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16 October 2007 @ 03:37 am
Heroes: "The Kindness of Strangers" Episode Review  

The Heroisms: Taking One Step Closer, That One Giant Leap Forward

Mohinder and Matt are desperately trying to figure out how to deal with Molly's increasing nightmares about the "boogeyman" that can see her in her dreams, however a new revelation is revealed once Matt and Nathan converse about the Group of Twelve of the Original Heroes. Matt uses this opportunity to figure out who the murderer is, but something goes utterly wrong as a result. Angela Petrelli confesses to the murder of Kaito Nakamura, but it's all about protecting the actual one who committed it, and even Nathan couldn't reach her but finds out more than he'd bargained for as he tries to get everything straightened out with his own life. Meanwhile in California, Claire and HRG are still dancing around each other, lying about their secret lives; HRG becomes suspicious about Claire's private affairs while Claire desperately seeks for acceptance in her strangely abnormal life with another just like herself.

Maya and Alejandro are traveling with their car-hijacking pal Derek when they come across the weakened and lost Sylar, and each discover something to look forward to as they continue their journey to America, and Sylar surely has some schemes up his sleeve by leading him to New York and towards Doctor Suresh omg he wants to get back to his boyfriend, hee. In New Orleans, Micah is adjusting to living with his cousins and we meet his older cousin Monica, who happens to have a very special ability of her own.

Thus the plot begins to thicken, bringing this season into a kickass reveal of the "generations" of heroes, their connections and everyone else's involvement in the bigger picture.

The Characters: When You Think You Know Someone

Claire & HRG: Oh Claire, why are you doing this? Seriously. Though, I should be asking the motherfrakking writers whatever crack they're smoking because their ideas for the Claire/West storyline aren't very compelling. We've already been down this road, Claire being conflicted between two different lives and the whole trust issue between her family. Just because she met a boy shouldn't make her clueless or dense with the real situation -- at first I thought she was going to admit to West that the man with horn-rimmed glasses is actually her father, and try to explain their living situation and those after them. Perhaps getting West to understand things from her perspective. But they've completely reversed the Bennet story and gone right back to where they started. Now, I love HRG and all but perhaps hiding out and pretending to be a normal family wasn't the greatest idea ever, but I still love him for being protective and loving Claire. Even if she's being stubborn and, I hate to admit it, pretty selfish at the moment. She knows of the dangers that still lurk out there, she knows about the Company and others that are hunting them, and yet is willing to risk everything her father has ever done for her for a freaking boy. I guess this is true of what they say: when you like someone you don't see their flaws or the irrationality of your actions until an outsider points them out to you.

Although I am not thoroughly convinced that Claire likes him. She's been annoyed with him from the premiere and then suddenly whoosh! He takes her flying and automatically they're all smoochies. Sorry, ain't buying that. I REALLY hope that Claire straightens up her act or at least realizes that something isn't right and should retreat back to her family. Speaking of which, HRG still rocks and I don't want him to die. I also don't want him and Claire lying to each other anymore; it's the song and dance that's been done and they should be moving on from that.

West: Should just die in a puddle of his own piss. Seriously, stop manipulating Claire and stop being so freaking desperate for her to be your girlfriend. Start with being friends first, if that's possible. Otherwise the chemistry? It's not there. Also, you're a creepy, evil bastard. Go away and stop destroying the Bennet family.

Mohinder Suresh: Brilliant, absolutely wonderful screentime for him this episode. More interaction with Matt and Molly and their domestic homelife, just what I needed and is precisely what I was looking forward to this episode. First of all him singing Molly a lullaby in Hindi (♥!!!!), being loving/caring/compassionate towards her, not to mention being the complete rational one when Matt was planning on using Molly to find someone. That was pure protective!Mohinder right there, and him rolling his eyes as soon as he realized what Matt was planning to do was just amazing. Mohinder's attitude was perfect, his squabble and disagreements with Matt were so fierce and intense which has me thinking that while yes Mohinder is clearly the "mother" figure of this family, he's also the dominating one when it comes to these sorts of things (i.e. rational versus irrational decision-making). They're looking after Molly, not using her for her abilities, and him becoming annoyed with Matt just then was simply awesome. I like seeing Mohinder like this, and him admitting to his "daddy issues" with such confidence was another FTW moment for him; his face twisted into all-seriousness, whoa. Love it. Intense!Mohinder is just hot, and that's what I loved about this episode with him.

