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Heroes: "Four Months Later" Episode Reaction/Review

Beware, this has fangirlish squees and ramblings, so you have been forewarned.

The Heroisms: Time Has Passed, They Cannot Be Torn Down

Four months have passed since the incident in Kirby Plaza, it seems that everyone is going about their own lives while still keeping an eye on some current threats in the world. The Bennet family has moved from Texas to California, changed their last name to "Butler" and are living a false life while hiding from the Company. They seem to be having difficulty adjusting to this normal lifestyle, especially Claire and HRG. Mohinder is in Egypt, giving lectures of his experience and findings based off his father's research where he meets a suspicious man who knows more than he should about the Suresh family...and offers Mohinder a proposition. Matt Parkman earns his police badge back, with the usefulness of his ability, and has adopted Molly and is raising her along with Mohinder (OMGYAYSQUEE!!!) However Molly's dreams are troubling her, about the other boogeyman that sees her in her dreams.

Hiro is back in time where he meets his hero, Takezo Kensei. Back in present time, Ando and Kaito Nakamura are waiting patiently for Hiro to return, when suddenly a death-threat by picture and the symbol is mysteriously sent to him, along with Angela Petrelli, leading to who among the Older Generation is doing this and at what price. Nathan is still alive, though I'm presuming no longer congressman and wallowing in the loss of Peter; grown-beard, drunk and aggravated. Although Peter isn't gone....just mis-located, and with no memory whatsoever....

This was the introduction with new characters too: Maya and Alejandro, siblings with abilities and are on the run from the law. Maya has a deadly ability, and they are running for their lives to America and find a cure. There is also Claire's new potential boytoy, West, who has an ability of flight.

New missions, new lives, new threats and evils abound. This season will get pretty interesting.

The Characters: Mess With Them And They'll Kick Your Ass

Claire & HRG: I adored their scenes together, they truly represent the best father-daughter relationships on television. Claire said it best, seriously the "Best. Dad. EVER!" I felt so horrible for Claire though, fitting into a new school, not standing out and keeping everything on the downlow; the gym scene could've been something she could have vindicated herself, but didn't because she knew the risks of becoming noticed. I understand HRG's fears about being caught by the Company or anyone else, but Claire finally has found herself a steady ground of accepting who she is. She doesn't want to stand in the background and not be noticed; she tried all of the first season wanting to be normal, but now with everything she wants to be who she really is. Also, I disliked the cheerleader girls...they make Jackie look nice, and that's saying something.

Mr. Bennet is just made of awesome, totally kickass with that irritating stick-up-his-ass manager of his, and he did it so calmly too. Like "bitch please, you don't know nothing about a dog-eat-dog business, so shut the fuck up and let me finish my coffee." Just the morally greyness we needed to see to start off the season. He's done being middle-management; HRG is back with his bad self, kicking ass and taking names.

Mohinder Suresh: Loved every single scene Mohinder had in the premiere. From the moment of the monologue montage interwining with his lecture, right down to finding out that he's working with Mr. Bennet as his secret agent for bringing the Company down. That? Was totally for the win, like whoa. Plus he's raising Molly with Matt. How freaking adorable is that?! He's going to have loads of things to do this season, which I am grateful for. It wouldn't have been the same if he'd worked alone like last season, then again he didn't know who he could trust, and now he does. He has a new purpose now, and I like that direction they're giving Mohinder. I just hope that he doesn't die, especially while working with others from the Company; if they catch on, Lord knows what'll happen. And how hot did he look in that suit, and the last scene on the bed with his shirt slightly open? Frakking hot, that's how. *loves*

Matt Parkman and Molly Walker: Matt earns back his badge, is taking care of Molly (responsibility shared with Mohinder), which makes everything with him just so awesome. I love Parkman even more than I ever had before just for these things alone. Though I liked Janice, why were they divorcing? Was it because of the affair or because Matt keeps going to places without notifying her? I mean I know they had marital problems, but still, I don't know. But the whole adopting Molly thing makes up for this fact, even though he doesn't know/understand how to deal with what's happening with her.

Poor Molly, the child just can't seem to catch a break. Those dreams must be so horrific for her, and she's so vulnerable and helpless while sleeping instead of being awake. I liked that Matt was trying to get inside her head, determine what it was she was dreaming about -- man, does this new "boogeyman" sound creepifying. Again, poor Molly.

The Petrelli Family: Dysfunctional, indeed. Angela Petrelli you are indeed cold and cruel, and Nathan happily points that out to you. Nathan. Oh Nathan, you and your brooding self. With his beard, tossled look and excessive drinking for the loss of his brother, he's a crossover between Gaius Baltar and Saul Tigh. At least he stood up to his mother, realizing that everything she'd said and done for him wasn't right and that she was evil. It was nice seeing that side of him, taking a stand. But he should clean up his act. But, what the hell was up with that reflection? A side-effect of his power, how he sees himself? Self-hatred?

So, Peter is the one with amnesia. I knew at least one character would have amnesia this season, my biggest bet would've been Sylar but either one could've worked. It seems Sylar has a different thing altogether, judging from the previews....

