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The third, second-to-last Heroes S1 writeup installment.

1.16 - "Unexpected"

++ It's the Syhindlar: The Sitcom, or really the Roadtrip Adventures of Mohinder and Sylar. One of the joys about this episode was definitely their scenes together, they just meld so perfectly. Every single scene was done so beautifully, filled with plenty of tension, the connection between the two, not to mention the obvious eyesex happening. Even though Mohinder has yet to figure out that "Zane" is actually Sylar in disguise which he will sometime between this episode and when they return to New York, because Mo is smart like that, their scenes are entirely too squishable when Zane!Sylar is acting all giddy and apprehensive every now and again. So cute, yet so creepy, but adorable!creepy y'know?

++ When I was watching this I noticed as they were approaching Dale Smithers garage there was a sign that read "DANGER WILDLIFE" or something along those lines, and I couldn't help but think "do they mean Sylar or the Mylar?"

++ As me and my sister were watching this episode the first go-around after getting the DVDs, we commented that while having the off-screen sex in the motel rooms that perhaps, in an alternate version, Sylar would be too entraced and busy with Mohinder to think about stealing brains from a Special. It would be like "oh hey, wait, there are braaains waiting for me, I must....oh fuck it. *glomps Mohinder*" Believe me, I've seen scenarios almost close to this in fanfiction. The Mylar WILL conquer the world, people!

++ I felt horrible for Sylar when he was experiencing those headaches after stealing Dale's ability, and winced every time he winced. Honestly I know that enhanced hearing is a neat little power and could do so much with it, but he kind of did understand from Dale's comments that it was a burden and unbearable so why would he risk having everlasting mirgraines? Simple enough, he's a power junkie; he's addicted to stealing any sort of ability whether it's a powerful one or not nearly as impressive or useful. In the beginning he just wanted to be special, different, to impress people and be part of something. Now? It's gone WAY beyond that and he wants to take every single power that's out there from others that he claims don't deserve them. And even though he does seem to overcome the enhanced ability shortly thereafter, during this episode it looks like he's suffering from a really massive, painful hangover. *pets hurting!Sylar*

++ Also noteworthy, Mohinder is driving a Nissan Versa. Representing the random shoutout to their sponsers!

1.17 - "Company Man"

++ One of the most memorable episodes of the season I think, and one of my favorites because it's very centered on Mr. Bennet and where he stands on his moral ground which, again, is very grey. And the color-scheme of the flashbacks matches that perfectly; hell, the flashbacks were just very well done period. The fading in-and-out, matching up with the scene in present time, so beautiful. This episode stands out on its own because we learn more about Mr. Bennet than we ever knew before, getting answers to the questions the audience had for a so long, his involvement and reasons for what he does and his intention for protecting Claire, even though she is angry with him for keeping her in the dark for so long. Loved it, loved the character scenes with everyone, including Matt and Bennet.

++ "How do you feel about paper?" "Wildly enthusiastic!"

++ What makes this even more interesting is the bond between Bennet and Matt. While Matt teamed up with Ted initially, Ted wanted revenge more than answers and let himself get carried away with the hostage taking. Matt knew it was wrong, and once Bennet was getting inside his head intentionally he knew that despite his feelings towards what happened to him, he knew that he could trust Bennet than Ted at that moment.

++ The YAY!MOMENT of this episode was Claire, injecting Ted with the serum and walking out of the exploded Bennet household, burnt to a crisp and slowing regenerating. Plus the Bennet family reuniting after the whole ordeal; much love. But the SAD!MOMENT goes to the bridge scene. That always makes me choke up, just the amount of emotion both Coleman and Panettiere demonstrate, Bennet's sacrifice and both their love for one another, it's so frakking heartbreaking. Makes me cry every single time.

1.18 - "Parasite"

++ Yet another episode I absolutely enjoyed, particularly because we see the wits, smarts and intellect Mohinder uses to capture Sylar from right underneath his nose without breaking a sweat. Not until the end, I should say. But nonetheless, once Mohinder had discovered that Sylar was beside him the whole time he could've easily freaked out, ran away or called the cops or something. But he didn't. He figured that knowing this information, he could use it to his own personal advantage; drugging and bounding Sylar, making him virtually powerless and subdued and nearly harmless, Mohinder is able to come face-to-face with him. No masquerading, no games, just him and his father's murderer. This episode truly showed how far Mohinder would go, and his clever resourcefulness. Oh yeah, and Mohinder vengefully pointing the gun at Sylar's head, now that was hot. As is the sinister whisper, "...and it's going to hurt." And people wonder how Mohinder/Sylar is canon....

++ While Mohinder could've just drugged Sylar and call up the Company while he was still unconscious, that wouldn't have made the episode as it was. Mohinder needed to avenge his father's death, he needed to feel vindicated, to have a purpose with the work he was left to finish. The confrontation was made of awesome, too. Sylar taunting him, making it seem like he wasn't afraid to die (which I doubt, but he knew that Mohinder wouldn't kill him then and there, at least not before getting some answers, allowing time for Sylar to regain his power). It was all made of win.

