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14 October 2007 @ 04:53 pm
Heroes: S2 Character Storyline Theories  
I've managed to keep myself away from spoilers aside from the previews and casting choices for this season of Heroes. I do know there are people that know what's to come in the future but I would like to present my own speculations and theories regardng what I expect/want to happen this season, including some examination into some character storylines as well. Nothing further than 2.03 "Kindred" and the preview for this Monday's episode.

Peter Petrelli versus The Box

I actually talked briefly with morbidmuse about Peter and the opening of the box issue and she sort of made me think about something. My first impressions at the time of watching the current three episodes I was kind of getting restless with Peter's storyline and thought that him refusing to open the box was a copout from what the previews showed. But given the evidence of the memory loss and him arriving at the doorstep of these Irish folks and, eventually, becoming part of their family, it's understandable that he didn't want to open it. Sure, it might give him a chance to see who he used to be but as Caitlin had said to him, if he was comfortable with where he was and didn't want to know about what he used to be, then he didn't need to know right away. As an audience, we know who Peter Petrelli is, his family and those he's connected with -- but imagine being in his shoes. Scared, alone, and in the midst of not being able to remember anything he met up with some pretty decent people. I mean, it could've gone in a completely different direction with these people; they don't know who he is or where the hell his abilities came from but they accepted him anyway, from his loyalty even after only knowing him for a short time. That seems like a pretty sweet deal if you consider what might've happened if he was in a different situation altogether. This also gives Peter a chance to grow as a character, perhaps become more in control of his powers which would somewhat resemble the dark!Peter from the alternate future.

Regarding the box itself, Ricky had mentioned that inside that box was everything Peter had on him when they found him. Automatically we think of the obvious, being a wallet, picture ID, perhaps some personal items. But this doesn't guarantee that it'll trigger his memories back or if they'll mean anything to him now if he doesn't remember anything at all. Besides, I don't think that's all they found on him. It could be something else, considering it's been four months since he exploded in the sky. What happened in between that time, did he meet someone or was involved with something? It's a mystery, especially since Peter has the Godsend necklace instead of the Haitian.

I do think Peter was involved with something after the explosion, something that could've ended badly or he discovered something he shouldn't have, hence his memories being erased. Some have speculated that it was the explosion that caused him to lose his memories, but remember that future!Peter exploded yet it didn't affect him, plus that would've explain how he'd gotten chained inside the metal box. While I do think Peter's storyline should pick up in these upcoming episodes, it's going to be interesting how it all unravels before our eyes. This show is filled with possibilities, there might be a chance we've already met (or are going to meet) characters that already know of Peter's situation and/or are responsible for his disappearance and memory loss. At least, this is what I'm speculating at this moment.

The Bennet Family versus Creeptastic West

I've never completely trusted or liked West from the beginning, and I still hold firmly that he isn't all what he appears to be either, and I also don't think that him meeting Claire wasn't coincidental. It seems pretty odd that he would be lingering about her constantly, and I'm not just talking about peeping through her bedroom window and stalking around her house. There are several incidents that make me believe there's a larger picture that he's a part of, which makes me think he's working for the Company or is their eyes and ears to get inside the Bennet family. He's been ordered to not only keep a close eye on Claire, study her use of abilities or perhaps make her admit that she is "different" from other people something I strongly disliked about that particular scene aside from the cheesy flying, but he's also trying to manipulate her into going against her father.

Thinking about it, it actually makes sense considering what's possibly going to happen based on the predicted eight-of-eight painting, especially since Claire and Mr. Bennet are secretly dancing around each other with their own agendas. Getting Claire to go against her father, becoming rebellious against her father's wishes to stay hidden, which will eventually turn into hunt for HRG while he tries to prevent her from being caught by the Company, however it'll turn against him and that'll possibly seal his fate as the painting predicts. This is why we see two individuals in the background of HRG's body kissing or embracing, one is a blonde in a blue cheerleading uniform while the other is a dark figure, unknown. We know that Claire returns back to her cheerleading roots this season, something I am happy about, however if that painting is true that Claire is hugging/kissing West, then I seriously don't want this possible future to happen. It must be prevented at ALL COSTS, because HRG is too awesome to die. Also, Claire isn't stupid to distrust her own father who has protected her all her life over some lameass stalkerish boy she just met. She knows better than that, and hopefully the writers know this as well. I know it must be difficult for her to pretend to be someone she isn't, but she has to look at her situation from the outside for a change. She knows the dangers, she knows the consequences, and she knows what'll happen if anythng happens to her father or her family.

