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We are soldiers, and we will fight.

1. Firstly, you guys are amazingly awesome. Seriously. *huggles flist*

2. I encourage everyone to actively vote for the 2007 SpikeTV Scream Awards. It has a wide range of categories for the horror, fantasy, scifi and comics. The trouble I found though is the competing nominees for certain categories, like Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who and Heroes up against each other for Best TV Show, makes it very difficult for me to pick which one. The upside though? You can vote as many times as you want. Pretty sweet deal, I think. Oh, and before I forget, Zachary Quinto has been nominated for Vilest Villain. If anything, please vote for the our favorite serial killer because he damned well deserves this recognition if not I'll skullcap your ass.

3. Bionic Woman 1.04 "Faceoff"

So this episode brings up the morality lessons of telling lies, gaining trust and knowing who to trust. I liked that Jamie isn't going to be dependent on these people who created the bionics, that she's willing to stand on her own two feet and demand the respect and the knowledge she deserves. It makes logical sense; she didn't ask to be created into a bionic half-machine woman, and I think I like Jonas more now considering he promises to find a cure for her shortened life expentancy. From the beginning he'd been treating her like a thing instead of a person, or basically discarded her feelings towards anything they've been working with and finally he'd shown his sense of humanity towards her as an individual. Which I think he's had all along but with his mindset, along with their failure of Sarah Corvus, he only thinks about the initiative and oversees the person behind it.

This show does give another morality lesson of the human versus the machine, or the treatment of women as it were. Both Sarah and Jamie were lied to, Sarah reacted badly on impulse and instinct while Jamie acted with reason and compromise. Though knowing how Sarah turned out how far along will it take before Jamie retreats to that animal aggression that Sarah holds, even if her bionics are advanced? Just goes to show, you can't play God with these things.

I loved the fight in the warehouse, especially with Jamie running and jumping from the millions of bullets rushing at her, and I loved that she eventually had gotten shot (because her getting away that quickly and easiler would've been unrealistic; she's good at what she does but she isn't perfect nor an expert despite the bionics, which is something I like).

I honestly DO want Jamie to tell her sister everything, I expected her to have that kind of trust and sisterly bond thing in the end after they confronted each other. But yeah, the stakes are high and Lord knows who might get to Becca if Jamie is found out by some organization who wants her bionics or other information -- but by NOT telling her the truth might even put her at more risk, so really she's stuck in the middle until everything gets settled. But she will find out one way or the other, because having her younger sister in the dark for that long just isn't possible.

Oh yeah, and Katee looked HOT tonight. But she looks hot anytime she appears onscreen, so that's kind of a given. I loved her sadistic kind of sociopathic behavior, and she's sympathetic because she wants to be helped and cured but they don't have that. I'm glad she escaped though, and she looked amazing in that last scene (her hair - OMG awesome).

4. I saw another short "Razor" preview, this time featuring the Pegasus crew walking down a corridor and a voiceover of them speaking about their job and survival. Unfortunately the preview was taken off YouTube for violation. Frakkers. Oh well, makes me anticipate November even more now.
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