Matt Parkman: I've liked Matt, but I think he kind of went too far this time regarding using Molly's abilities. He's a freaking detective now, shouldn't he have been able to find out where his father lived using the old-fashioned investigating way? I know that having your own personal GPS at home is easier and simpler, but dude seriously she's just a little girl. A little girl who's having nightmares about the very man you seek. You'd think he'd caught onto that fact after she freaked out over the Group of Twelve picture. He pushed her too far, and now she's stuck living inside that nightmare until he can reverse it and now Mohinder is never going to forgive him, awww the domestic house is breaking up *tear*

Molly Walker: She's simply adorable, and having that happen to her in the end was...terrifying. I LOVE the arrangement of having Matt and Mohinder take care of her, being her two father figures looking after her, though Parkman should've known better than to push a frightened little girl over the edge. Now she's either knocked unconscious from the shock of what happened or is in a coma, which is very devastating to have watched that last scene. I seriously hope she's okay. *crosses fingers*

Micah Sanders: Still adorable, and I love how completely opposite he and his other cousin is; the smartypants versus the chav. Hee, though his power-using was cool, and I did like Micah's presence being a nice touch to that household. He's a sweet kid, though you can tell he misses his mom. Which, by the way, where the hell is she?

Monica: New character with an ability, and she totally kicks ass. As does her power, too. She reminds me of me in that respect; watching, observing, then doing. Definitely looking forward to her storyline. I also loved her connection with Micah, so sweet together, and hopefully more scenes with them and their powers will come up in future episodes. So far, yay! Loving her character totally.

Maya, Alejandro y Sylar: How much do I love that Sylar has joined up with the Wonder Twins? Like, TONS of love! Also referring himself back as Gabriel Gray was sweet, adorable, but also sad. He looked down at his broken watch and at first I thought he was going to refer himself as "Gabriel Sylar" like he'd done back in "Six Months Ago", but he just went by his birth-given name. There are some people that are confused on whether he's faking it or if it's real -- my thoughts on it: He's still Sylar, but without his abilities he's just Gabriel Gray again, although a demented version of since he still kills for his own purposes. He just doesn't have powers or can't acquire them anymore for some reason.

I loved his interaction with the Yin-Yang Twins, more importantly his interaction with Maya. There was something sweet and genuine about it, even though he was fascinated with their abilities he knows that he cannot acquire them so it's tempting nonetheless, though I think he does feel Maya's pain of what she's going through. As he said himself, he knows what it's like to be held responsible, to be hunted down like an animal. Alejandro doesn't seem so sure about Sylar's presence though, which is good on him because not everyone picks up that vibe; of course he wants to protect his sister and will do whatever it takes to not let anyone come near her. But still, the Sylar/Maya scenes were very compelling to watch, and Maya has a beautiful smile. Her eyes sparkled once Sylar mentioned that he knows Suresh and will be willing to help them, although bad idea to trust him it really does up their storyline for those who were uninterested in them before. Now with Sylar, Maya and Alejandro will have some wacky adventures ahead of them. Should be an awesome ride, then.

Nathan and Angela Petrelli: Dude. Just, dude. Wow. What a revelation with Angela there, although she's made bad decisions in the past she knows of her sins and is willing to pay the price. But not with death, certainly not by the hands of whomever she's trying to protect from their little circle. The talk with Nathan was kind of bittersweet, although I do think she's hiding something else. It is Mama Petrelli we're talking about, though if she does have a feeling that this is the end of things, perhaps her confessions to the detectives (and Matt via thoughts) were her way of redeeming herself from those sins she and the others have done. Obviously there's more unanswered questions -- which in the description of this episode it was said that Angela would reveal something shocking, but it wasn't entirely shocking at all, just an opening for Matt to go looking for the truth by pictures. Though, didn't she mention that Matt should just "let it go"? Maybe she's warning them. Yeah, I'm not entirely invested in this particular storyline. It's all so interesting, and mysterious, and I like it.

Nathan finally shaved! Though I understood why he had the beard grow, it fit his character's brooding stage, but now with everything happening and coming together full-circle, Nathan doesn't have time to be getting drunk and brooding in his brother's apartment or anywhere else in fact. Him visiting his sons was sweet but also sad too, and him with the photos of Peter (hee, dorky!Peter pictures), and then WHOA! Creepy reflection of himself again. See, I totally think this is his inner-guilt coming back to haunt him. I love it, adds more depth to his character. So yeah, I loved Nathan here. Adrian was top-notch in this episode, and hopefully more will be coming.