Hiro Nakamura and Takezo Kensei: David Anders people, David Anders is playing Takezo Kensei. Giddy, silly drunk who isn't what Hiro expected his life-long hero of the past to be. So, he's like Robin Hood, sans the acts of heroism and more about the food, money and booze. It seems that Hiro might have an intervention with him, or perhaps Hiro could "become" Kensei, doing all those heroic acts of honor (as I kept saying from the first season that as Hiro and Ando are looking at the drawings of the Kensei legend that the paintings oddly resembled Hiro in some aspects). Should be interesting. I also heard that Hiro and Ando will be communicating from past to present in a unique fashion. Should be a fun ride, with these two....

West: Honestly, I don't have a firm opinion on him yet. I just have the oddest feeling that he's connected with the Company somehow, and I don't know why. But he makes me REALLY miss Zach.

Maya and Alejandro: I liked their introduction, running away from the cops. Literally running in general, it's hell on their feet especially when they're wanted for murder. With Maya's ability, after seeing what happened inside the truck and blood from the people's eyes, I kept thinking "two by two, hands of blue". So she has a deadly power, one that instantly kills, probably when being threatened. I have a distinct feeling that she doesn't do it while her brother is near, otherwise he would've been dead too. I'm wondering where their story will lead, and if it'll be good at all. So far I'm liking it.

The Glees and Squees! (and everything else in between)

++ Although I am bugged by this, when West asked "are you a robot or an alien?" I just wanted to say, "dude, she's a frakking CYLON, she can be both." Seriously, what kind of question is that? Very stereotypically teenager of him, seeing and judging people in "black and white", the goody-goodies versus the rebels. Please, Claire is SO beyond that.

++ Hiro's reaction to Kensei's true identity was so hilarious. It was like "wait, you're an English white dude? Not Japanese? WTF?" HEE!

++ MR. MUGGLES!! And my God, is it just me or was Lyle more grown up from the last time we saw him?

++ HRG pwning the manager dude is so totally FTW. I mean, seriously, best scene of the whole episode. *loves HRG, like whoa*

++ I love Claire's hair. I'll miss the long, wavy-curliness of it from last season, but I think this shows how much she's grown and matured.

++ I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but the subtitles have different color schemes to identify which language is which. White is used for Japanese subtitles, yellow for Spanish. Huh, interesting.

++ Now there's something with a virus getting to the Specials. Is this true, or was this all part of Mohinder's ploy to draw in the Company lapdog underneath their noses? If it is true about the virus infecting the DNA of others with abilities out there, that should be an interesting thing to focus on and possibly learn more about this Shanti business; though if it IS just a scam to play with the Company, good going for the Mo & HRG team. But I have a feeling that the illness will be a subplot that could become something more in future episodes or the series in general.

++ RIP Kaito Nakamura. *tears* should've been Mama Petrelli, dammit

++ Limited commercial time is always a good thing while watching my fandoms, and thankfully they did that this time. Though with the commericals they did have all promoted Nissan vehicles omg look random advertising of what is actually already advertised within the show itself. Still, I was very happy for limited breaks, meaning more Heroes time! Whoo-hoo!

++ Did I mention that I loved ALL the Mohinder scenes? Because I really, truly did. Hee. Also, he cooks people. MOHINDER FUCKING COOKS, and this makes me incoherently squee when Molly mentions this and the fact that she misses him. I love it.

++ It's been said by thousands of people before, but the Mohinder/Matt/Molly family is the best and cutest storyline setup I have witnessed yet. I mean, I knew it was speculated between fans after/during the first season -- using scenarios of the adorableness that Molly brought out between her and Mohinder and her and Matt most were focused on the Mohinder/Sylar but whatever -- but I never thought it would actually become canon within the show. It makes me giddy. I squealed in the beginning sequence/montage of scenes (which most we have yet to see) where Molly and Mohinder are hugging. I literally went "AWWW!!" The ovaries? They s'ploded with joy. Needless to say, Molly has two daddies. Hee!

Overall: Excellent start to a new season. I squealed, I was confused, I was startled and enthralled and pleased and shocked. My God, this show is just plain amazing. Actually, when I read that people were tilting their heads in confusion over what was happening, I consider this the Battlestar Galactica moment: S2 finale, where it'd been one year after settling on New Caprica and then the Cylons come, and by the S3 premiere it'd been four months into the occupation? Yeah. Everything was frakked over twice but still remained to keep the audience entertained while questioning what happened in between, and I think that's what happened here. Don't worry about the unanswered questions folks, because there is an episode coming up that is entitled "Four Months Ago" which will probably answer those befuddled thoughts and questions.

I am satisfied with what the premiere brought. And to think I had lingering doubts. But I still have some complaints: WHERE THE FUCK WAS MY SYLAR? Or Niki and Micah? I mean c'mon now, don't leave us hanging here! I want my Sylar and leave out the chick in that fake!island setting in that hallucination of his as seen in the preview.

Anyway, my mind is just whirling with so much gleefulness right now, all I can think at the moment is that Heroes is back, and it's rocking, and it's just BACK baby! YATTA!!
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