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And, what have we learned today children?

Everyone and their grandmother has probably already seen this everywhere, but J.K. Rowling has confirmed Professor Albus Dumbledore's sexuality is flying the big, bright rainbow colors. And...cue the wankity-wank that outwanks any other HP wank! I'm giggling over the fact that people are getting their panties in a twist over it, it's pretty darn hilarious. I guess this is about as good as the "rocks fall, everybody dies!" of the seventh edition, eh?

I seriously have an addiction to shopping. I bought another cute sweater-shirt today when I wasn't intending to, but dammit it was on sale and I couldn't resist. Gah! Someone stop me!

Zachary Quinto is so freaking adorable. ♥ Can I have one, please? Also: GUH!

Oh, and newsflash: apparently the Supernatural cast and crew read EVERYTHING that's out in fandom, including fanfiction of both the slash and RPS variety. And they are amused by it all. In a way I guess it's terrifying that the cast/crew are reading the fanfiction, and already I knew that Jensen knew about the Wincest and actually read a few stories, but I have to say I'm giggling over this. Seriously, it's like...almost as equivalent as Zachary and Sendhil knowing about the Mohinder/Sylar, and actively endorsing it. This just makes my day. Hee.
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