The Episode: Plots Thickening, Storylines Moving Ahead

Completely impressed with this episode and all that was revealed, especially the part where MATT PARKMAN'S FATHER is one of the ORIGINAL HEROES, and therefore is the man haunting Molly's dreams. So is he the boogeyman for real, or is that a red-herring, that perhaps Molly is seeing Parkman Sr. but he's not the true Big Bad of the season. Either way, perhaps he's the connection to everything or holds the key to the overall plotline of the season. Though I kind of want to know what his ability is, and if Angela Petrelli knew that Matt was Parkman Sr.'s son and that's why she's begging him to "let it go". From the photograph his father looked slightly overweight, but the man on the rooftop that killed Kaito Nakamura didn't look exactly like that; very slim, and was able to run full-force, falling at greath lengths then disappearing. So, I don't know what to make of it. My mind's pretty much whirling with theories as I'm writing this, so all I have to say is: excellent work, Heroes, nicely done. I never expected that revelation to come along.

I knew that something was going to happen to the domestic House of M3, though I don't think it's quite finished yet even if Molly is trapped inside her own nightmare until Parkman fixes what he'd done (which was an oops! on his part for not considering traumatizing poor Molly). My question now is, if Molly's stuck inside her own mind, and Parkman's going to the apartment and Mohinder is still out on the field, who is going to take care of Molly? Perhaps Mohinder can request a short leave or something until Matt reverses the problem. I did like the connection between them and the bigger picture, I just wished that Matt would've used common sense to not use Molly as simply a tracking device for his own personal gain, even if it was to help out on a case. And the Maya and Alejandro storyline is finally going to get more interesting; I loved them before, but having Sylar tagging along on their journey to America is going to make things a lot more interesting.

Simply put, this episode was SO much better than the last one, with the progression of character storylines and how it all connections and fits together. I think that's what was missing from "Kindred", aside from the lack of proper editing and scene arrangements, was the connection between them. This was the kind of episode that last you wanting more, and every time it cut to commercial you'd be like "what the hell just happened" or "whoa!" I mean seriously, I was actually looking forward to seeing things unravel. Kudos, Heroes!

The Glees and Squees!

++ Mohinder singing a lullaby to Molly, in Hindi! OMG ASDFKSJDKF!!! I was actually thinking of the EXACT SAME CONCEPT for a story. Tim Kring is either tapping into my freaking mind or he know what the fans are looking for in this adorable domestic family of theirs. But whatever, IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED! I swear, Mohinder is totally awesome. He can semi-successfully capture/torture Sylar with his own use of resourceful methods, infiltrate the Company, can speak French, he can cook, and he sings lullabies. My God, my ovaries during that scene s'ploded like whoa. I smiled widely when Mohinder went to Molly's bedside and called her "sweetheart" and squealed when he started singing to her. Seriously. Mohinder, I love you! Never quit being this adorable and fatherly with Molly, never never never. ♥

++ Speaking of which, Mohinder rolling his eyes and being annoyed with Matt for even remotely suggesting using Molly as a tool for find his father was great. Being the only non-special in that family unit it makes sense that he doesn't want Molly to be used as a tracking device anymore.

++ Monica pwning that mugger dude was FTW! Seriously. As soon as we realized her ability, that move was practically made of awesome. I'm loving her, really I am.

++ OH FUCK, Matt's father being part of the Older Generation and perhaps Molly's potential "boogeyman" is the freakiest reveal ever. I mean, what does Parkman Sr. want with Molly anyway if nearly every night he invades her dreams? Does he want Matt, something else? So many questions, so many mysteries surrounding this. How am I to survive until next Monday?

++ Dude, after Molly sees the picture and we hold on her, the Symbol is reflected in her eyes! That was cool.

++ The mystery of revealing the identities of the Older Generation is almost equivalent to finding out who the Final Five are in BSG. Also dudes, they're called the Group of Twelve. There's so many BSG parallels in Heroes, like you wouldn't believe.

++ Sylar + black wifebeater = sizzling on the pure level of hotness. Dirty, hair all messy/spikey, devilish grin in the end as he's in the driver's seat. Um, yep. That's all I needed right there, that and Mohinder singing. Screw shirtless!Peter. Now all we need is shirtless Sylar and shirtless Mohinder and I think this season will be something of major awesome regardless of what happens.


