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All along the watchtower...

I'm not the only one who's been having Internet troubles lately, it seems. My connection was down almost the entire day, and it made me sad, but managed to survive without it. Then it suprisingly comes back right at the moment when I'm in the middle of something important, go figure. Anyway, glad it's back and there are no further issues or problems.

Earlier today, while that was going on, I flipped through channels to see what was on if anything, and stumbled across a preview for BSG's Razor (and nearly spilled my drink because I hadn't expected to see a preview since I never catch them on television). I can't even remember which it was because I caught the mere middle/end of ut, but it was very convienent because I've been thinking about Battlestar Galactica much recently, along with Heroes but that's a given. With the two-hour special and season four coming up I've been thinking of what I'm hoping for. This is just my usual wishes and expectations, since the series will be ending after S4, and I figured since I've been all over Heroes I should do a BSG post. And yes there are spoilers if anyone hasn't seen all current three seasons.

1. Boomer and Chief Tyrol to be reunited again. Their relationship was cute, and unfortunately had to be cut off during the first season but I've always liked them together. My wish for S4 is to have a reunion between Boomer and Tyrol, and possibly a chance for them to get back together. It would do them both some good, especially for Boomer since she's gone way into her Cylon roots, almost unrecognizable than how she used to be. Not that it's a bad thing, but she's letting her hatred and bitterness of Sharon "Athena" Agathon replacing her as part of the Galactica family, and she needs to know that she's still in the thoughts and loved by the only one that'd captured her heart. For the Chief, I know he's always loved Boomer even after discovering what she was, and probably has never stopped thinking about her, and now understanding what she went through they can come to a mutual ground together.

Besides, I want to see Cally's reaction after finding out that her husband is actually a Cylon after all. Chances are she'll have a frakking meltdown and attempt to kill him and their child, because she loathes Cylons so much.

2. Sharon and Helo to have more sex. Yes, I'm desperately wishing this. First of all, they are incredibly sweet and hot together, also remember that it was carrying Hera that caused Sharon to become immune to the disease infecting the other Cylons, all due to the human antibodies she carried inside of her. Also, because she'd died and resurrected to get her daughter back from the baseship I don't think those antibodies had transferred; only their memories and subconscious unless I could be wrong, since they were so afraid of the infected Cylons to download and spread the disease, so I don't know. So the more reason to have more sex and more children, so she'll be able to withstand any other biological warfare threats. There's also the need to see more of the glowing-red vertebrae orgasms during sex!

3. The official Adama and Roslin hookup. C'mon, I just want to see them officially state that they are involved, and will probably hold a marriage/coupling ceremony once they find Earth. Then go off to their own cabin and get high. Hee.

4. Find out that Roslin and Kara are reincarnations of the Gods. I know, a longshot and farfetched idea but seriously, it would make sense with their mythology and religious beliefs, especially for rationalizing Kara Thrace and her Special Destiny. Her Destiny as well as Laura's destiny is to lead Galactica and the fleet to Earth, which is exactly what the scriptures suggest (although I don't want Laura to die, especially now that her cancer is back and the incident that happened during "Crossroads Pt. 2", I have a feeling that the closer they get to Earth the more probable she'll be lying on her deathbed. Don't want that to happen! I want her and Adama to be together and live happily ever after, dammit!)

That's basically all I have for now, actually. I have more spinning around in my head, particuarly concerning the Final Five but I can't write it out without it sounding entirely incoherent or messy in its description. But I do have interesting theories regarding them and the fates of the Cylons and humans. Gah, this is what happens when fandom takes over my brain.
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