Besides, I think West is either faking the whole Company mark or has been made to believe that the man with the "horn-rimmed glasses" is actually out for him, which makes Claire become suspicious of her own father. Of course, doesn't Claire already know what he'd done prior to leaving that business altogether, and doesn't she know that it was for her own safety too? That ending scene of "Kindred" was intense and struck me as Claire suddenly realizing what her father had done, when really she did. Perhaps not all the details but remember everything that happened in "Company Man", most things were revealed with Matt and Ted confronted HRG about what'd happened to them.

In short, West is evil, HRG better not die, and Claire better smarten up and realize that not everyone with abilities are going to be nice or charming, and that sometimes they DO have alternative motives.

House of M3: Mohinder, Molly and Matt

Perhaps the cutest, most adorable family unit this season that never fails to make me squee with joy. Although, suffice to say, judging from Molly's nightmares about the "boogeyman" that can see her, Matt's involvement in the case surrounding the mysterious attacks on the Group of Twelve which could ultimately lead to this "boogeyman", potentially leading to some dangerous situations. Most of all, Mohinder's risky operation of infiltrating the Company to take it down from within, especially if they're monitoring him more closely now. With these threatening to endanger all of them, I fear the potential breakup of this adorable domestic family. Eventually something will happen, I know this because this is the Heroesverse and something must occur in order for the storyline to progress. I just don't want anyone from this family to die, which has been my biggest fear since the beginning of the season.

My biggest worry, however, is for Mohinder. I love his double agent storyline and I love how much his character has progressed and developed from last season, in terms of leaving behind the ghost of his father and following in his footsteps and coming into his own person and developing a family of his own without a "heart of stone". Though while infiltrating the Company is the most kickass plan, they will eventually find him out one way or another, if they don't already do. Mohinder is smart, though the Company has mysterious ways of knowing things (i.e. like how Bob knew about his living arrangement with Molly and Matt, for instance). They've been keeping tabs on him if they had someone following him around while on those world tours, even if it were a ruse to attract the Company's attention. But it's more than just that, it's the repeated death warnings that have me worried.

"Make sure you don't get yourself killed." is what Bob mentions to Mohinder when he assigns him his first assignment, then Matt says, "You wanna help Molly? Don't die on her." and shortly after that Mohinder says to Molly as they hug, "And I'm never leaving again." Three strikes, all flashing bright red signals of worry, and only three episodes in.

First of all, Mohinder simply cannot die, he's too gorgerously pretty to die. Besides, his character is vital to the story and also, his blood happens to be the cure for the virus therefore, even if the Company finds him out I don't think they would outright kill him. Hurt him, yes. But kill? No way. They need his antibodies to cure those infected with the virus that may potentially spreading. They are keeping him underneath close watch after what happened with the Haitian, so hopefully Mohinder will tread more carefully, and that means no more making phone calls from the new labatory seriously sweetie, if you think that the plan wasn't a good idea why risk that chance? Again, the Company remains a mysterious force that has multiple people working under their name, and I just hope that Mohinder and HRG can outsmart them at their own game, even if they may face obstacles.

Which brings me to another Red Flag Alert: "As long as I'm alive, you'll be taken care of." HRG says this to Mohinder over the phone, reassuring that their plan will pull through. But as we'd seen with the painting, that cannot be reassured because it is predicted that HRG will die sometime in the future and if that cannot be prevented, then Lord knows what'll happen to Mohinder. Of course, what does HRG mean that he'll be taken care of? Aside from phone calls, does HRG have more allies on their side besides the Haitian? He seemed very sure of himself that Mohinder will be taken care of, and knowing him he does have something else on the side if something goes wrong. He does know the Company's tricks since he used to work for them, so I have hope that they aren't alone in this.