++ Gabriel Gray returns as well. Awww, poor woobie!Sylar, powerless and confused and without much to go on. Thankfully Maya and Alejandro were there, not only to pull their storyline along but because Sylar gets back to America to see his boyfriend Mohinder to see what the hell has happened to him and if he can be cured. I liked that he's now back to being Gabriel without actually returning to being who he used to be, y'know? It may or may not be a redemption course but at the same time it's a chance for him to figure out what's happening to him and why he can't acquire abilities like he used to. Demented and strange as it sounds, he's perplexed about it all.

++ "Gabriel, just like the angel!" "Yeah...just like the angel." Awww! Sad, but I liked that interaction between Sylar and Maya. Also, it's very interesting that Sylar/Maya/Alejandro have teamed up and they're all considered wanted for murder. Hee, LOVE.

++ Hee, Sylar said "Golly". XD LOVELOVELOVE. See people, Gabriel is hidden underneath all that after all.

++ I'm sure I'm not the only one that's noticed this, but I like how we're seeing different angles of Mohinder's apartment as opposed from last season. Of course, I would LOVE to see where Mohinder and Matt sleep. Unless, of course, Mohinder rented another apartment with three bedrooms during the last four months. I doubt this, though I do wonder if they're leaving this open for us to speculate us and our dirty, dirty minds of the adorable living arrangement.

++ Poor Molly. :( I hope she recovers and is okay, I think she's adorable. I love her and her affections for both Mohinder and Matt, her two heroes and father figures. I also love how she brings out the paternal fighting/squabbling between them as well; Matt and Mohinder argue over the right way to protect Molly or what's right for Molly. Hee. Though I found it kind of hypocritial that Matt would accuse Mohinder of returning home while still on the field with the Company and in this episode he wanted to use Molly to track down someone he could've done the normal way. Heh. While I do love the House of M3 setup I think Mohinder would be more suitable to raise Molly in that kind of situation; take care of Molly while Matt goes off chasing the bad guys.

++ Am I the only one that thought that Molly was seeing the Yellow-Eyed Demon in her dreams, based on her drawings? Just me then? Okay. *sheepish grin*

++ Molly freaking out at the end reminded me of River from the River Tam Sessions.

++ Nathan's beard is gone, let's rejoice! Now Nathan, go investigate and search for your brother.

++ Angela Petrelli. While she's one evil icebitch, I have to admit I am liking her storyline and do believe she's somewhat remorseful. Though I do want more explanation over why they'd wanted to blow up New York City in the first place, and the motive behind it. Also, what other horrible things the Group of Twelve had done. We should be getting more answers to those soon, I hope. That or gradually revealed as the season progresses.

++ Claire returns to cheerleading. That is the only thing I'm happy about with her right now. Though shouldn't HRG be concerned over that, since the eight-of-eight painting of his fate has a blonde girl in a cheerleading uniform kissing a shadowed figure? Oh, and the Haitian returns! Whoo-hoo!

Overall: WAY better than last week's episode, just for the matter of moving on with certain storylines including the biggest mystery of all: the Older Generation and Group of Twelve. The reveal of Matt Parkman's father was an interesting twist, something I certainly didn't see coming. I still want Mohinder/Molly/Matt to stay together despite what happened in this episode, which was unfortunate and heartbreaking to watch as Molly was freaking out. Because their little family unit is so adorable to be torn apart, though I can understand why they had to do that particular thing to raise the stakes for them and add the interesting twist which will lead Matt's character into more involvement with what's happening. It's not all exactly the fluffiness as I've been expecting, but it's understandable of their arguments and the tension especially at this point of the story. I'm getting tired of the Claire/West plot already, West is bad news and everyone but Claire knows this; she should've listened to her father instead of LIE and go with that weasel. No Hiro or Peter, which I think is okay that they can miss a few episodes while we focus on the other storylines for a while. Still loving Maya and Alejandro, and even more now that Sylar has joined them. Yay!

Although I have one thing to say regarding the preview: while I love Kristen Bell, I think them milking her guest-appearance on the show is unnecessary and slightly overdone. Heroes has had plenty of guest-stars ranging from all over and didn't need announcements in the previews, but suddenly KB appears and she gets the spotlight? The hell? I mean it's great that she's back on television and it's awesome that it's on this show, but seriously was it really that important to do that? C'mon.

