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Heroes: "Lizards" Episode Review

The Heroisms: They're Here, They're There, They're Everywhere

Second episode of the second season, and the plots thicken even more. In California the Bennet family is trying to blend in, but it isn't easy for Claire as her curiosity over the limits of her abilities, leading some interesting experimentation and questioning after a biology class discussion, and an unwanted discovery at home; Mr. Bennet relays some new information regarding eight paintings Isaac Mendez that supposedly are of events that are about to come. One is of the death of Kaito Nakamura, which Matt Parkman is investigating as his first assignment as a detective. Angela Petrelli is questioned of her encounter with Kaito on the rooftop, but gets an unfortunate visit by the attacker at police headquarters. Mohinder goes off to Haiti on his first assignment at the Company to find the Haitian, who appears to present the same symptoms of those with the virus.

In Ireland, Peter is being interrogated viciously by Irish gangsters about information has doesn't remember, and is questioned by the sister of the mobsters ringleader in terms of his strange abilities. He presents himself capable of using them, even when he doesn't know or remember how he obtained them...until the ringleaders offers him a job to pay back the debt in exchange for the information about his past that's locked away inside a box.

Meanwhile, back in 1671 Japan, Hiro tries to fulfill Kensei's destiny by impersonating him and tries to let Kensei become the hero he's destined to become, without taking credit for his acts of heroism, and in this process of making Kensei the hero of Japanese legends, Hiro learns that he, too, has a special ability.

This season continues to bring in the surprising twists and turns, the shocking relevations and confusion which is mixed with pure awesomeness, and this episode is no exception to this.

The Characters: Do You Want To Be My Superhero?

Claire Bennet. First of all, CLAIRE I LOVE YOU! Seriously, her words to her dad about wanting to save other people, to use her abilities for good and to test her limits were spot on at how I wanted the direction of her character to go this season. I mean, I'll always love Claire without a doubt, I'm just so happy that she's so uncomfortable with pretending to be normal when she knows she isn't. Which is totally different from her attitude from last season, when she wanted to be anything but special. But now that she knows that she's not alone in the world with her powers and she's connected to those just like her, she feels that she needs to do something about it and not stand around doing absolutely nothing. She wants to help people, and that's the Claire-bear we know and love. This season will get pretty interesting with her, especially now that we know she'll be testing the limits of her abilities more.

Oh, and the ending scene with her chopping off her pinkie toe? NICE. I mean, it was disturbingly gross but it was just made of awesome how she wanted to test her theory about regeneration. Like the lizards (clever, titlecard).

Noah "HRG" Bennet. He is made of win, as always. Best father ever. Although I do want Claire to succeed in wanting to help others, I know that he wants to protect her from those who want her for their own purposes, i.e. the Company and other organizations like it. Of course it'll never be safe in the world, because there will always be people out there wanting to experiment on those with special abilities. Perhaps he can train her to become more stealth and secretive without secluding herself in complete normalcy? Is that even possible? Whatever, HRG is still the best father in this show.

Also, Haitian and HRG TOGETHER AGAIN! Highlight of the episode for me. ♥

Mohinder Suresh. Holy shit, he spoke in freaking French! Just when I thought my love for him couldn't grow any bigger, he has to speak French in his incredibly sensual voice, wearing an insanely hot white shirt and sweating at that although I KNOW he could've taken off the overshirt and shown us the frakking white wifebeater So yes, his tactics at infiltrating the Company are doing very well, and just when you think he's getting caught up in something it turns out it's all part of the master plan of bringing the OWI down and gathering the remaining seven Mendez paintings. His scenes with the Haitian were great, and lying directly to Bob's face like that was SO freaking adorable. He actually had me sold for a second there, until the very end of course. I love sneaking spy!Mohinder. So cute with the infiltrating, and a good liar to boot too. Anyway, that whole reveal and change of scenery was awesome, and his reaction was perfect. And yes, he goes back home and tucks Molly in (♥!!!) and talks with HRG on the phone about how the "first assignment went". How much do I love his storyline this season?? Seriously. Mohinder is SO MUCH LOVE this season, like whoa.

