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Heroes: "Kindred" Episode Review

The Heroisms: Keep Your Friends Close, Your Enemies Closer

The season continues as Peter, still in Ireland, is preparing for a job he agreed to take in exchange for his past life that's hidden within a box (THE BOX!!). Though while still uncertain about whether he wants to know anything about who he once was, he predicts the actions of a former member of the Irish family gang and after proving himself, becomes an honorary member himself. Japan present time, Ando returns to his old job while waiting for Hiro to return, though gets an unexpected surprise inside the Kensei sword: hidden messages from Hiro from the past, as he explains his mission to his best friend and why he cannot travel back until he fulfills his duties. Hiro, even after convincing Kensei of his true path, does not and cannot go without doing what he thinks he should.

Maya and Alejandro try to find another alternative than walking to get across the border when they try to steal a car. However, Alejandro gets caught and arrested and tells Maya to go ahead without him. But Maya isn't about to leave her brother behind, so she makes the ultimate sacrifice to use her deadly powers to get him out.

Claire Bennet and HRG are secretly stepping around each other, each have their own personal secret lives they live even after promising to be open and honest about who they are. West finally shows Claire what his ability is, though has an unfortunate tale to tell Claire, which leads her to be suspicious of her own father. Meanwhile, Mohinder returns to New York as he has fully registered himself as part of the Company (secretly infiltrating it, of course) and has been issued to be working in Isaac Mendez's old loft as his own research labatory. However, he is underneath heavy survalliance by the Company. Although HRG tells him that he has nothing to worry about, Mohinder discovers one of the paintings in the loft that predicts an unfortunate fate for Mr. Bennet, which shocks the both of them. It appears that Niki will be working with Bob, a.k.a. "Mr. Midas" in helping finding a cure, as she allows Micah to stay with some relatives for a while.

Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away in the middle of no-freaking-where, disguised as Maui, Sylar awakens to a strange woman, once known as Candice who has changed her appearance. She apparently dragged him from Kirby Plaza and saved his life, for a lack of a better term, and patched him up. However he is powerless, and frustrated, and although Candice tries to entice him to team up with her, he has his own obligations and agenda to hold up. Leaving us to wonder what he'll do next....

The Characters: Together We're Family...Aren't We?

Claire Bennet and HRG: I love Claire and all, everyone knows this and nothing will ever change this fact, however if she starts getting reckless all due to some stupid ass boy I will blame it on corny, copout writing for her to have a boyfriend with a special ability. I would be weirded and creeped out by having a strange classmate of mine peeping through my windows, not annoyed or pissed off as she seemed. That whole scene with her yelling at him I was hoping she'd just walk off, but instead they had to do that incredibly corny flying bit. I'm sorry, but this isn't a melodramatic teen saga of girl-meets-boy, especially when the boy is a creepy douchebag who can't keep his flipping mouth shut and wants to exploit her abilities, and his, to the entire world. Besides, Claire is better than that. She deserves better than him. It also seems that my fears are possibily going to come true, that West is going to manipulate her to go against her own father, which should NEVER happen. Claire and Mr. Bennet are the father-daughter team of LOVE, and nobody should dare tear them apart.

Speaking of which, HRG better NOT motherfucking die. I knew once those words of "as long as I'm alive" left his mouth meant bad news. But just because it's in the painting doesn't mean it'll happen, yes? They can prevent the event from happening, right? He just cannot die, he cannot. I literally will have someone Sylar'd if this happens.

Mohinder Suresh. Seriously, how adorable was that scene where Molly jumped into his arms into a bearhug of cuteness? I literally squeed with joy, along with when Matt catches him in the kitchen and they have their little conversation/squabble. However I fear for Mohinder's life expectancy right now, especially while being with the Company and having them watch his every move. I LOVE his storyline this season, teaming up with Bennet, infiltrating the OWI so they can bring it down, being a badass wearing hot suits and being a smartass in the process while taking care of a child on the side, but all of this could have different outcomes. I know that his cover will be blown sooner or later, it's to be expected with joining the high stakes of such a mission. His reaction to Bob's intrusion with his research was spot-on, and I like that he's questioning about their plan to Bennet. Of course, he knew this from the moment he partnered with him, so I'm hoping he steps carefully from now on, especially since both Bob and Matt had mentioned him not getting killed in the process of his new mission. This has me biting my lip in worry. Mo can't die, he's too gorgeous to die.

But Mohinder should be cute with Molly more often, and the M&M&M domestic household should be featured more, and more unexpected alliances with other characters too. The more backup he has the better his life expectancy should be. Of course knowing our lovely Mo, he could just spike someone's drink with curare and be done with it.

