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I'm sure it looked easier on YouTube.

I'm still in squee-mode about Heroes, for various and obvious reasons of course, and anxiously waiting for next Monday to arrive already. As for tonight it's Bionic Woman; I seriously have to start watching Gossip Girl and Pushing Daisies since I am interested in both, however both are conflict for viewing. Oh, and I've heard of these Razor flashbacks? Haven't seen them yet but I'm wondering if they're too spoilerish or not, or just additional info like the "Resistance" webisodes were. And Supernatural returns tomorrow!

House M.D. 4.02 "The Right Stuff"

Interesting take on finding a new team, and just the right style for Gregory House. Of course this is Cuddy's fault for saying "I don't care how you do it, just do it" in the last episode, because knowing House he'll do practically the most insane recruiting sessions possible to find a new team. Which I have to say, despite uncertain feelings towards some of them, was an excellent start. I loved the "firing" process of potential candidates; see people, you don't mess with Dr. House. He may be a brilliant doctor in medicine, highly recommended and certainly has a reputation, but he doesn't like stupid or irritating people. Be both, and you're done. Though Wilson did have a point -- he wants to choose people that he'll be annoyed with or else he'll care about them, which House doesn't want to do. So I'm predicting he'll choose the candidates that I dislike or am annoyed with because House is just like that.

But the competition is nicely done, and I liked seeing the acting of different medical teams for a change. The assignments House placed them on, making them question why they wanted to go for such a position. Of course they'll learn that if they're going to work for House that is what you'll have to do, frequently and at any given time. It was also funny, and I liked the "I'm 21 but not really" guy. The blonde chick bugged me, though.

I liked the Patient of the Week. Greta, played by Essence Atkins, showed up at House's office with a shitload of cash who secretly wants to be diagnosed and treated for a medical condition that may put her in jeopardy for applying for NASA's training program. Firstly, I understood most of what she was talking about in the cockpit, and that surprised me quite a bit. Secondly, I liked that she was willing to risk everything just so her dream could come true -- though I was sad that House told NASA in the end, crushing her dream. But in a way I could understand why he did it.

The Ducklings are still there! Obviously, I knew that they would still be working at the same hospital; Chase as a surgeon and Cameron as a nurse, though I'm unsure about Foreman. Both Chase and Cameron spoke in this episode, but Foreman didn't. It wasn't even confirmed that he'd been in the hospital, has it?

But I still say it should be the House/Cuddy/Wilson show. Think about it, with their antics they'll RULE THE WORLD!

Quote of the Episode: "It's a myth that fake hooters blow up at a higher altitude. She'll be fine! Just think of it as one giant rack for mankind." HEE. I love you, House. Also, "You all have numbers, so we're gonna do this alphabetically!"

Also next week: What. The. Fuck!? Oh, this'll be good.

Rain(Bi) and Christina Aguilera's Pepsi commercial. It's like a year old, so it isn't new, but this is the first I've seen this commerical and I have to say it's extremely hot. It's almost equally as amazing as seeing Britney and BoA meeting each other at the Seoul Showcase in 2003. So cute! BoA's English is so adorable here, and I love Britney's sweetness and sincerity.
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