dics. But poor Mo, he's so exhausted, hot and bothered. He seems dedicated to figure out what happened to his father and finish his research, but at the same time frustrated because he isn't yet convinced anything of his father's theories is actually true.

++ Audrey and Matt are definitely a great team together, despite Audrey's first impressions that Matt is nuts and responsible for what happened at the Walker house after knowing where Molly was hidden. But at the same time I do think she believes him, otherwise she wouldn't let him go to Molly. She just needs hardcore evidence or otherwise she wouldn't be taken seriously.

++ Sylar's first appearance, only a shadowy figure and it's not Zachary Quinto. But still, I remember the first time watching it I was creeped out. Like, whoa. There's some guy with these powerful abilities doing this kind of damage, stalking and killing people? Creepifying to the extreme.

++ Gotta love the religious symbolism in Sylar's apartment. Adds to the creepy, and I'm happy they kept that too. Although I wonder how Sylar had gotten back to his apartment and cleaned everything out so fast? He would've had to have returned after the events that took place with Molly and such, and would've known that someone had broken into his apartment in the first place.

++ Claire's attempted rape scene doesn't get any easier to watch. It's the same with Sharon's "interrogation" attempted rape in Battlestar Galactica.

1.04 - "Collison"

++ Mr. Bennet is definitely of the morally grey here, which I like. A lot. Keeps his character a mystery before we learn more about his original motives, another reason why I loved the first season. Everything we know up to this point is that Mr. Bennet knows about those who have special abilities, does something to them, and is tracking down Mohinder for whatever means to getting the list. And of course, knows about Claire's ability to heal which makes things even more intriguing.

++ Niki and Nathan are totally hot together. I don't know which is sexiest that tops Ali Larter's whipped-cream bikini in Varsity Blues: the Internet stip tease or having sexual relations with Nathan Petrelli.

++ Oh Mohinder. While I love you, approaching someone on the streets of New York (or anywhere in fact) shouting at them about them having possibly superhuman abilities will make you look like a raving nutcase. So of course you would be humiliated. But gladly you learn better in the future with going about things. But I'm glad that that unfortunate encounter led Nathan to speak to Peter about it, therefore Peter going to the Suresh apartment to know more about his ability. See? Everything comes full circle.

++ The HELL YEAH! moments of this episode were: Claire crashing Brody's car into the wall intentionally, and Future!Hiro's first appearance in the show.

1.05 - "Hiros"

++ "Save the cheerleader, save the world" That catchphrase will never get old.

++ Y'know, I can understand why people were confused about Mohinder's mission or why he didn't believe Peter Petrelli when he retold what happened on the subway, or even with Isaac Mendez. However take it from Mohinder's point-of-view for a second; Mohinder is a scientist, a geneticist. Although his thesis at the university was based off of his father's research he still hasn't been proven that any of his father's theories were true. He needs tangible proof, actual evidence that there are individuals with abilities out there. While Peter does have an ability he doesn't show it to Mohinder, he can't. Hell, he doesn't even understand what his real power is yet. It's completely understandable how he doesn't believe Peter when relaying the message about saving a cheerleader and a time-stopping samurai man from the future. I mean, we as an audience knows this is true but Mohinder needs more proof to be convinced. This is why most during and after his trip to India and returning to meet "Zane"!Sylar were the most entertaining, because Zane was the first to give Mohinder that kind of evidence needed.

I say this in his defense because I know that during this time in the series most weren't fond of Mohinder's character yet or thought him boring, which I agree his character wasn't really explored or developed until a little bit later. But now knowing more about his character and his motives, going back and watching makes a lot more sense. He also did say before that he believed his father and supported his theories because he was his son, even if he didn't necessary believe them all himself, though this is thoroughly explained and witnessed in a later episode.

++ Awww, the beginning of the Hiro/Nathan friendship. I really liked their bonding, and that Nathan didn't just brush him off like he could've. You could tell that he thought that Hiro was slightly an oddball and eccentric, but they made with the friendly conversation anyway. Though Hiro did see Nathan fly so perhaps it was also the "okay, so this guy doesn't blab about it and says he has something unnatural about him too, so he's cool". I don't know why, it's so freaking adorable. I was devastated when that had to end nearing the finale because of Nathan's painful reluctance of wanting to stop the explosion while Hiro was all about saving the world. Hopefully they rekindle that friendship in the second season, or sometime in the near future.

