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People are annoying, nagging patients are just as irritating.

Stepping away from the Heroes squee that's been taking over my entries lately, more of my fandoms are returning. Bones and House are returning tonight, though I might just watch the latter since I'm not entirely caught up with Bones quite yet. Also I kind of want to see how the process of picking a new team will turn out, especially we know the Ducklings are still going to be around. Should be very interesting to watch as he chooses his new recruits and if they can handle him and his constant pill-popping insanity. I really want to watch Gossip Girl and I'm possibly the only person left who hasn't seen the pilot episode. I saw the preview and am intrigued, so it might become my guilty pleasure viewing. Heh.

Still watching Unfair at the moment though, and loving every minute of it.

Also, could Jessica Biel become Wonder Woman? This is mainly for the all-star Justice League upcoming picture, but if Warner Bros. decides with Biel she might just be Wonder Woman in the feature film. Y'know, I may like Jessica Biel better than most, but I cannot see her in such a role. I stand firmly in the ground while waving my Morena Baccarin for Wonder Woman flag. If Joss was still in the WW project I have no doubt he would've picked an awesome Wonder Woman and story to tell. I'm curious as how the project will play out and if this casting bit is true or not, depending on accuracy of sources really.

I have this urge to go shopping. Holiday shopping, and I don't know why.
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