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Save the cheerleader, save the world.

Second installment of recapping/reviewing/commenting on the important aspects of S1 while anticipating S2 (now with screencap linkage!), starting from "Seven Minutes to Midnight" and stopping at "Run!", and will have the rest written up shortly. Just sitting here, rewatching and being all giddy for tomorrow, which I think is what all Heroes fans are doing, yes? And please tell me I'm not the only one that had multiple dreams last night about it.

1.08 - "Seven Minutes to Midnight"

++ I've found a new love for this episode, not only because it features Mohinder quite a bit for a recently converted Mohinder-obsessed girl that I am, it does give background information about his life that we didn't know about. This, along with his conflicted pathways on whether to continue with his own life or follow in his father's footsteps, because we know that he does partially believe in his father but at the same time repelled them for the sane reality of science. Going to America was mainly to identify his father's body and return with his ashes, but I think people, myself included, were confused on why he wanted to stay and continue the research when even he didn't fully believe. This episode really sheds light in that regard, between Mohinder and his choices.

++ The relationship between Chandra and Mohinder, as seen in the flashback dream sequence, does relish to what kind of father-son relationship they had. It wasn't pretty. Their fights probably for the longest time would've been surrounded around Chandra's research and theories, which was primarily what Chandra was most obsessed about. Another interesting aspect is that this is probably the last conversation they had with each other before Chandra left for New York, meaning that the last time Mohinder ever spoke to his father was through a heated argument. Sad.

++ I liked the reveal of Shanti, which caused the whole rift of the Suresh research. Which begs the question, had Shanti not gotten ill would the situation be any different? What kind of ability did she have, and in the new season will they be revisiting that?

++ The interaction between Audrey, Matt and Ted in the interrogation room was something nice to see, especially once Matt and Ted come to a mutual ground of understanding one another. Ted, obviously rattled by being detained in custody and labeled as a terrorist for something he has no control over, finally meets someone with a strange ability and who is marked and went through a similar blackout experience. Also, the glass of water and his radioactiveness; so glad this was setup in this episode as opposed to the unaired pilot. Makes much more sense this way.

++ This is also Zachary Quinto's first episode as Sylar, and majorly creepifying at that.

1.09 - "Homecoming"

++ I remember when this first aired that this was the episode everyone was waiting for. Not only because of the Peter and Claire interaction (which was sizzling with chemistry damn you, Kring!) but the realization that the event of "saving the cheerleader" had finally arrived. It was the most anticipated moment when Peter discovered his destiny to save this cheerleader from the paintings, even if it meant risking his life, because he wanted to make a difference in the world. And while he doesn't know it yet, he certainly does. Also Claire finding that she isn't alone, that Peter was the first person she encountered that she witnessed could do the same thing she did, and saved her.

++ Regarding Sanjog Iyer, does this mean that Chandra knew of others with abilities in his home country but didn't pursue the issue? Why couldn't Sanjog Iyer be Patient Zero, or is there something specifically coded into the DNA of a Special that makes them as such? This has been bugging me for a while.

++ I quite liked how they managed to pull off making Mohinder seem younger during the flashback dream sequence in this episode. I found him completely adorable, with his energenic and excited enthusiasm after reading the manuscript for his father's book (and if I've got the dates correctly, Activating Evolution had been written down as published in 1993 so that would've made Mohinder in this flashback about 20 years old or so). Though his enthusiam is crushed when Chandra puts him down for reading his material and doesn't want him to be involved (which is kind of ridiculous, if the book was going to be published anyway Mohinder would've gotten his hands on it sooner or later). I understand that he was just trying to protect him, but he could've been more discreet with his devastation over Shanti's death. Mohinder needs love and affection too, you know. This is also another moment where I go, "hey, Mohinder is a Cylon!" simply because present!Mohinder is staring at a younger version of himself; Heroes seems to like the double!Cylon vibe, huh?

++ This is also the moment where, after discovering what his father had found, Mohinder makes his decision to complete his father's work indefinitely. In the beginning he was unsure of himself, he wanted to believe but had a difficult time really being convinced. This was the moment of truth for him, and rightfully so.

1.10 - "Six Months Ago"

My furthering thoughts on this episode found here.

1.11 - "Fallout"

++ Peter dreaming about "Nathan" which later transforms into Sylar, now there's so awesome foreshadowing. This also brings up the question as to why Peter dreamed this or as an illusion of some sort. There's been ongoing speculation that Peter and Sylar are connected somehow. I do know that they possess similar aspects regarding abilities since they are the only Specials known to have multiple powers, but otherwise it's a mystery. And what Sylar says in his dream is actually right; Peter doesn't know about power, or more specifically his own power quite yet. He hasn't mastered the understanding how he controls it, so how could he be a match to someone like Sylar who is skillful in all the abilities he steals? I find this connection interesting.

++ Speaking of which, poor wittle Sylar being held captive at the OWI. I know I shouldn't feel this horrible for him, being a serial killer and all, but dammit after "Six Months Ago" how can you resist? I love his interaction with Mr. Bennet in this scene, and their scene near the end where he looks all woobified just sitting there. But he taunts Mr. Bennet, mentioning of Claire and how they are similar to one another.

++ There was something that Mr. Bennet mentioned to Sylar, that with every ability he stole he was altering his DNA, that all this power was corrupting him and degrading his mind. This can be argued on whether this is fact or just a theory, or whether Bennet was trying to make sense of it all. At the OWI they were doing tests and apparently they could only detect one ability, the others were either blocked out or just hadn't been clearly identified yet. Which makes how he stole and acquired the powers much more interesting, indeed.