Niki and Micah Sanders. They FINALLY appear in an episode, thank goodness. It was devastating to find out that DL had died, although I already knew this prior to the season premiere it's still sad. I liked that Micah wanted to stay in Vegas so he could visit his dad whenever he wanted, although Niki does whatever she can for her son, and what she wants for him is a better, normal life. Though what exactly is she up to, with calling the Company and Bob? What is she trying to cure, the virus? Is she infected? Or does she mean something else, and what do they want in return? Jessica? Gah, although I loved that we finally see Niki I kind of want to know more than what was revealed. Also, the reappearance of Jessica.

Peter Petrelli. It seems that Peter is an entirely different person from who he used to be last season. The memory-loss isn't the issue, it's more of his identification of finding himself a life that he's comfortable with, and I can understand his fear of not wanting to know where he came from or who he used to be. Although if he never takes that chance he'll never know for sure if it's a life he wanted or still wants. Though I have to admit, his storyline is getting slower, and I really wanted to yell at him OPEN THE DAMN BOX YOU FOOL!! Seriously Peter, seriously.

Maya and Alejandro. I am still intrigued with their storyline, and interested at how they're going to get across the border and find Mohinder to cure her. They're fascinating, and I love how dedicated they are to each other. Gotta love the sibling love. They are SO the Simon/River of the Heroes-verse.

West. Nope, still don't like him. All his and Claire scenes were so rushed, and him showing her that he could fly was so stupid. I'm sorry, it was, and suddenly after all that they're all cool? Nuh-uh. The only people who should've flown with Claire was either Peter or Nathan and nobody else dammit. Sorry West dude, you fail at impressing me. You're dismissed.

Hiro Nakamura and Takezo Kensei. Seeing Hiro show Kensei his destiny was sweet. He is so selflessly heroic in his own adorable way, of course now there's his other reason for staying because he wants to keep an eye on things. Especially his lingering attraction towards Yaeko; her description of Kensei, the one underneath the cherry blossoms, was actually Hiro, not the Kensei she knows. I feel horrible for Hiro, never seems to get the girl. Though I liked his methods of getting Kensei to realize his potential about becoming the hero he was destined to become, even though I know it's going to actually be Hiro who is Kensei, not Kensei being the legend he knows. At least I think that's what they're leading us towards, I can't be so positive now. Oh, and I loved Kensei calling Hiro is "conscience" in a sense, which is true. Hiro is that moral compass and does things for the good, and while I do love the companionship between the two I know there's going to be competition.

SYLAR. He is BACK BITCHES, OMGYAYS! Okay, seriously though, the previews misled its loving and adoring viewers, playing with our heads that there would be more Sylar scenes in this episode than the ones we've been seeing since before the frakking premiere. It's nice to know that my predictions were correct about the illusion!tropical setting was Candice's doing, although I still didn't like Candice posing as "Michelle". I've never been fond of Candice in the first place, actually, so different actress or not it wouldn't have changed my mind regardless. I liked that while Sylar was groggy, distracted and confused, he still maintained his level of aggravatedness and badassery. Despite Candice's failing attempts to win Sylar over through illusions of giving him "whatever he desired", all he wanted was power. Something he is without at this moment, and taking hers was his main priority. I liked that; they didn't go out-of-character with him. Him smashing her head, killing and taking her power was FTW for me. Though it makes me wonder whatever happened to him to lose his abilities, and if he'd caught the virus after all. It would make sense, add that to his deteriorating mental state through altering his DNA. There's many possibilities they can go with this, but right now I'm going back and forth with "OMGSYLAR" to "OMG he has no powers, the poor baby!" Heh. I'm twisted and deranged, I know.

The Episode: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

This episode seemed off to me, and I know I'm not the only one that thinks this. I realized it was more of the editing and style that was a major turnoff. The pacing seemed so damn slow that I kept wondering how long an hour really was, because usually I am so enthralled and captured by whatever's happening on screen to not bother thinking about where in the hour it is. The style of editing was entirely different from the normal Heroes kind of episode, the fading into the next scene wasn't exactly effective. Stylish, but not effective throughout the whole episode personally speaking.

Another thing that bothered me was how the scenes were arranged, most were cut incredibly too short when they could've been longer (ex: the M3 household, Niki and Micah, explanation for Claire and West, etc.) Everything seemed too rushed in this episode, and that's what really bugged me. Everything was so scattered throughout I was almost lost in what was happening, first we get Sylar in the very beginning before the opening title scene, and then we don't see him until like thirty minutes later. I don't know, perhaps I'm being too nitpicky but it just didn't feel like the normal Heroes episode, which is quite different and unique from other shows. I felt this tried to be new but just didn't pull it off right.

I'm hoping the next episode will be better, in terms of direction that is. I did, however, like the title matching to the theme of the show, being family. No matter it be of the good kind or bad kind, whatever shape or form, it's all about family.

The Glees and Squees!