Also judging from the preview for "The Kindness of Strangers" we're going to be exploring more into Molly's nightmares. At first I thought the painting Mohinder would find would show something happening to Molly (since the description did say "Suresh fears the death of someone close to him after finding one of the paintings", and Molly is surely incredibly close to him, only to discover it's actually HRG); although while that was proven false I have to wonder if Molly isn't too far from being in danger, aside from the "boogeyman". The Company knows where she is and who's taking care of her, and if anything happens to go wrong -- they find out Mohinder is working with Bennet, for instance -- they will have no trouble interrupting their family situation and take her away, because ultimately they still consider her "their" tracking system. I don't want anything horrible to happen to Molly either, but she is the only thing keeping them together since both Mohinder and Matt love her like their own daughter and want to keep her safe. So they better keep them together or at least alive for a good long time, even if they have to be on the move from potential threats or danger.

I also kind of want to see more interaction in the House of M3 because, really, the concept is so freaking adorable. And the scene in "Kindred", while cute, was too damn short. I just want to see how their household works, that's all. Otherwise I'll have to resort to reading the fantastic pieces of fanfiction I've come across to get my domestic family fix.

The Death of DL

Here is my wild theory regarding DL: I don't think he's quite dead. Everyone has speculated since the last episode that, where Niki was calling Bob from, she was inside a hospital and someone in the background awfully resembled DL. Of course, this could be a coincidence, but why would she be inside a hospital? I can understand sending Micah off to live with relatives, especially if she's going to be doing some tasks that might not be approved of her little boy. Though I just hope that Jessica is hiding somewhere inside of her, that or Jessica/Niki are working for someone to also take down the Company, because that would make sense.

Returning back to DL, if he is in fact gone indefinitely then I have a theory concerning that as well. I don't think he died from the events of the finale. He took only one bullet from Linderman whereas Matt had several bullets shot back at him from Sylar, Matt was in relatively horrible condition while DL still stood standing. So I think DL didn't die from the bullet, but I tend to think he'd gotten the virus. It makes even more sense since Niki is calling to the Company asking if she could be cured, fearing that she may have the virus too (or thinking that Jessica might be something in effect of the virus or something or other). That could be interesting, and it would certainly justify DL's death more than what we'd seen.

I have more to discuss/theorize about, mainly about Peter/Sylar and the Older Generation of Heroes, however that'll take up MUCH more time writing out and there's loads to say. So I figure I'd save that for another time, or at least until after Monday night because Lord knows there'll be lots of contemplating after that. Yes, Heroes has taken over my braaaiin!
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Beth, just Beth: a very long engagement// lovesecondstar on October 15th, 2007 12:10 am (UTC)
i actually liked that peter didn't open the box and didn't really feel the need to!
but i am definitely interested in why he is wearing that necklace and if it was the hatian that took his memory away
Renéerogueslayer452 on October 15th, 2007 12:28 am (UTC)
I guess most fans, myself included, wanted him to open the box, regain his memories back and return to his old life, back hom to Nathan. Though realistically, that cannot happen. Peter's in a different place now, and it's time for his character to go through major changes, to evolve in a different direction and perspective. Then, afterwards, he can return home.

Yeah, the necklace mystery is something I would like answers to. That and when he'd gotten the Irish tattoo it'd disappeared, and as it dissolved the final image was of the Godsend symbol. Obviously there's a connection.
cadence_k on October 15th, 2007 12:53 am (UTC)
1) I want Peter to open the box so much! And, on the other hand, I am kinda enjoying seeing how he interacts with this new group. Nathan is going to be SOOOOO jealous when he finds out that Peter has a new "family," though! :)

2) HRG better not die!

3) Same with Mohinder!

4) I am so sad that DL is dead. Also, I want more Niki!

Very interesting thoughts! Sorry I don't have anything more substantial to contribute. I've been working all day and my brain is shot :)
Renéerogueslayer452 on October 15th, 2007 01:09 am (UTC)
1. Dude, Nathan is going to be so freaking heartbroken, like whoa. There he is in NYC, getting drunk and brooding, living in his brother's apartment and wearing his clothes. While Peter is shacking up in Ireland, investing in a new family and getting a new girlfriend. Woe. Though from the preview of next week, Nathan seems to be getting more proactive especially with what happened with Mama Petrelli, so that's an improvement step for him.

2&3. HRG is made of awesome, and is too awesomely badass to be killed off the show. Mohinder as well, not only because he's pretty but because he's entirely invested in the main storylines now. Double Agent Suresh better live, or there'll be hell to pay!

