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The day has finally arrived.

Season Two Of Heroes Premieres Tonight!

It's finally here, people. The beginning of Volume Two of Heroes, starting tonight at 9:00pm on NBC. While I encourage the squee, please East-Coasters DO NOT spoil me for the season premiere, or else you'll get skullcapped Sylar-style. I'm dead serious about this; we've all been waiting for this and I will be a very unhappy bunny if someone places their reactions/reviews/comments about tonight's episode without LJ-cutting, even if it's mild. So please, be considerate to those of us who have yet to view it on the other side of the world.

In addition to that, the last of my S1 observation installments, going from "Five Years Gone" to "How To Stop An Exploding Man".

1.20 - "Five Years Gone"

++ I loved this episode. The writing, the direction, the atmosphere, the possibilities of what things may be expected if they don't prevent the explosion from happening in New York City. It shows that one incident, one event could change the fate of the world, which make Hiro's mission even more vital than before, especially after meeting his future-self and knowing that he doesn't want to become that man, no matter how badass.

++ Obviously there are things left unexplained about what occurs in the future, things that don't make sense when matched with present events. Just remember it'd been five years since the explosion, and anything within that time could've happened to the characters to make them become who they are, to be in alliance with or against one another. But I think the biggest one that I couldn't figure out was how come Matt, a mind-reader, couldn't have figured out that President Petrelli was actually Sylar in disguise. Unless there was a power Sylar had stolen that allowed nobody to determine who he was while in an illusion. I mean there could be endless discussions about how this could've happened, how Matt could've been blindsided by this fact, but then again everyone was fooled underneath this disguise.

++ Case in point, the true hero of this Dark Future is Mohinder Suresh. He didn't know about Sylar's identity of course, but throughout the episode you can tell he was conflicted by what the plan of action and what he was being ordered to do; he knew it was morally wrong and tried to explain these reasonings to Sylar!Nathan without much success. He didn't do what he did, he could've just executed present!Hiro with the lethal injection and been done with it. But when faced with the possibility that there could be a chance that the past could be changed and the future didn't have to be the way it was, he knew he had to do something even if it was disobeying orders. There's no doubt in my mind that he knew the consequences if he'd gotten caught, Lord knows there are far worse punishments than death in the possible future especially while underneath the authority of President Sylar!Nathan, but he did it anyway. Why? Because that's who Mohinder is. Whether you like him or not, in the end he always does the right thing, and there is no exception even in this dark, dreary future where hope seems to be a lost cause. So in my mind, future!Mohinder is for the win.

++ And yes, for the shallow moments nearly everyone looked frakking amazing in this future episode. Claire Bennet looked gorgeous as a brunette, dark!scar!cynical!Peter was certainly a surprise, Niki looked awesome with her long hair, future!Hiro was badass, even future!Mohinder was rocking in his fine suit, topped with a scruffy look and glasses which to me resemble Papa Adama's glasses. Fuck, even future!Sylar with his hair-like-a-broom style of badassery was hot.

++ Speaking of which, I LOVED the reveal that it was Sylar all along pretending to be President Petrelli, particularly the transformation scene; total "whoa" moment. Though I do keep wondering, how is it possible that Sylar was able to take on the identity of Nathan for so long? I mean I know he's a chameleon and can adapt to his surroundings and become someone else almost instantly, but for five years as pretending to be Nathan Petrelli, going through the motions of being president or being in complete authority of New York/the country? I don't know how he managed to keep himself planted firmly into the ground without going completely insane. Then again, it's a power trip. He's in control, people do whatever he says, so I think in a way he enjoyed it.

++ The Peter versus Sylar standoff was just so kickass, but it's too bad we didn't see what happened. We can only imagine, can we?

1.21 - "The Hard Part"

++ Heartbreaking episode, this is. Most of you already know why I consider this on my top favorites, because it's very Sylar-centric and focuses on his background more and who he was. I could go on forever on explaining/examining/discussing my favorite bits, but that'll be like an essay so I won't bother with that unless I have to. But I'd really liked to comment on Zachary Quinto and Ellen Green's performance, which was absolutely superb. They created the chemistry between the characters, and with each moment you could tell more about how life in the Gray household could've been simply from their body language and how they interacted with one another. There's been plenty of discussion over that in the TWoP threads, and those people say it better than I ever could.

++ What makes this special is the return of the Gabriel Gray garb as Sylar returns back home. Though there's a slight significant thing about his attire. People have noticed about the evolution of Sylar's hairstyle/clothes which signifies how crazy he's becoming; the calmer, tamer in his appearance the less crazy he is, though once he steps over the boundaries of normal his hair/style becomes rather uncouth. It's strangely unique of how to deal with the character, and I'm not sure if that was the original intention, but I like it. You see this as he's tamed for visiting his mother, but messed in the aftermath of the "accidental" killing of her. Interesting, no?

++ I also liked that Hiro saw the human side of Sylar, instead of the murderous man everyone else sees, and felt conflicted about killing him once realizing that he wasn't all bad. He just had an addiction, an addiction he couldn't control and wanted forgiveness for that.

++ The callback to the "forgive me" religious symbolism seen in the beginning of the season was a nice touch, although that was for a different direction they wanted to go with Sylar I'm glad they at least kept that part in there. The scene with him fingerpainting on the floor with his own mother's blood was definitely cool, if disturbingly creepy. But I loved that it was the accidental death of his mother, along with her not accepting him and calling him "damned" and trying to kill him, is what drives him over the edge.

++ Again, loved this episode, even if it makes me sad. It just makes me want to cuddle poor Sylar, take him home with me and feed him cookies. *pets woobie!Sylar*

++ Oh, and place Mohinder with a small adorable little girl and you get the overloading cuteness of squee. I quite liked that while he took the position with Thompson he seemed to still not fully trust him, and did meet him at his own game, adding smarts to his decision-making with helping out the Company. But he wants to do it so Sylar can be stopped, not a permanent deal. Especially after what Sylar had done to him and to others, he knows that there is no other way to stopping him. Plus, he has a new mission, which is to cure the adorable Molly Walker from the same illness that killed his sister. Interesting twist, and hopefully they'll return to this in the new season.

1.22 - "Landslide"

++ Nothing much to say about this episode other than this: "BOOM!" Oh, and Paternal!Protective!Mohinder with a gun = FTW. ♥ ♥ ♥

1.23 - "How To Stop An Exploding Man"

++ People were disappointed in the anticlimatic battle of this finale, saying all season long it was a buildup factor to nothing in particular. I strongly disagree. This entire season was about stopping the explosion in New York City, not about the Peter versus Sylar complex that we figured out was going to possibly happen soon. It WILL happen, just not quite. I would like Peter to find a way to control the abilities he'd absorbed, like of what future!Peter had done, being more confident instead of worrying about exploding. Also, both Sylar and Peter had the radioactive power now...and their next meeting could become their final confrontation. Maybe we'll have more to go on with how they're similar and alike, or maybe it can be that whole Harry Potter prophecy: one cannot live while the other survive. Now, I don't want either to die for obvious reasons, but that would be pretty neat.

++ Sylar certainly knew what was going to go down, and I think he wanted to be "defeated" at Kirby Plaza. How or why will be explained this evening, at least I'm hoping it will. Him confronting Peter and being beaten up was all part of his ploy, because it makes sense. He knows that Peter cannot control the power within him and getting him riled up so he would uncontrollably go nuclear was something I think he wanted. Peter would be the villian, Sylar would be the hero.

++ Hiro said it right: "@#$%!"

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