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Technology is becoming too fiction to be science fiction.

House M.D. 4.01 "Alone"

Screw getting a new team, can this show become the House/Cuddy/Wilson show? Please?

Our favorite arrogant, stubborn, pill-popping doctor Gregory House refuses to formulate a new team because his previous one had been either fired and/or resigned from the positions (in that shocking finale of last season, y'all might've remembered). Instead he stubbornly claims that he can perform his duties as a doctor, solve the medical mystery of the week all by himself. Of course Wilson and Cuddy think the opposite, and try every which way for him to think about interviewing people for his new team because while he is smart at solving problems he needs more than just himself...and the janitor he bounced ideas off of. He needs an ensemble of people to help the process along, to solve the medical cases quicker without risking losing a patient's life.

Other than that this episode was filled with hilarious moments. House playing his electric guitar in his office really loud, Wilson cunningly taking away the guitar as a bride of getting him to find new recruits for his team, House and Wilson playing cat and mouse, or hero and terrorist as they called it, and it was just of the El Oh El with those two, as usual of course. Then there's his moments with Cuddy -- seriously, could the sexual tension between those two BE any more obvious? UST, people, the UST is what makes this show! House/Cuddy = LOVE.

Best Line of the Episode: "Don't erase my TiVo!" Seriously Wilson, I love you. Also, he watches telenovelas!

Great episode. And to be honest, I didn't necessarily miss the Ducklings that one bit, which makes it even better that House can survive without his old team and have only Wilson and Cuddy there. And I feel better that I didn't have to deal with Cameron or Foreman, though I missed Chase just a little Oh, and when Cuddy said "I don't care how you do it, just do it" referring to picking out a new team...I was like woman, don't say that to House. He'll do something pretty much unconventional and you'll be facepalming going "what was I thinking?" Heh, still should be fun watching how he tries to recruit a new team.

Bionic Woman 1.01 "Second Chances"

Ladies and gentlemen, I think I have found a new fandom. Granted I knew I was going to like it, but seeing it fully I have to say it was entertaining and a wild ride for a pilot. Here are my initial thoughts:

++ Katee Sackhoff FTW baby! I came into this fandom knowing she would be badass, but seeing her in action is a whole different story altogether. She's like the evil!Cylon!Starbuck equivalent to the Cylon model Six. Her hair was FABULOUS, even in the rain. So sizzling hot, so freaking badass, I loved her scenes. Everything about her character I loved, and I know the character wouldn't nearly be as intriguing if another actress were in the role. Katee makes it worthwhile.

++ I really liked Jaime Sommers, and Michelle Ryan does an excellent job as this character and everything from the dialogue to the emotions/reactions was quite impressive. I also like her struggling relationship with her sister, who I think is a brat at the moment should've kept the original storyline for the sister but whatever. Oh, and she's also very beautiful too, and I adore her eyes.

++ The fighting scene on the rooftop in the rain = So. Freaking. Awesome. I don't know whether it was whomever choreographed the fighting or the cinematography, or the fact that Michelle and Katee were fighting each other in the rain. It was just amazing.

++ Special effects were amazing. 'Nuff said.

++ DUDES, AARON DOUGLAS AND MARK SHEPPARD!!! *ahem* I mean, nice group of guest-stars.

Overall, I enjoyed the pilot. A lot. Can't wait for more, which means I'll be having double the Katee screentime: with Battlestar Galactica: Razor and the fourth season, along with Bionic Woman. Whee!

Slight pimping here: Heroes Friending Meme and Battlestar Galactica Friending Meme.

Clearly insomnia isn't good for me, because I've been reading people's reaction/reviews for the premiere of Heroes and the wild speculations concerning storylines and future episodes are outstanding and, strangely, are making sense to me. I've also been on the HoYay threads on TWoP and trust me, the crackiness that ensues there is just amazing. I mean, really. Of course I'm just overly giddy about the particular Momo storyline that I just can't stop grinning every single time I think about it. Insane? You betcha. Damn you Kring for making your audience think about things, and endorsing the HoYayness of your show! Which you obviously do intentionally!
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