4. More Niki please, I agree! We only saw partial of her in the last episode, and it wasn't enough.

Aww, don't worry about it, I completely understand. I'm just glad you popped by and read my cracked out theories and thoughts! :D
jirucloud on October 15th, 2007 01:20 am (UTC)
oh, I was wondering where the necklace came from! That would make sense that the Haitian took his memory... but why? Something with Bennet and his little organisation? maybe?

maybe a page from Mr. Suresh's book is in there too ^.^


Claire, ftw? She better not... also, what the f is up with everyone knowing what those glasses are called??? >.> I'd be like 'these weird-looking glasses...' lol... I guess thats why I'm not in Heroes...


lol, M3... I think that the whole molly's dream thing is a lot like frodo with the ring (is that lame???) lol, it really reminds me of that when I see it, but I think she just needs to get a clear drawing of this guy so that the others can use it... also, whats up with Matt not knowing the symbol? And when did Peter steal his ability? *flails* Yeah, there have been a lot of death things... I'm especially worried for HRG... he's so gonna die, though for some reason I feel like the person Claire's with in the picture isn't West? like, if it were West it would be more clear... or maybe its not clear so HRG won't immediately recognize him when his Claire-bear starts going on trips to 'study sea creatures' with him >.>

Mohinder better not die... but with his blood... I have a feeling like that was what may have killed his sister somehow... maybe I'm totally off on this one, but I think Mohinder had something to do (accidentally, of course) with his sister's death... would explain his fathers attitude towards him, too... maybe?


lol, maybe! Somehow there whole storyline never really clicked for me... but! My father told me something interesting the other day... the woman who is taking care of Micah now... is the woman who played Uhura from Star Trek (just like Sulu/ Mr. Nakamura!) fun fact for today ^.^v

Yay older generation and Sylar thoughts!!! Nakamura is not dead!!!! right? T.T lol! yay tomorrow!
Renée: Ruby. Deep-fried crack.rogueslayer452 on October 15th, 2007 01:50 am (UTC)
The necklace and why his memory was taken from him are the biggest mysteries with Peter right now, as far as I'm concerned. With his newfound "family" in Ireland perhaps they can help him regain some of that knowledge back, however that happens. I don't know if it's Bennet or the Company or whatever, but something is behind Peter being shipped to Ireland without his memories. He probably knew something, and I'm guessing that something might be connected to the Older Generation....

Everyone refers to his glasses like that because that's what they are, horn-rimmed. Although why would West refer to him as the man with "horn-rimmed glasses" when he couldn't even pronounce Chandra Suresh's name from the book, I don't know. Oh right, because West is stupid.

Actually, you're not far off when connecting Molly's dreams with the "boogeyman" being similar to Frodo and the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings. Very spooky stuff. Most of the characters aren't realizing what the symbol means until very recently, unlike the audience were it was mysteriously in the background of things all last season. Now it's becoming a very distinguishable sign, so it would make sense that Matt wouldn't understand what the symbol means, even if Ando did tell him it meant "Godsend". It doesn't make sense and there's no clear path to the organization and Molly's dreams, not yet anyway.

Peter absorbed Matt's abilities directly after "Homecoming", remember? He and Audrey were interrogating him and they had their mind!melding experience, both reading each other's minds at the same time.

Nah, Mohinder's blood didn't kill his sister. They didn't even realize that Mohinder's blood produced the antibodies that could've saved Shanti until it was too late. That's why his father had mostly been distant from Mohinder and focused on discovering the genetic codes of those with other Special genes. It wasn't until Molly becoming sick that Mohinder had figured it out himself that his blood held the cure for those with the mysterious virus.