++ The House of M (M3, MoMoMatt, M&M&M, whichever works to describe it) is the most adorablest storyline EVER this season, and I will not getting tired of saying so. The scene in the small kitchenett was so perfect to every motherfucking slasher out there, making it seem like they were a married couple without implying a single "married couple" joke once into their conversation. Mohinder's smug comebacks, Matt's concerns for him, and Molly gleefully jumping into Mo's arms into a tender, happy hug? OMG! My heart warmed with the love and adorableness of it all.

++ Mohinder/Molly hug = OMGCUTESQUEE! ♥ ♥ ♥

++ Whatever happened to Peter's memories? They're boxed in cold storage, dude. /random BSG reference

++ "Someone's crouchy when they don't get their sleep." Oh Mohinder, how I love you so.

++ SYLAR! SYLAR! SYLAR! Sylar's temper over not having his abilities anymore. Sylar smashing in Candice's head and killing her. Sylar being all confused about why Candice's illusions were all of different variations of women of "seduction" when clearing, the only thing that seduces him is BRAAAINS! And Mohinder, but that's obvious and why she didn't make herself into Mohinder I don't know. Sylar trying to use his new power, realizing it doesn't work, and wigging the fuck out. Sylar...just, Sylar. That is all.

++ The Sylar/Sylar scene was hi-larious! so he IS a frakking Cylon! I KNEW it!XD

++ I didn't like Candice, however if Sylar had to have a woman living inside his head projecting illusions to his surroundings he should have his own Six copy. How amazingly hot would they be? Sylar and his very own head!Six, now that would be something. I found Candice trying too hard to entice Sylar, whereas we all know the Six models are cold, vicious and hardcore while manipulative, cunning and seductive. the plotbunnies are piling up. Six/Sylar = OTP, behind the Mylar obviously.

++ I did like that that physically showed what Candice really looked like this time, even though I already knew from the graphic novel from several months ago. Heh, and Sylar making fun of her, that was classic. Yay, she's dead! Bye-bye "Betty", a.k.a. "Candice" a.k.a. "Michelle".

++ In the words of keykook16: "I hope that whenever they meet, HRG chops off West's balls!" XD Seriously, he annoys me and it would make me JUMP WITH JOY that he either was killed off, shipped off somewhere or just disappeared forever.

++ Peter, just...look inside the motherfucking box. I don't want anymore NBC commercials going "Find out -- what's inside -- THE BOX!!" Hell, even Dean Winchester is demanding it from the Supernatural premiere last week. Just, out with the box okay? Get back to Nathan, he needs you buddy. And Claire, you have to "save the cheerleader" from the nasty stalkerish boy making a bad influence on your adorable niece this time.

++ OMG DL died? *weeps* No!

++ Observation: Ever notice that the events happening now are almost the same from the alternate future? The Bennets moved the California, just like Future!Claire had mentioned about being in hiding, HRG is working underneath the Company and I suppose if push came to shove he would, if necessary, help others stay under the radar of the OWI while having Mohinder infiltrate it from within (not exactly the same as the Dark Future, but almost). Matt had gotten his promotion, and Sylar has now stolen Candice's power of illusion. Okay, I know the events aren't exactly the same, but pretty similar to what we'd seen. And these are just the little things, too. I find it very interesting.

++ Observation V2: This season we're having less MoVO (Mohinder Voiceovers) than last season, which makes me sad. Usually he would be narrating in the beginning and end of the episode, whereas this time it's only a small fraction of the beginning and never the end. Or possibly not at all. I want my voiceovers, dammit! Mohinder's velvety voice is like porn for me.

++ Speaking of which, it was Adrian Pasdar that did the "previously on Heroes" this time. Huh, interesting, especially since he wasn't in the episode.

++ Awww, Hiro! I LOVED the idea of him writing the notes to Ando through the Kensei sword. So sweet, and incredibly clever. And he misses his father and Ando! Which makes me sad considering what happened to his father. Poor Hiro. Although, I do like that he shaped Kensei up, although it'll go into a different direction obviously. Still, hee.

Overall: It was a good episode. Not entirely great as the previous two were for the reasons already stated, but it was all right. There's many unanswered questions that need answering, and I'm anticipating next week because it deals with Molly's "boogeyman" (unless they're cheating us again, like with the Sylar promo). I love the Mohinder/Molly/Matt living situation (♥!), I love Claire even though she's getting involved with the douchebag parasite West, and hopefully she'll come to her senses and not listen to his words that are poisoning her brain. Hiro is adorable, HRG better not die, not even a little bit, Mohinder also better not die because he is love and vital to the series, and Sylar's return better have something more revealed than what this episode showed. Maya and Alejandro are pretty, and I love their storyline and mysterious yin-yang power. Either way, things are about to get pretty interesting, which is why I love this show.

How long until next Monday again?
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