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Stay up late, insomniac.

Snagged from altfriday5 because I haven't done one of these in a while, and the theme seems marginally appropriate:

1. Do you ever experience insomnia?
For time to time. Most recently I've been considered a night owl primarily for staying up later than I normally do, which isn't healthy for me. I should know better than to mess with my body's sleep schedule. Gradually, I'm starting to reverse the effect so I have a normal sleep schedule and bedtime. Although it isn't working so great now, as you can tell.

2. If you do, what form does it take? You have trouble falling asleep? You wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep? Something else? If you don't, please take a little nap for me right now and tell me how it felt, instead.
Mine is quite different from others, I think. While most experience insomnia as a symptom of difficulty sleeping, I just choose to not go to bed at an appropriate hour. My bad, I know, I'm trying to rid of this unhealthy habit. Otherwise I sleep well, deeply and do feel refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards, however due to being preoccupied with other things during the night my entire sleep schedule is all out of whack, so even if I tried sleeping earlier my body wouldn't automatically cooperate. During school it was mainly stressing over assignments/papers/essays/etc.

3. Have you ever used herbs, drugs or other medications in order to fall asleep or stay awake?
Whenever I have trouble sleeping or just can't seem to relax properly to sleep, sometimes warm milk tends to help.

4. Whether through insomnia or other circumstances, how does not getting enough sleep impact you, physically and mentally?
Sleep deprivation tends to make me more irritable and aggravated, a bit snippy or perhaps sometimes overly happy or wacky depending on the mood; however I am less coordinated and balanced than normal, which isn't good. Of course, these are all natural reactions towards lack of sleep in anyone and, again, it isn't healthy at all.

5. Can you still function normally when you're short on sleep?
Oh I can function, but not normally as I aforementioned above.
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