I should be done flailing and going to bed but...nope, brain still working. Still flailing, can't sleep. Gah!
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jirucloud on October 16th, 2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
Claire, indeed wtf??? I agree that the writers for this one are either getting lazy or smoking it up... and after all HRG has done for her!! T.T

West... *shakes fist* HE'S NOT EVEN ATTRACTIVE!!! WHY CLAIRE-BEAR, WHY??? bring back Zach... ;.; (and how right was I on the whole 'off to study' bit... at least HRG picked up on it this time *shakes head*)

Mohinder!!! What a cute lullaby it was, too! ^.^ yes, Mohinder is the rational one in the situation, definitely... *shakes head* even after Molly passing out, he was still collected and like 'stop that Matt' lol.

lol, yes, Matt is screwed. Maybe he'll redeeem himself when they go to Philly to rescue Molly though?

as to the New Orleans family, Micah is totally the best kid ever, and Monica is the same as that cute waitress that Hiro fell in love with back in S1! what was her name again? the one with the cranes?

hahaha at Sylar totally killing Derek with a rock! Oh Sylar, I didn't realize how I missed you! lol. Also, I totally think that was Claire's car, too... barney purple and with Cali tags? *shakes head* oh heroesverse... ftw.

hahaha! finally shaved! I was totally agreeing when they had the 'beard talk' too! lol... and yes, Nathan's storyline is picking up, and I'm glad he's looking good again and teaming up with M-cubed too ^.^

!!!! Mohinder is such a cute dad!!!!! *huggles Molly and Mohinder*!!! How sweet and cute!!! (but, I am sad that Maya speaks English... now no Mohinder!Spanish? T^T) awww!!! and he is 'non-special'... or perhaps his magic!blood, narration skills and tea-making abilities are his powers? ^.^

Hahaha @ Monica! Kick ass! *cheers* I love her innocent 'the tv' speech! ^.^

wah!!! all the older generation are evil!! $120 lol...

really??? I missed the symbol! *not that observant apparently*

hahahaha @ the shirtlessness! What would you do!! *falls over* too much!!! lololol

I forgot what the cockroach symbolism was! I was like 'oh yes, cockroach... wait, what did it mean? x.x'

hahaha! Sylar/Gabriel! *shakes head* and I totally read that angel bit... how ironic... x.x

lol! FTW? Mohinders too busy speculating to romp sleep! lol!

wah!!! and now roadtrip to the city of brotherly love! Everyone gets to go on a road trip! but how will Mohinder get the time off from the Company? hmm... also Matt... he has a job too! and what will Molly's teachers think?? M3 is already on their watchlist!

but, did she really? not yet... I'm sure she'll get in, of course! but she's so filled with terrible lies! HRG just needs to be like 'look... here's why!' *shoves picture in Claire's face*

YAY!!! The Haitian!!! And HRG still has the windchimes! I hope they go into that and its significance (or have they already and I'm blanking?) Haitian! have more of a storyline, please! ^.^

wah T.T I missed Hiro, so! And all the pretty Japanese landscapes... where's my cherry blossoms? ;.; Come back soon Hiro!!!

and yeah, I mean, come on! They never talk up the people in their show! There are a lot of acclaimed actors but VERONICA MARS is hot stuff now? >.> Nothing against her, it was just cheesy... but, thats what I think about all the Heroes!adverts, apparently, lol.

Hope you got lots of sleep because today is your birthday and you need to be rested!!! Hope you have SO MUCH fun and have nice M3+Sylar-filled dreams ^.^ *huggles lots* *throws confetti* ♥!!
Renée: Mohinder/Molly. HugSquee!rogueslayer452 on October 16th, 2007 04:22 pm (UTC)
I still love Claire, but right now I find her scenes with West kind of unbearable and overly cheesy. It's the whole flying-in-the-sky issue. I seriously want MY Claire back, the one that wants to help and save people and become active in that aspect without swooning over some troublesome boy and lying to her father. I mean seriously, after all they've gone through together...*shakes head* Clairebear, you can regenerate, regrow your senses please!

Mohinder was so adorable! Definitely the rational one, when Matt was pushing so hard he tried to stop him. They even got into the fight of "daddy issues" which sure, Mohinder knows and admits to having but those issues aren't affecting is judgment at that moment because he knows the consequences and loves Molly and doesn't want her to have to suffer through those awful nightmares of hers ever again. Now, thanks to Matt, she's going to have to live with them until he can solve the case.

