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Intelligence and Imagination

How often do I find someone that’s intelligent, works hard and is headstrong about earning an education as I am right now? Not that often. But today, all of that changed. I have finally met someone that is highly intelligent, job experienced, and well educated, and doesn’t take any bullshit from the immature and disrespectful folk that are there.

I don’t know her that well. We only talked briefly in English class during a discussion (in which we both agreed on the terms of that debate). But after what had happened, I have much respect for her. Much respect.

Earlier today, there were the two – and only the two – obnoxious people in the class at the present time. This girl, the intelligent one, was brilliant in her wording (except when it came to when the Obnoxious Duo were talking about her, then things got heated just a tad), and I loved how she told them off about wanting to graduate and not dealing with immature little whining brats. There were inappropriate words here and there, and finally the girl said her last words and, I repeat, “Well, I am here to get an education. I only have [number of credits] left, and I just want to get my work done and get out of here. And I cannot do that with you’re fucking immaturity, and mindless behavior. I have a life outside of school, and I want to continue it and not be here wasting my time with you illiterate punkass assholes!” After that, she stormed out of the room.

Many people may get the impression that she was being slightly obnoxious herself and going off the deep end, and even the Obnoxious Duo were saying she had major “PMS issues” and were laughing about it. However, I’ve been with people like this most of my life, so I understand her pain and not having the patience to learn while their immature juvenile idiots running amok in a learning environment (she even stated this fact, that school was a learning environment and not a playground).

I admit she might have gone just a tad overboard near the end, but she made a bold decision in speaking out to these people and putting them in their place. When she left I watched after her in awe, because they way she worded her sentences (and how heatedly she spoke to them) was amazing, and something that I could never, ever do. I’ve been told that I have a high tolerance for all the bullshit that happens around me, but that’s because I’ve had years of practice.

God, I admire this girl. Intelligent, an incredible personality as far as I can tell, and she knows her shit. I’ll make note that next time I see her I have to give her props for saying all that she’s said to those people (among others that are exactly the same), and how much I have respect for her. Finally, intelligence shines among the ignorance around me.

Firefly/Serenity news: It seems that the movie is almost done filming. Yay. Some "secret" behind-the-scene production photos.

Just gotta love Inara's attire (and there's Nathan!)

In other news, just recently (as in a few days ago) I was notified that one of my favorite plays is going to become a film.

Proof by David Auburn happens to be a phenomenal story. Exceptionally written and with amazing characters and the story just enthralls you with every page. I first read this play for extra credit in theatre, and I was immediately drawn to the storyline and the characters and the points it was proving. Much like A Beautiful Mind and Pi, this deals with the exact same thing. I definitely recommend this for anyone, and it really doesn't matter if you love math or you extremely loathe it, or cannot even understand it. Proof explains a lot of human interaction, emotions, and everyday dealings with a brilliant mind of someone that can comprehend mathematical problems as if it's their first language.

It's a great read, so pick it up from the library and form your own opinion for it. In my opinion, though, it's an extraordinary book with amazing storytelling, great characters you can grow emotionally attatched to, and a thought-provoking issue that is just mind-boggling.

It is now late, and I am tired, so I must get gone to sleep now. Or I'm going to fall asleep on the keyboard.

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