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Don't play with my Jesus.

I really liked this episode, not only did it bring the comedic timing of things (Sam falling/tripping/getting slapped in the face/shot at/losing his shoe) but it also brought in the interesting storylines that melded together nicely. This is the thing with Supernatural, you can get uber creepifying episodes, the lighthearted ones, the episodes that really don't do much for you other that confuse and make you go "huh?" at, and there are the rare ones that make you do both but with excellent kind of storytelling. It wasn't perfect, but it was entertaining nonetheless. It also brings in the element that the Winchesters are being hunted not only by demons but by the other hunters who think of them as a threat.

So, Gordon has returned and now they're trying to find a way to have him escape jail, round up lackeys to hunt down and kill Sam Winchester. Fantastic. Of course, it's an interesting twist because NOTHING can happen to either Dean or Sam, and knowing that there are hunters who know about what happened that night at the Devil's Gate? Not to mention having the rogue demon!hunter Ruby helping them out doesn't do good for their reputation, despite me loving her character. Ho-Boy, they're in for some troubleshooting. Also, aren't they still running from the law too or has that been dismissed to deal with the hunters versus demons this season? Still, should be interesting seeing them deal with those obstacles -- but now having Bobby (yay, he was in this episode!) and perhaps other hunters behind them, they perhaps aren't alone in this fight. One can only assume, though.

I loved the Lucky Rabbit's Foot twist, and it makes sense. Touch the object you have streaks of good luck, but lose it and that good luck turns against you, turning sour and deadly. Nicely done, and DUDE! That one guy's head being scorched through the skull with the fork? TOTALLY WICKED! With the omnious beer bottle waiting to be slipped on, tempting his fate, I felt like it was directly from a scene of Final Destination or something. Awesome.

Another awesome scene in where we learn that John Winchester had objects stashed inside a storage room, booby-trapped and everything. Hee! Just like Papa Winchester. And AWWWW! He kept Sam's trophy and Dean was all happy and happily nostalgic over his first-made shotgun during sixth grade! HEEEE!!

"She knows your greatest's me!" I love you Dean. Seriously, not only was it completely normal for him to be all angry with Sam with the Ruby situation but he acknowledges their relationship and that they simply CANNOT live without each other. This is a given and proven fact, and I'm glad that Sam kinda/sorta told Dean why Ruby was there. Although I wish he would tell Dean about his own personal situation too. It's enough I have to deal with Claire and HRG lying and circling around each other secretively, I don't want the Winchesters having their own secrets too. Sam should tell Dean about what happened that night, the blood from YED and everything else that's connected to him. Perhaps if he does, Dean would have motivation to want to live longer and break the deal to figure it out as well. I don't know, is this just me for thinking this? I know Dean's been through a lot and having that hang over his head wouldn't do him much good, but this whole thing affects BOTH of them. I don't know, these are just my thoughts. Anyway, moving on...

Sam does give amazing puppy faces, doesn't he? His annoyed!sad look when he said "I lost my shoe" was so freaking priceless, I nearly died of laughter. And that scene with him tied up he has that exasperated look of "oh please, not this AGAIN!" Hee, awesome acting from Jared there. In fact, all of Jared's scenes in this episode were great and hilarious.

"SON OF A BITCH!!" Dean has this thing about saying that line a lot, and "bitch" along with "dude". I think someone did a compliation of how many times they both say it in the show. Either way, it doesn't get any less funny whenever it is said.

So, Gordon convinced his buddy about his theory on Sam (or, more like God convinced his buddy -- strange how that works, eh? His religious-bound friend who's all "I Hunt Demons And Will Kill This Winchester Boy All In The Name Of The Almighty", which is weird and creepy, especially with all those Jesus/religious things hanging in his RV) And are about to let him loose, mysteriously of course, and go hunt for them. This could get messy. I just hope that Dean and Sam have backup plans, and Bobby can help them out. Or other hunters, hell even Ruby can scare them shitless. Hopefully this'll go somewhere dangerous and fun and interesting, though I must admit Gordon is a very charismatic kind of guy. I like the actor portraying him, he's very intense.

No Ruby this week, boo. I want more Ruby scenes. Hopefully next episode, judging from the preview, there will be. So, yay!
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