Though Mohinder singing the Hindi lullaby...holy crap, I think I nearly had a heart attack. So adorable! And the Best Daddy Award goes to! ♥

The cockroaches symbolizes resilience or durability, which basically represents Sylar's ability to stay alive after all that's been done to him. Because remember Mohinder giving that speech to his class WAY back in the pilot episode, where he describes and compares God to a cockroach? That's precisely what's being said here; not that Sylar is God but Sylar's endurance for survival is very unique to that of a cockroach, if that makes sense.

I'm so glad that Sylar's back, but as someone speculated before me that without his abilities he's no longer Sylar, no longer that special person he longed to be (which isn't true, he IS special and has an ability of his own he just hasn't had anyone tell him this directly). Therefore he's Gabriel again, and him looking down at his broken watch indicates just that: Sylar is now broken, and he needs to go back to his boyfriend Mohinder to help fix whatever is wrong with him.

Yeah, I think after all that hoopla with VMars and its cancellation they thought promoting her in the limelight of the preview would attract more viewers. Sorry peeps, if people aren't already into Heroes without KB being in it that's their loss. It's marketing at best, but still annoying that they did that. I liked Veronica Mars...though only the first season, it went downhill from there. So, I think people were/are kind of "meh" considering. But hey, perhaps her character will do justice this time. *shrugs*

Thanks! I most certainly will. *happily celebrates*
jirucloud on October 18th, 2007 05:36 am (UTC)
Clairebear, you can regenerate, regrow your senses please!

lovin it. I want an icon out of that! lol! way too true... can't we just go back to when Paire wasn't incestuous? ;.;

*tee!* how sweet!!

*dies* I really need to go watch that! T.T

lol! ah, everyone loves Mohinder! but what about us??? theres too many boys flinging themselves on him!!! lol... hmm, I think that with his crazy killing sprees, he's definitely still Sylar, just Sylar with a cold ^.^

it was cancelled? I watched it for a bit, but then fell out of it after the first season or before... hmm... yeah, and to think that someone will be able to understand/ grasp all the beautiful intricacies of Heroes at this point just because they want to see KB... *shakes head* poor them! lol

Renée: Ruby. Deep-fried crack.rogueslayer452 on October 18th, 2007 05:52 am (UTC)
Hee, yeah. Those Peter/Claire scenes were amazing and sweet, without it being creepy or annoying. Even before realizing they were related they had amazing chemistry, unlike with West where he's all "be my girlfriend or else" routine. Pushy, much? I'm just waiting for it to be revealed that West is like Claire's cousin or something. Because it seems everyone might be related to a Petrelli. XD

Actually, I have more theories concerning that (characters relating to each other) but I'll save that for a later theories update.

Sylar with a cold. XD Though I think it's more of his identification with himself, without powers he's back to being the mundane, normal Gabriel. But he knows he can never return to that life so in a sense he's still Sylar, just a broken version until he can figure out whatever's happening with him and why he can't steal powers anymore. He is still Sylar in that sense of killing, but not really until he regains the powers he lost. Can't wait to see what happens to him down the line (and his reunion with Mohinder. Yay!)

I watched and loved the first season of Veronica Mars, the second season was okay and I tried to be optimistic but the way of direction it took didn't sit right with me. I didn't even bother to watch the third season. VMars is the fandom I actively fell out of because I no longer was interested in it, which is sad to admit but I HATED to later episodes. So after it was cancelled I was kind or sad but also relieved.

The thing about promoting KB's guest-appearance on Heroes is mainly to grab attention to those former VMars viewers...which is kind of strange, because both shows attract different audiences, but hey if it gets more viewers it ups the ratings, so they go for whatever they can even though Heroes is already a HUGE hit unlike VMars where it was just a cult favorite that didn't get much popularity. Also, Zachary Quinto and Kristen Bell are close friends, so this adds to the promotion of her joining the cast in that sense. So, we'll just see how she portrays her character.
Tracy: Heroesalexwhitman25 on October 16th, 2007 05:29 pm (UTC)
Although I am not thoroughly convinced that Claire likes him. She's been annoyed with him from the premiere and then suddenly whoosh! He takes her flying and automatically they're all smoochies.
Those actions are so uncharacteristic of Claire and the lack of buildup is a bit ridiculous.

