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Life, or something like it.

So, things have been quite hectic here lately. Okay, not exactly "hectic" like running around frantically, multitasking and driving myself and others around me insane like some are assuming. But I've been mostly preoccupied with many things. When it isn't fandom-related I've been busy trying to accomplish certain tasks and deeds that I've promised myself I would do before this year is over, and that includes major decision-making concerning job occupations and school opportunities. There are some life-altering decisions I'm making that could end up going one way or another, and I'm seriously at a crossroads with them. Oy, hello real life.

In the fandom world, I've realized there's too many fandoms to keep track of. So far the newest ones on my list are Bionic Woman, Pushing Daisies, Gossip Girl and Private Practice. But due to overlapping hours (and a somewhat preoccupied brain) the only show I've seen all episodes of so far is Bionic Woman. I'm behind on the others, although I must admit I'm not a spoilerphobic to those other shows; it's only Heroes that I greatly avoid spoilers for.

I've been kind of feeling underwhelmed most of the day, and slightly "in the dumps" shall we say. However, there are some new NAMIE AMURO pictures out that cheered me up! She hasn't had anything new out for some time, mainly because she's been on her tour which doesn't end until December I swear if she ever travels anywhere in the States or even close enough, I WILL get tickets to see her live even if I have to sell my soul to do so.

Otherwise, I'll be contemplating my theories for Heroes as I said I would. Because I know there's many people either confused or befuddled about what's happening thus far into the series, and I would like to add my thoughts into that speculation pile. That, and there's nothing better than wasting time talking about the show in general.

Oh, and for the record: I hate MegaUpload with a passion. Ugh.
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