++ Therein lies the question, how and when did Sylar regain his ability? This goes back to what happened in the OWI, where they dosed him up with a heavy amount of medication that he would be weakened but not unconscious or dead, leading me to believe that Sylar had been powerless for a while but slowly regained it during Mohinder interrogating him; that whole resilience part of him. So Sylar could've just stood up, TKed Mohinder and been done with it, but instead he waited for the right opportunity, and I think in some twisted way he wanted to see if Mohinder would really shoot him. Which he did, though hesitantly, because while Mo is threatening with a weapon he isn't a killer, and certainly by killing Sylar he would then turn into one despite the intentions behind it. So I think in a way, he wanted to make sense of his motives for wanting to shoot Sylar, for revenge obviously and to stop him from preying on others. And obviously Sylar was enjoying watching Mohinder make this conflicting decision, seeing the look on his face when he first points the gun at him, quivering with rage. Also, notice how easily Sylar leans into the gun, welcoming the threat of shooting him point blank. So, while Sylar had gotten his strength and abilities back he wanted to make sure that he'd gotten Mohinder right where he wanted him -- and then turn it around against him.

++ And there's the amazing acting by Sendhil as soon as that happens, his expression during that scene is a mixture of trembling fear and frustration. Both our boys underestimated and outsmarted the other at their own game, which is possibly why they are so ultimately compatible.

++ "Peter, watch out, it's Sylar! the Yellow-Eyed Demon!" When Heroes meets Supernatural.

++ Oh yes, there's other character storylines in this episode too. Claire defying the Haitian to meet Peter, instead meeting her real grandmother, Mama Petrelli, and realizing that the Haitian knows her too; Nathan wanting to turn on Linderman but learning of a new, shocking proposition. But for me, this episode was more about Mohinder and Sylar than anything else. Like that's news to anyone.

1.19 - ".07%"

++ Here's the thing: why was it important for the adult generation (Angela Petrelli, Linderman, Thompson, etc.) to have the explosion in New York City happen? It seems that despite any attempt of heroism they knew it was going to happen, and they wanted it to happen. There must be some specific reason, some motive for this decision. Linderman obviously has the power of healing, as demonstrated, but there's something else at play, and I figure we're going to find out what this other thing is in the new season. Why Mama Petrelli was willing to sacrifice her sons for something like this.

++ Meeting two between Peter and Sylar, and everyone remembers the ending from the previous episode, obviously Peter tries to outsmart Sylar as well using his learned skills of controlling the abilities he'd absorbed. Unfortunately, this causes Sylar to become creative in his methods, striking Peter "dead", and allows Mohinder to strike Sylar with the wheelie-map board. Sylar then goes night-night.

++ Of course, Peter isn't really dead. Claire revives him because he had exactly what she had; something lodged into his brain and once taken out he could regenerate and voila! And I love while dysfunctional as they are, Peter and Nathan bond over this and the accepting, sort of, of Claire being part of the family. But I shall say this before she does later: Claire already has a family, one that loves her and doesn't shoo her away. I know that Peter cares about her, Nathan does too but at that time his mind is still whirling around with what's happening with everything around him that he's far too distracted to act like a proper father figure to her. Angela Petrelli has her own reasons for keeping Claire safe, and it's not because she loves her that's for sure. No, while that is her biological family Mr. Bennet is her TRUE family to her, and that's where she belongs. Since the beginning Claire had always wanted to find out who her real parents/family that she does, she probably wished she hadn't, at least the cynical, deceitful side anyway.

++ Mohinder later contacts the Company, getting Thompson instead of Bennet. I liked this because while he didn't trust them at first, Mohinder realizes that he cannot take on Sylar like he'd previously done by himself. Though knowingly going back to his apartment, finding Sylar gone, he wants the organization that had once stalked him and his father's research to help capture Sylar once and for all. Though I think he wanted HRG rather than Thompson, since he knew him better, through unfortunate circumstances but there was a sense of familiarity with him despite that. With Thompson, it's with the suspiciousness, but he has no other alternative.

++ The scene where Sylar kills Isaac was awesome. I mean, not that I enjoyed him getting killed mind you, it's quite sad, but this is where Isaac is truly content and calm about the whole thing. With Simone gone, his addiction getting the better of him again, there's nothing else left for him and he decides to make the ultimate heroic sacrifice, finishing off with his prediction of his own death, and the end of Sylar's reign (supposedly, anyway), knowing that he did something right.

++ "This is usually the part where people start screaming", indeed.

Yeah, the rest will definitely have to wait until tomorrow. But while this is exhausting, it's quite fun to writeup. I like rewatching and observing the things I liked about each episode. Besides, it's a great way to waste time before tomorrow night. And yes, I am inwardly squeeing that is IS tomorrow night that S2 premieres. YATTA!
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