The Haitian. Still awesome. 'Nuff said.

Matt Parkman. I think I love Matt more this season than before, simply because he's becoming more involved in the serious storylines, which is awesome. I love how he's now involved with the Nakamura case, and I have a feeling he'll become more involved than he wants to be. Because Molly's boogeyman = whomever is killing and out for revenge of the Older Generation, since I think there's a freaking connection there. Also, it makes me sad that Matt doesn't have a large fanbase in fandom. I think he's really a great guy and this season will allow him to expand his character more.

Angela Petrelli. Y'know, as much as I despite Mama Petrelli I really liked how she was in this episode. Of course, the awesome scene was in the interrogation room when she realizes that Matt could read her thoughts and thought back at him "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" His reaction was freaking priceless. He was so shocked that she knew! Also, who the frak attacked her in the police station, and we saw absolutely no one and there couldn't have been an easy entrance/exit in that facility. Freaky, man.

Nathan Petrelli. Not enough of him in this episode, but yay for Matt and Nathan meeting again and yay for him being there for his mother, even when they weren't on speaking grounds. I love Nathan, even when he's a brooding drunk.

Peter Petrelli. I'm getting kind of interested at how the hell Peter ended up in Ireland in the first place, the symbol necklace hanging from his neck and has so much control over his abilities now. From last season he seemed to have no control over them whatsoever after absorbing them, and even after his short training with Claude he still had trouble controlling all those abilities. But now he seems more confident and focused about them, even when he doesn't know how he possesses such power in the first place from the amnesia. Though the big question is: what the hell is in THE DAMN BOX?! Also, is that the new tagline now, like last season was "the list" now this season it's "the box"? Huh, interesting. I liked Caitlin, she seemed curious but not frightened over Peter's strange abilities.

Maya and Alejandro. I am really intrigued with their storyline, and the fact that both Maya and Alejandro have such amazing chemistry just works so well. I am very interested in what their abilities are, obviously Maya has the ability of death with Alejandro has the ability of life, or something like that. Though the bleeding from the eyes was an interesting touch. I love where their story is headed, and I'm interested in learning more about them. Oh, and Maya/Alejandro is totally my new ship now. Shut up.

Hiro Nakamura and Takezo Kensei. Hiro is so adorable, and selfless at wanting Kensei to achieve his heroic mission and to become the legend he's meant to become. Although we know that Hiro IS Kensei, or will become Kensei for doing his heroic acts to bring the legends to life, I liked that he does the honorable thing and not take credit for the things he'd done. Of course, he'll be falling in love with the girl, and I really want him to. She kicked ass and is so pretty. And Kensei is just adorkable love. I mean really, could Hiro and Kensei's scenes be any funnier? But it does make me yearn for more Hiro and Ando scenes, and I really want to know how they'll be communicating from the past to present as I read they would be.

West. Still not sold on him yet. There is this creepy, desperate vibe to him that I just don't like. With the peeping in windows and stalking her. Thank goodness Claire blew him off. I mean, he probably has motive for wanting to know her better, especially now that he knows she's just like him and has an ability, but he's going about it all wrong. I don't blame Claire for getting freaked out by him following her, and I certainly don't understand how she could like him after that. But y'know, it'll be explained sooner or later his motives. But still, I have this feelings there's something else he's hiding other than the fact that he can fly.

The Glees and Squees!

++ Claire's toe amputation of doom!! Seriously, that scene rocked because it was another step for her character. Although it gave West something to peep at through the window, Claire had a theory and tested it out. And the beginning scene when she takes out her mother's wedding ring from the boiling water, so freaking cool. Oh, and when she was showing her knowledge in the biology classroom? OMGLOVE. Claire is love, the end.