Something I thought of - didn't West see Claire with HRG at school that first day when he almost ran her over?

Otherwise the chemistry? It's not there.
So true. And the dialogue - pure cheese.

I've liked Matt, but I think he kind of went too far this time regarding using Molly's abilities.
Me too. He used Molly's love for him to get her to do it. :(

New character with an ability, and she totally kicks ass.
Gah! I LOVE her! She is awesome.

See, I totally think this is his inner-guilt coming back to haunt him. I love it, adds more depth to his character.
Agreed on both counts. I love that Nathan is getting some squishy layers.

I thought the pacing, other than the Claire/West stuff, was great in this episode. Much better than before. I agree with your comments regarding K Bell - I didn't such a fuss made over other guest stars. I just don't want her character to be Veronica-like or for her to take over the show.
Renéerogueslayer452 on October 16th, 2007 05:51 pm (UTC)
Something I thought of - didn't West see Claire with HRG at school that first day when he almost ran her over?

I've thought about that too, though I think he just saw Claire in front of his car and not bother to look to the side towards HRG, even though Claire did look back at him before returning to the school. I still hold my opinion that West meeting Claire is all a setup, that he intentionally drove up in front of her, and his story about losing his memory and HRG are all a fluke. Though it would be interesting to see the interaction between West and HRG if the memory thing IS true.

Me too. He used Molly's love for him to get her to do it. :(

Precisely. Molly was too petrified to even want to do it, with one look at the picture she freaked the fuck out. And Mohinder was opposed to the idea even as Matt pursued, but Molly wanted to be brave for Matt and did it despite her fears and despite Mohinder's objections. Matt, stick with doing your own detective work the hard way or else you don't deserve having such a title. Poor Molly.

I would HATE if KB's character will become something of a Veronica-character. From the previews she did seem similar with her motives sans the evil 'tude she gives off. I also hope her character doesn't take-over the show, since she's going to be on it for 18 episodes, nearly the rest of the season. So, we'll see.
strawberry's, amazingness, oats, and steroids: CALL OF DUTYYYYYvaliant on October 16th, 2007 06:08 pm (UTC)
Hey, happy birthday!!
Renée: Mohinder/Molly. HugSquee!rogueslayer452 on October 16th, 2007 06:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :D
I'm the devil. Nobody knows it.: Heroes_milo_cutest smile eversilme711 on October 17th, 2007 12:27 am (UTC)
I loved Zach's switching between good and evil, Gabriel and Sylar. Awesome acting skills. He looks sweet and innocent and suddenly you get to see the evil hint of a grin. *adores*
Thanks, Sylar. Thanks for making the twins finally interesting ;)

See, I totally think this is his inner-guilt coming back to haunt him
I think this actually happened. I read a totally believeable theory about it and yeah.

I loved loved loved Angela in this ep. She was way more emotional and her scene with Nathan was heartmelting.

And last but not least the shrine! Baby!Milo. I think I've died. But oh, what a gleeful dead that was :D :D :D

I'm the devil. Nobody knows it.: Heroes_greg ali_squishsilme711 on October 17th, 2007 12:28 am (UTC)
Renée: Mohinder/Molly. HugSquee!rogueslayer452 on October 17th, 2007 03:13 am (UTC)
Thanks hun! :D :D
Renée: Mohinder. Hot in Haiti.rogueslayer452 on October 17th, 2007 03:13 am (UTC)
That's precisely why I love Sylar. He's such a complex character, and now he's not only complex he's broken and conflicted, and has one particular thing in mind: returning to NYC to figure out what the hell has happened to him (and that should go well, "Hey Mo, sorry for nearly killing you and pinning you to the ceiling before, but I'm in a jam could you help me out?" XD) I loved him as Gabriel, and I loved how we get to see Sylar and Gabriel both at the same time. Like without powers he's not Sylar, but still is considering he'll still kill to get what he wants. Seeing him all hurt and alone, awwww. I lurve my cute wittle brain-stealing serial killer.

Zachary's acting was amazing. From his sincerity towards Maya and Alejandro to his "golly" comment to his evil!smug grin in the end...dude, that man can act the HELL out of a scene. and the black wifebeater was something extra to admire, holy hell Zach!

That scene with Nathan was very sad. His "leave me alone!" at his distorted reflection, and him staring down at his bloody knuckles? Adrian Pasdar, you rocked that scene.