++ Mr. Bennet = Bestest. Dad. Ever. Even with his morally gray tendencies, he does whatever he needs to do to protect his Claire-bear.

++ I don't know about anybody else, but I adored the Matt and Janice scenes in this episode. Basically it's the good advantage of the mind-reading ability to patch things up in their rocky marriage. All Matt wants to do is make things right, even if he doesn't really admit to his power yet to his wife he just wants his marriage back together again. The fancy dinner, the intimate relations with's all he wants is just a happy relationship again, without the lies and sneaking around or fights. But I also like the fact that this doesn't change anything either, that the power can still mess with his life even when he tries to do something good, and that's another reason to love this show. Having abilities doesn't always guarantee a happy, improved life than before.

1.06 - "Better Halves"

++ I liked this episode because it gave another insightful turn into the Niki/Jessica storyline. Obviously from reading the graphic novel it was clear that it was Jessica that had stolen Linderman's money, and DL escaped from jail using his own abilities so he could be back with his family. It also places the matter of trust between the two; Niki believes that DL was behind stealing the money and killing his thug buddies, when really it was Jessica who framed him. It is a push-and-pull situation but when it comes right down to it, this is all Linderman's doing right from the start. Oh yeah, and the conversation between Niki/Jessica was beautifully done.

++ Claire meeting the faux parents was uncomfortable, because they certainly didn't act like two people who were happy to see their daughter and of course knowing the fact that it was HRG that'd setup the whole meeting. Naturally, this goes back to the morally gray standards that he's willing to go through for her.

++ Mohinder decides to return to India, scatter his father's ashes, and get back to his normal life without looking back. However, Eden was right. He will return to his life but the everlasting question will burn into his brain, was his father really onto something and he was overlooking it through scientific skepticism and fear? Despite earlier feelings about her, I think that Eden McCain really did care for Mohinder and wanted to help him, even if it was against orders to become close to her assignment from the Company (sort of reminescent to HRG's interpersonal involvement with Claire).

1.07 - "Nothing To Hide"

++ The great thing about this episode is general, at least for me, was when Lyle discovered the videotape of Claire testing out her ability. It's such a believable reaction of him to try and escape, being freaked out by her. It was also hilarious when he yelled from inside the locked car "Help! Somebody help me, my sister's a freak!" -- and everyone else around in the neighborhood just looked, shook their heads and didn't do anything. Yeah Lyle, that's really going to get someone to help you. Like they haven't heard that phrase being uttered between siblings before.

++ "I'm gonna put this thing on YouTube and make like a million bucks!" "YouTube's free, you idiot."

++ The Petrelli family, oh how dysfunctional you are yet so lovable at the same time. The Peter and Nathan animosity is driven by love and protection; Nathan loves and wants to protect Peter from causing any damage to himself, which makes sense since Peter charages head-on with wanting to do something to change the world. Peter wants Nathan to forget his self-righteousness and understand that what they do, their abilities, are meant for something bigger. That they are part of something bigger than themselves, which at this point Nathan is thinking about the election rather than the world. But, despite it all, Peter saves his big brother's ass by lying about the mental illness (i.e. the "depression" of him jumping off the roof of the building, when in reality he was proving he could fly). God, how I love their screwed up sibling relationship, those Petrelli brothers.

++ I love it when Specials meet other Specials without realizing the other is special; Hiro and Ando meeting DL and Micah. Ah, good times, and so cute too especially with Hiro and Micah. This is why I desperately wished that Hiro had met Claire because, well, could you imagine the interaction? Cuteness overload, man.

Only two days to go peoples, OMG! Also, did anyone else see the picture of Masi Oka on the cover of Entertainment Weekly? HOLY SHIT it's frakking awesome (there are spoilers in the magazine too, which I didn't read thank goodness). There's also some small information regarding BSG's "Razor" from EW, but that's not until November and right now it's all about the people with extraordinary abilities. Why yes, I am a Heroes junkie thank you very much. Now off to rewatch more episodes....
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