Yeah, they're having plenty of Star Trek guest-stars on Heroes now. Which is kind of ironic because now Zachary Quinto is going to be playing Spock in the newest film. Tim Kring and Co. are such geeks. XD

Yay! Looking forward to tomorrow! :D
jirucloud on October 16th, 2007 03:07 pm (UTC)
lol! You remember so much more than me! *spins* lol!

hmm... I still hope that theres some deeper sister connection with Mohinder though... I'm so mean! lolol, poor Mohinder!

and yes, West is stupid... and such a bad actor x.x or is that his character being a double agent? lol!

aww! they are! ^.^

tee! I'm off to read your post now! ♥ oh!!! and

Renéerogueslayer452 on October 16th, 2007 04:26 pm (UTC)
Hee! Well, I admit after getting the Heroes DVDs I've been addicted to watching the episodes several times now. It's so addicting, man this show just captivates me. I'm so obsessed at this moment! XD

You're probably right though, about a deeper connection, maybe something we're not seeing. But either that'll be explored or what we know is what we know. So, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

I do think West is working for some bad people, his questions about Claire are very suspicious to me

Thanks for the birthday wishes, again! Makes me feel all special. :D ♥ ♥ ♥
helio, helium girl: (t/)heliotitans on October 15th, 2007 01:58 pm (UTC)
i don't want to read spoiler and so about Heroes, so i only will say that i only read the 'out of the cut' of this entry, and the Save the cheerleader from the creepy stalkerish boy, save the world. line, is so great!!!
Renée: Ruby. Deep-fried crack.rogueslayer452 on October 15th, 2007 04:22 pm (UTC)
Nothing I've written is particularly spoilerish per se, because I am also very avoidant of spoilers myself concerning S2 in general. These are just my own theories of what's been happening so far, but it's your choice to not look at them. I can understand the rationalizing that theories = spoilers in some people's eyes.

Heh, thanks. I despise West and that line fits so perfectly, because Claire must be saved from him! He's bad news.
helio, helium girl: (eh)heliotitans on October 19th, 2007 01:16 pm (UTC)
i know that theories aren't spoilers, but reading theories make me wanna find spoilers, that's my problem :P
amanda: [heroes] petrelli: being awesomemorbidmuse on October 16th, 2007 12:33 am (UTC)
Whoa, shout out to our discussions. I feel special now. :D You obviously already know about my love for Peter's storyline so I won't bother going over that stuff again.

HRG cannot die!

Mohinder simply cannot die, he's too gorgerously pretty to die
I love that logic. I hope it proves to be enough. Because, yeah, three strikes is kind of mounting evidence of fear. But... but... the House of M is too cute to end!

I hadn't thought about that for DL but it makes total sense. I think him dying of the virus would make a lot more sense. Go you!
Renée: Mohinder/Molly. HugSquee!rogueslayer452 on October 16th, 2007 01:25 am (UTC)
Hee, well you did make me think about it for a while, and it does make sense. I mean, honestly, the box issue bothers some people because we know who Peter he...but he doesn't know who he is. It'll be nice watching Peter rediscover himself from a different aspect, and I have some nice theories about that too.

If they kill HRG or Mohinder off, Kring will have some s'plainin' to do watch me as I spike his coffee with curare. Seriously, I can't imagine the show without them.

House of M3 IS too adorable to end. I mean really, setting up such a cute concept is probably the highlight of the season for me so far. I can't stop squeeing about it. Hell, I've rewatched the kitchen scene from "Kindred" over and over because I loved the interaction between Molly's two daddies. Hee! That, and the affectionate hug between Molly and Mohinder = OMG so cute!

DL dying from the virus would make sense, because on his tombstone it did say he died in 2007 when the showdown at Kirby Plaza was set in November of 2006. Either that, or they screwed up.
Elisebehrbemine on October 16th, 2007 07:40 am (UTC)
I need to get caught up on my TV shows that are taped in a stack beside me so I can read your thoughtful reviews and speculations. More and more potential shows keep popping up on Monday nights, but I just cannot let go of 'Heroes', and choose it every time.

Anyway, it's past midnight here. Officially the 16th, and I wanted to be one of the first to wish you a Happy Birthday, darling! *big, BIG hugs* I hope you have the best day ever.

Renée: Mohinder/Molly. HugSquee!rogueslayer452 on October 16th, 2007 08:02 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! It feels awfully weird, turning 21. Suddenly everyone is asking you about bars, gambling and legally drinking. Heh. Anyway, I will certainly have an amazing time. ♥

Heroes has practically taken over my brain, as if you couldn't already tell. I've been so obsessed with this show like you wouldn't believe, and I'm not quite sure if it's healthy. But hey, a girl's gotta have her fandoms to obsess over. And yes, you should get caught up. I would like to hear your thoughts so we can converse about it together. :D

Lots of love, sweetie. ♥