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Day of Glee!

I shall declare this day the Day of Glee, although technically it was yesterday since most of these things happened then. But that doesn't mean that today still can't be a gleeful day just because all the events happened the day before.

01. Still contemplating and squeeing over last night's Heroes episode, which I may do a speculations and theories later regarding certain storylines and characters. I've been having them swirling around in my head and somehow would like to write them down so they could at least seem semi-coherent without driving me insane which is what this fandom tends to do quite frequently, but in a good way.

02. Teaser-Promo for Battlestar Galactica S4. Holy. Frakking. Shit. This season is going to be an explosive ending to the series. They are really going all out in this one, and I cannot wait to witness it. While it isn't spoilerish, it still leaves you breathless especially the ending. Damn, is it 2008 yet?

03. I actually slept better than I have been lately! Which is a delightful announcement, because my sleep schedule has been all fucked up and now I'm getting myself back on track. Or as close to being normal as I can. Go me!
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