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This girl is taking bets.

Firstly, happy birthday alexwhitman25! Hope you have a fantastic day, sweetie.

In light of most recent events concerning the Southern California wildfires I send every single fellow Californian my best wishes, hoping everyone is safe and desperately praying that these out-of-control wildfires stop very soon. Already millions not only have been evacuated but the majority have lost their homes, possessions, everything they once had. Neighborhoods ranging from the countrysides to the suburban areas nearly burned away. It's a miraculously thing that shelters are being creating for the millions of evacuees and help is being provided to stop these fires from spreading. It's an amazing thing to see, even in most desperate times.

House M.D. 4.04 "Guardian Angels"

Azura Skye guest-starring as the Patient of the Week! Yay, and I loved the accent she was using, she's incredibly talented. It was sad though, about what was happening with her character. She was hallucinating her dead mother and believing she was still there with her. Though perhaps maybe she wasn't hallucinating...with this show they have a way of trying to prove something scientifically and kind of disprove it at the same time.

Awww, Old Med Guy who wasn't a Med Guy was dismissed. I liked him, and I think House really did too -- hell, they got along so freaking well and basically thought alike. But as he mentioned, there really couldn't be two of them thinking on the same level, one was certainly enough. But I have to admit, he would've been a fun addition to House's new team. Seriously, I can see the amounts of awesomeness with those two. I can see actually see him and Wilson conversing in a conversation about House too. I like #13, some compare her to Cameron but she's less annoying in that sense as long as she doesn't start intentionally flirting or blackmailing him into going out with her like Cameron had done.

Cutthroat Bitch annoys me, she's bitchy and her tactics for getting under people's skin is just uncouth and ruthless. She should be dismissed very soon, and when she does I can't WAIT to see her expression.

Cuddy is still made of awesome, and House/Wilson interactions are always the best of each episode.

Bionic Woman 1.05 "The Education of Jamie Sommers"

While there was no Katee in this episode, I found it enthralling nonetheless. I've been quite intrigued with this show. I did love how Jamie used a British accent, Michelle Ryan does it nicely, and I also loved how she managed to still use it even when talkig to Nathan and Jonas over the phone.

Mainly this episode focused on Jamie's lovelife, or lack thereof, and the judgment of trusting guys when really she should know better. Antonio got it right: the last time she trusted a guy he ended up having her limbs replaced with bionic ones. Though I must say, the guy she was crushing on this episode was definitely an attractive one, so it's understandable, and I'm glad she managed to figure things out in the end. It's amazing that both of them were working undercover for organizations to stop the illegal trade of neuro-technology in the black market. Though the terrorism connections is kind of getting slightly old, I must say. Save that for shows like 24 or something. I don't know, it seems like they're pushing for those kinds of tie-ins when it really doesn't seem necessary.

I like Nathan. He kind of reminds me of Riley from Painkiller Jane; that kind of comic-relief and befriending of the main character. And that Asian girl who was Jamie's roommate reminded me of Lane from Gilmore Girls.

Heh, it was a good episode and raised some issues, like why the FBI and CIA dislike Berkit so much and the complications that could arise due to competition and such. Also, it looks like Jamie and her new boytoy aren't done with each other yet, judging from the preview for the next episode.

I really don't want to push deeper in this issue that's already been talked about to death, so I'll leave that to Neil Gaiman, who sums up everything I have to say and then some regarding the recent JKR reveal, an authors knowledge of characters and the relevance which clearly doesn't exist in the bookworld unless it's an appointed issue of the central story.

Next week is Halloween, which means I will be watching a marathon of horror films, because really what else is there to do if not going to a party or otherwise? Also tonight is a new Supernatural, so yay.

ETA: So, what's up with this new feature of direct-linkage popups? Seriously, it's distracting.
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