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Software doesn't have feelings.

Bionic Woman 1.03 "Sisterhood"

Firstly, yay for tons of shots/scenes with Katee! She plays Sarah Corvus beautifully, in my opinion. A mixture of things where you question her motives. Is she redeemable? Is she evil? Does she really want help from whatever it is she's becoming? It's a mindtrip with this character, she convinces you one minute of salvation then turns badass!evil the next. Really complex, and I like that. Plus it's Katee for goodness sakes, how could I not love her in this kind of a role?

This episode touched the sentimental side of things, being family or more importantly the "sisterhood" between women and young girls. We see the connections with Jamie and her sister, even chaperoning that Heaven girl around and dutifully impressing/scaring her into shape from her nasty behavior. Then there's the connection between Jamie and Sarah Corvus, which I personally really enjoyed seeing. I kind of knew that Sarah and Jamie were going to be rivals, but having their interactions become personal really adds to their animosity towards one another. Though I do believe that Jamie will help out Sarah, because both being bionic, Sarah first and becoming worse, she knows more about what could happen to Jamie if the advanced technology fails or malfunctions. There could be a chance that Jamie could end up like Sarah, thus more experimentationn and life-threatening situations ensuing. Sarah is right, they do need each other, and even though Jamie dislikes her she understands the pain and hurt she's feeling. So they are crutches to one another, something I liked seeing in this episode. Sarah invading Jamie's life, but Jamie had the conscience and reasoning to make her back off, stop her from letting the machine part taking over and becoming destructive. I'm looking forward to more exploration between these two, it's amazing chemistry to see. And their dialogue was SO much fun, seriously some great quotes from this episode, especially Sarah's comment in the end about knowing the dramatics of the situation even without emotions. Hee.

Meanwhile, I do like the questioning of boundaries and crossing the line between what is acceptable versus what is objectifying to creating the bionics within someone. I remember in the previous episode one of the lab people mentioned about what Jamie had done to his "ear"; so basically half of her body is their property. They own her, therefore can do whatever they want to with her because she's carrying whatever else they implanted inside of her body. Though it is cool that both Sarah and Jamie can control what has been implanted inside of them simply by thinking, like changing the programming at their will, making them truly almost invincible.

The fighting scenes will never not get old. I love watching training/workout/fighting sequences, not only are they entertaining to watch but because I also love doing them myself and if I could get my own personal trainer like Jae? Yeah.

They also played "Breakin' Dishes" by Rihanna! I love that song, simply perfect for this kind of a show too.

Overall, I am really starting to think this is another fandom obsession that I'm beginning to love more and more as the episodes continue. Surely they still have some development on certain things but so far, so good as far as I'm concerned.

House M.D. 4.03 "97 Seconds"

Heh, I liked that they nicknamed the bitchy!blonde chick "cutthroat bitch", which fits the character perfectly. It's no secret that I despise her, simply because she tries too hard to impress House and the men in general. She tries to dismiss anything/everything from the competition and will do whatever, including cheating on their assignments, in order to win the position to be on House's team. In a way I can understand wanting to impress House because he isn't like most doctors when choosing a team (or in general, honestly speaking), though because of what she's doing in order to achieve her personal goal is stupid and irritating. Ugh. I would be so freaking pissed if he chooses her based on that, and the fact that he only hires those he's annoyed with. Although I DO know who gets hired by House, a spoilerish tidbit I read some while ago and I have to say I am VERY pleased with the outcome.

Meanwhile, it seems that Foreman's new job position isn't going over too well either, considering he's purposefully trying to NOT become House, apologizing to his assistents for sudden outbursts, and then is fired by his boss for taking chances. This is something House thrives on, without taking chances people die. So yeah, even if he wants to deny it Foreman IS House by following those exact guidelines. It was interesting to see the two cases, House's and Foreman's, intersecting themselves throughout the episode, both with unexpected outcomes.

In terms of House trying out the outlet experiment, it was stupid yes but knowing House he wouldn't do something without a reasoning behind it. It might not be logical to others but to him it was something he had to do to understand what the patient had intended to do. So, did he see God? An afterlife of some kind? Sense the light? One can only speculate until the next episode. Oh, and highlight of that scene? House said "I love you" to Wilson! Awww! House/Wilson = OTP!!

I like candidate #13. She made a mistake, it happens, and this is why House isn't firing her. Making mistakes enables us to be human rather than God-figures, which I think most people tend to generalize those in such occupations like doctors (something's wrong the doctors HAVE to know what is wrong and HAVE to make it better).

Cuddy and Wilson are awesome, as always. ♥ ♥ ♥

Though, I have to admit I started to like Cameron, which is immensely shocking to me. Perhaps it's because she isn't working underneath House's wing anymore or perhaps she dyed her hair blonde or whatever, but she seems to have a snarky backbone this season. Different from the annoyingness she had from the previous seasons. Although I disliked that she helped the "cutthoat bitch" out with the medical case, along with Chase. But that I partially blame on "cutthroat bitch" because she's trying to gain herself the position without following protocol.

HEE, House did a "Survivor" parody, complete with burners for the torches and wearing a bandana! Ha! That was freaking hilarious and totally awesome.

Next week's episode: WTFHUH?! The Patient of the Week sees dead people! Creeepy, but fascinating.

In case anyone else hasn't already seen these, Zachary Quinto photo scans from TVGuide, which are incredibly hot. He's totally using his "Sylar look" in the second picture, which makes me go "guh!" every time. Seriously. Also, a brand new picture/scan of Sylar in the ever-so infamous black wifebeater; it's semi-spoilerish for the plotline of future episodes, so look at your own risk. While I do remain spoilerfree for this fandom in general I was accidentally spoiled when someone posted the image on my FList the other day un-ljcutted. I would've been pissed but it was a pleasant surprise and makes me anticipate Monday even more now.

Speaking of which, I have many theories, ideas and speculations about this season of Heroes, and may just have them written by this weekend because whoa! My brain is getting fried with all these possibilities.
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