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The machine is nothing without the woman.

Second episode, even better than the first. And this coming from someone you liked the pilot.

There was less of Katee this episode smoking hot and sexy as usual, but I was intrigued with the episode's storyline nonetheless. Jaime Sommers, even on the verge of getting her life back together and trying to sort out everything that'd happened to her, realizes she cannot move forward by standing still. Instead, she learns that she must embrace this new life she has, whether she likes it or not. The only way to do that was inevitably finding out what she can do for the world and for other people; by saving the woman from the rooftop she made the decision to test drive the organization that created her. This episode finalizes that decision as she accepts the job offer to save the world (heh, "save the bionic woman, save the world").

I'm getting used to the little sister, actually. She may have her bratty side but I see potential that her relationship with Jaime will get better in the future, and perhaps she'll learn of her sister's secret down the line. It is bound to happen, of course.

Also, Will Yun Lee who plays Jae Kim? Hot as hell. Just saying.

Even though Isaiah Washington is in this show, I have to admit he's a talented actor. Not fond of him in real life, but he knows how to play a character given to him. I can see him becoming interesting in the more episodes he's in.

Hee, nice BSG shoutout! When Ruth and Jaime were entering the house of the wiped out town, on the television it was showing the scene where the Battlestar Pegasus rammed into the Cylon baseship. I knew at once what it was, especially hearing Bear McCreary's awesome score music thar or I've watched that scene FAR too many times. Loved it! Hopefully the more the show progresses, the more shoutouts and/or guest-stars there'll be. *crossing fingers*

Overall, a nice episode following the pilot. Bionic Woman has potential, and already I'm loving where it's going, especially after the preview for next week.

Also, a brand new Sylar promo for 2.03 "Kindred" aired during Bionic Woman, and uh:

Now tell me this isn't frakking hot. C'mon, I dare you. Dirty. Black wifebeater. Devilish expression on his face. Yeah. Sylar's back baby!

Why, oh why can't it be next Monday already?!
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