++ I still love Peter's prophecy/dream about the explosion and the speculation that he is the "exloding man".

1.12 - "Godsend"

++ In this episode, it's the first time we seen Niki possessing any superstrength by herself without Jessica. I liked that despite Jessica being her crutch when something horrible happens, that Niki is actually the stronger one. All she needs to do is find that ground of maintaining and knowing that she is strong. However, I still disliked the direction they went with the Sanders' storyline. It kind of drifted off for a while and I think, if they'd had more involvement with Niki or another Special it would've made things a lot more interesting like Niki kicking ass a la finale. Still love her though, but they could've done better planning with that.

++ Poor Mohinder, finding out about Eden like that. I don't know if anything would've gone on between them if she had survived, but he did like her and appreciated her help, so finding out about her death and who she wasn't must've been a hard blow. Though I do like the Mohinder/Bennet moment, get tension there with Bennet holding the gun and Mohinder standing his ground. It would've been nice to see Mohinder make an alliance with him though, to have more people on his side, but I like that they were still sniffing each other out and Mo didn't trust him completely to go along which was smart.

++ During the time I thought that Bennet had wanted the Haitian to erase anything in Claire's memory about her ability, not just what happened that night at Homecoming. It would've been safer that way and he wouldn't have to worry. Though that thought doesn't make sense, because even if he had wanted to erase any knowledge of what she could do from her eventually she would rediscover it all over again. Bennet wanted Claire to forget all events that happened to her, including Zach because he was a liability in case anyone else wanted to get to her through those she loved/cared about. But with the Haitian, he didn't believe this to be true (supposedly assigned this from Angela Petrelli, because she knew that with Peter saving Claire he would be able to explode but not die in the end. Ooohh, sneaky!sly Mama Petrelli).

1.13 - "The Fix"

++ Let it be known that Mohinder looks good in any color, including pink shirts and multicolored scarfs. Heh. /shallow moment

++ The Ninth Doctor Christoper Eccelston! Loved him as Claude Rains, and he even brought in the "fantastic" line with added sarcasm. Awesome. I love that even though he doesn't want to get involved with Peter's problems, he really seems no other choice but to help him understand and control his empath ability. With Peter, he doesn't let things go too easily and with Mohinder and Nathan popping up to fix things with him, the only other option is to have Claude be his mentor of sorts. Because Claude doesn't have any personal conflictions with him, nothing that would set aside differences other than being a pain in the ass, which makes things easier. Does this make sense? I guess because of what we know of Nathan and with Mohinder not believing in Peter the first go-around, Peter wants someone who he knows wouldn't betray his trust, at least in the beginning. Though he did Peter know that Claude could help him? Was it signified in the dream he had while in the coma?

1.14 - "Distractions"

++ Sylar strikes back! I loved everything about his escape, how he just transformed himself into another person so easiler, adapted to his surroundings. This is perhaps the first time we've seen this aspect of him, to impersonate someone other than himself to fool the outside world. The Primatech uniform and cap, his faux southern accent, him playing with Mr. Muggles, his friendly neighborhood workman behavior towards Mrs. perfect. There's also a scene when he's in Claire's bedroom where he slowly traces his fingers along her bed; some would construed this as sexually dominating, but I just think this is just plain dominating, knowing that he has everything planned out and under his control. That he'll finally get what he wants, being little Claire's ability which was his goal all along.

++ Some have also commented on his attack on Mrs. Bennet, that it would contradict what he mentions later that he doesn't hurt anyone unless he has something to gain from them, i.e. their abilities. But I view this as different, it was revenge on Mr. Bennet and what he did to him while being held captive, therefore personal.

++ Nothing much else about this episode, aside from Claire meeting her biological mother and the Niki/Jessica battle with the shrink. Oh, and George Takei as Hiro's father was a nice geekier surprise for fans.

1.15 - "Run!"

++ The episode where Mohinder and Sylar meet and fall in love at first sight become quick BFFs, only Sylar is posing as "Zane Taylor", who he'd killed just before Mohinder had arrived. Again, Sylar possesses an amazing skill for pretending to be someone else, including arriving at the doorstep of this Zane fellow and saying that he was Mohinder Suresh (anyone who's read the graphic novel for this one knows how/why he did so, coincidentally). Besides, hearing the name Suresh he knows that the good doctor would be arriving soon and wanted to take full advantage of that.

++ In defense for Mohinder once again, there were issues of frustration about how Mohinder could've been so dense as to not realize the man he was speaking with was actually Sylar. But see, Mohinder has never see any particular record of Sylar or Gabriel Gray therefore doesn't know what he looks like. Besides there was nothing threatening about Zane!Sylar, so why suspect him to begin with? Also listening to the phone message the real Zane left, they almost sound similar. But that could've just been Sylar's way of adapting into the role, becoming "Zane" and concealing his identity.

You gotta love that Sylar can not only say he's Zane Taylor, but also wear his clothes, style his hair and pick up the cute mannerisms of his victim. Quite a chameleon, he is, another reason to love him.

++ Also, this is actually the first time Mohinder has actually truly witnessed a person present their special abilities to him, let alone return his phone call and eager to help him. And yes, I LOVE the giddy smile that he has after Zane!Sylar melts the toaster "that word is racist, I don't like it" Six would say. I should suggest that Mohinder does have an ability, and it's to melt the audience into a puddle of incoherent goo with only his smile, and those lovely eyes of his....

++ Getting away from the Mylar moments for the time being, poor Claire and her disappointment with her deadbeat mother. Also, Angela Petrelli is so damned cold. Oh, and Jessica is kickass hardcore for the win, baby. That is all.
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