++ The Bennet family in general. I'm glad that Mrs. Bennet and HRG are talking about what's going on.

++ Maya/Alejandro = the new River/Simon relationship. Like whoa.

++ I know these comparisons have been done before, but Kensei is totally the samurai Jack Sparrow of 1671 Japan, and Hiro is his Will Turner. Which means that Yaeko is their Elizabeth Swann. Heh.

++ Going with that, Mohinder is totally Indiana Jones. ♥

++ I love the new introduction of girls kicking ass. Caitlyn from the Irish family who I am beginning to like, simply for the fact of not jumping all over Peter and his abilities. Along with Yaeko, who was willing to fight those samurai men by herself to defend her father's honor. Now that is what I call a strong female. I'm really liking these new characters surfacing, while minor/brief or playing a major role, I like their introductions so far. Hopefully the writing and storylines will keep it up as the season progresses.

++ CHERRY BLOSSOMS! Deer-sighting! Whee!

++ Mr. Muggles watching the dog show at the end was HILARIOUS. And when Claire turned it off at her mother's command, Mr. Muggles turned around all agitated like "hey! I was watching that!" Hee!

++ "Welcome to Copy Kingdom." says HRG so smugly. HEE! The Haitian and HRG together again!

++ ALL of Mohinder's scenes in this episode. I know, I know, I'll say this every single time he appears but gods dammit, he was just awesome. Playing the dumb-card to fool Mr. Midas man ("Where's the Haitian?" "...Um, in Haiti?"), going on his first mission to find the Haitian, which was part of the whole frakking plan from the beginning to the Haitian could be reunited with HRG. Also, Mohinder speaking French was made of win! I mean seriously, how hot was that? With those scenes plus returning to his apartment and tucking sleepy!Molly in really made me squee. For real, I will not lie. His partnership with HRG is the best thing to ever happen to him, along with caring for Molly, and the latter makes me smile every single time.

++ Aww, and the next episode we'll get the see this particular scene with the Mohinder, Molly and Matt family, and we'll also this most adorable Mohinder/Molly hug. ♥

++ There's more Isaac Mendez paintings, which will gradually be revealed as the future events of this season. I read about one accidentally which is a definite spoiler, but I don't want to repeat it. I don't even want to think about it. But this is a nice relevation, and adds to the mystery of the whole show really.

++ Peter's memories and past in a freaking box? WTF?

++ Kensei's immortal! Hah!

++ I wanna know who the hell is attacking people! I kind of speculate it's Mr. Gray, a.k.a. Sylar's father because the attack at the police interrogation room is precisely the same MO of what happened in the beginning of S1 with Sylar breaking into the highly secured holding facility to take Molly. Like father like son perhaps? I don't know. Should be interesting.....

Overall: This season is becoming more exciting and even better than I'd anticipated, and while I'm still crossing my fingers for certain things I think my worries over what happens in this volume has died down because I am so caught up with what's happening. The fucked up Petrelli family, Peter with no memory and working with an Irish mob, the Mohinder/HRG team to bring down the OWI -- with spy!Mohinder FTW! -- THE HAITIAN IS BACK BABY, Claire coming into her own and continuing to be awesome, the Maya and Alejandro storyline taking off and impressing me....and so much more. I really like where everything is going, and I'm sure with all the confusion with what's going on will be revealed very soon.

This show is SO MUCH LOVE I can barely stand it. *flails*

My only complaints: Wasn't there supposed to have been Niki and Micah in this episode? I read in the episode description there was, and in the episode promotional pictures they were there, so how come we didn't see them? Or was I the only one that missed it? Also, MY SYLAR DIDN'T SHOW UP!! I mean, I knew that his episode was technically going to be the third one, but still it would've been nice to see him at least at the very end, sort of like a cliffhanger for the "to be continued" y'know? And there should've been more Nathan, but that's a given.

*continues to flail*
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