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Heroes Theories: Peter vs. Sylar, The Company and Papa Parkman

I've been thinking a lot about what happened in the last episode, thus theories started developing in my head. I know, shocker right? Some actually have been on my mind for a while now, and the others developed directly after the last episode had aired. This is just a pastime I have before this upcoming Monday's episode, because I am very anxious for obvious reasons. No spoilers, but if you haven't seen anything up to "Fight or Flight" or the preview for Monday, then I'd say steer-clear because I have some theories based on that too.

Peter Petrelli versus Elle and The Company

From what's been gathered concerning Elle's assignment to find Peter and her lack of finding him, whilst killing a man ruthlessly to get the information she wanted, thus had her returning home, leads to some interesting questions regarding the Company's interest in finding Peter. Obviously they know that he's alive and that he'd somehow been shipped as cargo through that metal crate. Which has me believing they'd had him in custody during those four months between the explosion and being found in Ireland with his memory erased. This is something I'm certain of because of his electic power shot from his hands in the premiere is precisely what Elle does, leading me to believe that they'd crossed paths before.

My only question is, who is this mysterious man apparently still in charge? We've never really gotten who's the ringleader of the Company; there's been the lackeys like Thompson and Bob who had important roles to play and following orders, but we never really are seeing who's sitting in that big black leather chair, twirling his moustache planning the next move.

The Peter and Sylar Connection

This has probably been discussed plenty of times before in various places, I'd just like to add my thoughts to the pile.

I love how parallel both Peter and Sylar are this season, like a reversal of roles shall we say. They're both entirely different and complete opposites from where they were last season. While Sylar has mysteriously lost all the abilities he'd acquired and is unable to acquire any new ones, Peter has more control over the multiple abilities he'd absorbed than he did before, which is miraculous considering the lack of memory you'd think it'd be like he was in season one. Sylar is the one who's been weakened (despite his murderous tendencies, which doesn't stop because he is, after all, a serial killer and that killing doesn't just automatically go away if he's without powers); Peter, on the other hand, is extremely powerful and has more of a confident personality, and even a violent one when he was using the Deathgrip TK just the way Sylar had done in the finale, and it wasn't until Caitlin had forced him to stop. Both of their personalities and roles have been reversed, they are in a completely different place and I think it is all of the Company's doing, seeing as how they know both are still living and well. Particularly Sylar, seeing as how they used Candice to drag him to safety, leading me to also believe after Peter exploded they had him in their holding as well. The more important question remains to why, and what were their intentions?

I generally think they want both Peter and Sylar for their own experimentation purposes. The Company had been designed to keep those with special abilities safe and get rid of those who are considered a threat, and I can see them thinking both are potentially dangerous; Sylar and his killing sprees of Specials and Peter's inability of controlling the amounts of power he absorbs. Lord knows what might happen if either of them lose control or end up in a faceoff with one another (a la "Five Years Gone"). But I also think the Company is intrigued by them, using multiple powers sometimes at once. They probably want to know more about them, what/how/why they do what they can do...which is probably one of the reasons why they didn't want HRG to kill Sylar when he was being held in the OWI cell at Primatech.

I also think they used the Virus on Sylar, primarily for that experimentation alone. Also, because of Sylar's amazing resiliance, it would be easier to subdue his abilities, which is what the Virus does instead of outright killing him. If this is true, it means that if he doesn't return back to his boyfriend to New York Sylar will, eventually, die. Of course he's survived death before, so who knows? Perhaps his resiliance to such things can make him immune to the Virus but still unable to acquire abilities, which could be fascinating to explore.

In short, we knew from the beginning that Peter and Sylar had similarities concerning the multiple/absorption of powers. How interesting is it that these two, both presumed dead in the finale, had woken up in different areas of the world, finding themselves in quite a complicated predicament, and the Company is somehow involved? I am definitely looking forward for this explanation as the season continues.

