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SPN: "The Kids Are Alright" Episode Review

Kind of a progression from the last episode, and yay for continuing with the evil folklore demons. I did like the changelings plot, and there's something about creepy, scary children that appeal to me in horror stories. Although admittingly they could've been just a tad more sinister, something about kids looking at you and being overly nice is just damned unsettling, not to mention the imagery of seeing the real demon behind the child mask through reflections. But it doesn't top the "sloth" corpses from the premiere episode.

I may be in the minority here, but I think Dean's behavior this season is quite in character for someone in his situation. Granted, most of us want him to find an alternative route to save his own skin despite the risks, but I like seeing him happy and enjoying life, doing things. Okay, so hooking up with chicks isn't exactly the kind of thing he should be investing all of his time with, I would like him to go spontaneously gamble or do something wild for a change, even if it's out-there or mundane. But heh, it's Dean, he'll always be a horn-dog. I know there are people out there that aren't thrilled with his characterization so far but I think it's entirely acceptable considering all that's he's been through and the done deal that can't be reversed (or so we think). I mean, if anyone had at least one year to live wouldn't you have expected them to live it up while they could? That's precisely what Dean is doing; he knows the consequences if he tries to find an out so he doesn't risk that chance. Although yeah, it may seem hypocritical of his actions but seriously, the Winchester boys have to stay together. He brought Sam back from the dead, has one year life expectancy himself from the deal and now Sam is trying to save his life. It all comes full-circle, even though Dean doesn't want him too Sam will find a way.

Here's another unpopular opinion: I actually am liking Ruby. After the reveal of her being a demon I think her points on my Character I Could Potentially End Up Liking This Season radar moved up a few notches. Surely I was suspicious from her conversation with Sam in the diner, her snotty attitude kind of threw me back, but I think the revelation of her true identity justified it more than if she were just a regular human being. I'm not sure if that makes any sort of sense, but I find more accepting this way since we know demons can be self-righteous smartasses in their own right.

Don't get me wrong, I still want Jo back. But it's not wrong to like Ruby and not discard my love for Jo. Besides, they're both on different levels anyway, with Ruby having a little bit of demon!Meg fierceness who actually is actively helping Sam. For whatever reasons we don't know, but obviously there's some other motivation behind it. Though I do find the storyline of a demon becoming a hunter fascinating, unless it's a trick for Sam to figure out who he REALLY is, and what happened to him and why he's so damned special. See? This season is SO going to be about Sam now, which is another reason why I love Dean getting a break from the angsting of last season. Sam needs to do some searching himself, about himself along with saving Dean's life, which Ruby is willing to compromise with by allowing her help him and vice versa.

Another thing about the Ruby business, it makes sense that she would be a demon because she knows a hell of a lot of information that other hunters couldn't possibly have known, even if they'd done hardcore research into the Winchester history. It also seems that our little Sammy is well-known in the demon world, the YED's prodigy of sorts, which is all kinds of interesting stuff.

Hee, I liked mini!Dean, even though he was having himself a smartmouth despite being only eight years old. I wonder if his mother knows about his behavior, because she seemed so shocked when he beat up the other kid. I'm sort of sad but relieved at the same time that he wasn't Dean son, because while Dean does want a normal kind of life he knows he'll never have one. Not ever, with or without the deal having been made. But it was nice of him to consider such a thing.

This episode was a good one overall. Next week's preview left kind of a vague feeling, because it didn't really give much into the clips they showed. I guess I'll have to see. But, um, could we have Bobby back into the scene, please? I love his interaction with the Winchesters and he ROCKS dude. Seriously, totally feeling the Bobby love.

Also, GIP. I honestly don't know why, but this particular scene/quote from the episode cracked me up and slightly won me over to her character. The sarcasticness, and fits right into fandom because really, isn't it sometimes like deep-fried crack? I rest my case.
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