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Do you know what your Sin is?

I pretty much squealed from when the screen flashed "the road so far", and I LOVE the new titlecard. Sinister, evil-looking with black demonclouds. Yeah, Hell has been let loose this season, in the most literal sense possible.

I'm pretty much giggling over the fact that Dean is getting it on with the ladies, normally as Dean would of course. Some have mentioned before that after all that's happened they wouldn't want him to return to a happy, go-lucky attitude. But that? That was pure, absolute, unadulterated Dean Winchester right there. He knows he has one year to live, he knows there will not be a way around the deal (that they know of yet, as I'm positive they will find something, because it's the Winchesters dammit), and he's living it up. I understand Sam's concern and frustration over his attitude, hell I would be too, but as Dean said it's the first in a LONG time he's felt good about life. Even if they're fighting to their deaths against demons constantly, he needs a break after what he endured last season. I don't want no more angst!Dean, even if it makes me want to jump through the screen and hug the poor woobie.

But I loved Sam in the end, especially when he gave Dean that exasperated look and said that he was unbelievable, and not in a playful way either. He wants to save Dean's life, he wants to find every way possible to find ways around the deal no matter what cost. This is going to be one hell of a season for the Winchesters.

BOBBY!!! Sorry, I was so damn excited to see Bobby, completely active and side-by-side with Sam and Dean on a particular hunt. Oh, and seeing more angry!yelling!Bobby? LOVED IT. Whee! And Bobby cleans up nice, too.

More hunters, yay! Although does this mean that the whole hunting community knows about what happened with the Devil's Gate? Uh oh, this can not be good news for them, now their reputation is getting slightly bent over unintentionally letting the door to Hell open and releasing the army of demons into the world. I'm still hoping for them to team up with other hunters though, because if there is to be a war they cannot do it by themselves. Army of Demons versus Army of Hunters, that's how this season should turn into. Definitely.

I liked the new girl, despite me wanting to have Jo back dammit Kripe, bring her back now or else I'll go angry!Winchester on your ass!. Though why is she stalking Sam? And her mystical!knife, is this going to be the new Colt version this season? The weapon that kills anything/everything supernatural? Is it blessed? Hmmm, questions and more questions...

The Seven Deadly Sins, in the flesh (well, possessing the flesh more literally). Interesting take on that, and I liked it. Freaked me out when they could manipulate other people just like that, that's freaky. Though I have to admit, pretty damn clever, and how they were all just hanging out inside the bar; perhaps that's what the released demons will be doing this season, since Bobby said that the hunters are becoming the hunted now. Just hanging out in their own version of a Roadhouse, looking for more innocents to destory and create hell on earth while stalking up on ways to take out the hunters as they come okay, I've been overthinking this WAY too much as you can tell, and it's only been an hour since it aired! Should be interesting of what else they'll be facing.

Creating the Devil's trap into the trunk of the car and inside the house? Nicely done! And sending the Seven Deadly Sins right back into Hell, another win.


I think this season's slogan should be "Save Dean Winchester, Save the World". Seems wildly appropriate, no?

Anyone else watch Supernatural in complete darkness, as it should be watched? SO much better when everything's pitch black. Though during commerical break they had repeated flashes of the Jigsaw character from Saw in between some commericals, and it started to freak me out just a little. Until I realized they were preparing to show a preview for Saw IV. Nicely done, network people.
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