The Older Generation, Origins of The Company and Maury Parkman

Perhaps the biggest intrigue of this season, at least for me anyway, being the Older Generation of the Group of Twelve and the creation of The Company and their intentions. Bob had mentioned in the premiere that The Company was created by like-minded individuals who wanted to keep those with special abilities safe and eliminate those who posed a threat or were considered dangerous. Something interesting sparked my attention when he said this, because we know that Linderman told Nathan that he was involved with a group of people who had the same intentions of saving the world, or at least making the world a better place, but some had drifted away from that original idea. I confused on whether Linderman was part of The Company during last season or had any particular role in The Company anymore or had he dismissed himself from that, which is probably why he and Angela had conversed and why Angela hadn't turned Claire into the Company or her own sons. Though it could be possible that the Linderman Group was a rivalry to The Company, and Linderman was far too powerful to be taken down, hence his comment about many wanted to kill him, but failed. It seems that perhaps, once upon a time, they had all been participants in that organization but then certain members of that group started to get power hungry, greedy in the sense that some took it too far. That would explain Kaito's explanation for helping Hiro with his destiny, to makeup for whatever wrongdoings they'd done in the past.

The Group of Twelve, as witnessed with the known and unknown members, seem to all be evolved humans with abilities, all of which are being targeted this season by the mysterious hooded-killer, or perhaps Papa Parkman. So here's my question: why does Papa Parkman, real name Maury Parkman, have a grudge against them all? It's speculated of revenge but revenge of what, exactly? Did something happen in the past which is the cause of their breakup? I've been thinking about this for quite a while and, it might not make much sense, but perhaps the progression of Maury's abilities was at the hands of the group causing him to become more dangerous than simply reading minds. It would make sense, if he was told to do something he didn't want to do thus creating him to be the man he presently is.

Seeing what Maury can do with his abilities, trapping people in their own minds and using their own nightmares against them with no possible way of getting out, it's immensely terrifying. Hell, I'd rather have Sylar saw into my skull and steal my brain than having to live inside my deepest fears and worst nightmares; it's so freaking Nightmare on Elm Street where Maury "boogeyman" Parkman is Freddy Kreuger. I'm also thinking that he probably did the same illusion to Angela Petrelli, that's why she was freaking out in the interrogation room and mentally told Matt to stay away and let it all go. Which means, they knew about Matt being Maury's son all along.

But this poses another question: if the Company knew about Matt, why wasn't it notified that he was Maury's son in the first place as he was held hostage inside their facility? Wouldn't they have known, given their excessive knowledge about everything and everyone they capture or have in their grasp? Or was that clearly an overlooked issue? Either way, it's still a freaky thing to be revealed to you that your own father, despite not having been in contact with for years, is a creepy, evil bastard with dangerous abilities who may be the murderer and is trapping an innocent little girl inside her own mind. Poor Matt, the guy never can seem to catch a break, huh? Even though I'm still pissed he pushed Molly into that state he did seem incredibly remorseful afterwards, so all is forgiven at least until he can reverse the comatose state but relieving her from her nightmare the same way he'd done with Nathan.

This probably explains the cockroach seen in Matt's cell when he was captured by the Company last season. Huh, interesting connections there.

Should be interesting to see how everything is revealed including the Company's true intentions and whether they are pure evil like everyone thinks or simply have the greyness factor like HRG, but have done terrible things to weed out the dangers (i.e. like what Mohinder will be going through judging from the preview for "The Line" since he will be crossing that particular line); the reasons why the Group of Twelve are being targeted, and what Maury Parkman is truly after, if not simple revenge. Also, because Bob is supposedly the next target does this mean he'll be dead, and if so does this mean that, if the Company is in control by another, that Mohinder has been groomed to be part of that "family" based on his intelligence and knowledge of the Virus and is the only cure? Will this mean that, despite their best efforts to avoid this from happening, he will be recruited as part of the Company even if he doesn't want to be? God, so many things can happen this season I swear it's making my brain spin.

This all probably sounds INSANELY incoherent and makes no sense whatsoever, but seriously, I needed to get those out there. It's been burning inside my brain and if I didn't let it out I would go literally bonkers, that and I'm high-strung for Monday as already stated. Why do you do this to me, dear show? Why I ask, why?

In the midst from this brain-frying theory-writing, another Adrian Pasdar YouTube adventure featuring: Milo and Grunny, AirBourne! Yes, the Heroes cast are complete, random dorks, and I love them for that. Hee!
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