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Heroes: "The Line" Episode Review

The Heroisms: Every Choice Has A Consequence

In this episode, properly entitled "The Line", Monica has been taken into the Company for further investigating on her capabilities and boundaries of her abilities, where she trusts they can understand how or why she does what she does before returning home. Unfortunately Mohinder deals with morality conflictions as Bob says he has to inject Monica was a dose of the Shanti Virus, is offered a compromise after threatening to leave the Company's grasp which leads to a newfound partnership he cannot, by any means, refuse. Meanwhile Monica is returned home safe and sound, although there might be something else the Company is up to regarding her and her power, which they seemed very interested in.

In Odessa, Ukraine HRG and the Haitian track down an old friend for answers regarding the remaining paintings by Isaac Mendez; interrogations ensue as the morally greyness of HRG shines once more. Back in California West advises Claire to do something to win herself a spot on the cheerleading squad, while Claire and HRG continue to lie to each other about their whereabouts and intentions with their secret lives. Meanwhile Sylar, Maya and Alejandro find themselves finally at the border to the United States, unfortunately trouble awaits as the border control stops them, and Sylar convinces Maya to use her powers to get by them. Alejandro distrusts Sylar while Maya believes Sylar is their "Gabriel" and will guide them to salvation, while Sylar has very different intentions for them both.

In 1617 Japan, the plan to save Yaeko's father has been issued, though Hiro lets his feelings for the princess get in the way and the friendship bound between him and Kensei has been broken. As Peter and Caitlin travel together to Montreal to find what the prophetic painting means, only to find a grim discovery...

The Characters: Whom To Trust Or Not To Trust

Noah "HRG" Bennet and The Haitian: Seriously, the best badass duo ever. I am so happy they've reunited and are working together again. Also, having HRG return to his moral greyness is so much win. He knows what he's doing, and he knows the consequences and he's willing to risk everything to find the answers. And him turning on his former friend, the one who'd trained and groomed him to be in the Company from the beginning, shooting him ruthlessly knowing that he can never return back (because really, once entering that organization there really IS no turning back from what you've done, right?) was so much FOR THE WIN. He's just all-around awesome. Just DON'T DIE, or I'll have to cut a bitch.

Claire Bennet: So she's revisiting her cheerleading roots. As happy as I am that that's happening, I kind of wished more was happening with her storyline. It's become too melodramatic with the Claire/West stuff. We know that Claire is much more than this, we've witnessed it and have hard evidence proving this from last season. Unfortunately we have to deal with stereotypical teenage drama when she's already been down this road before. She stood up to Jackie without anyone's help, and suddenly she needs advice planning from West? Pssh, whatever. I'm sorry I just dislike West influencing Claire to do these things. I want her to be involved with the bigger plotline, to be involved like she was last season; she seems to want to do more with her abilities, to help people. She mentioned all this to her father and I was like "yay, go Claire!" and now suddenly it's all for the dramatics with West, and I'm just "boo, hiss, bad Claire! No cookie." I admit that head cheerleader needed to be given a reality check because she was a serious bitch, but did they really need to go that far? I know that Claire needs to be a regular teenager and all, but this storyline with her isn't doing much at the moment. They've kind of dumbed her character down, I'm just hoping things get better as the season goes on.

West: Nobody likes you. Go away.

Mohinder Suresh: Oh Mohinder, my poor Mohinder. I knew that he would be going through moral conflictions from what the orders the Company was giving him, and I was happy and proud that he didn't go through with injecting Monica with the Virus. Just the very thought of using the same diseased virus that killed his sister on someone else would've sent him over the edge anyway, even if his blood was the cure, and I would've presumed the Company knew this despite his willing cooperation to work with them. Now because of his outburst and disagreements with Bob they're keeping him on a tighter lease, having Jessica becoming his partner. Even Mohinder knew something was fishy from the look on his face. Now, I understand frustrations over his decision to take Molly to the Company in the first place but really, he had no other option as I'd explained before. It's such a difficult job he's in right now, the predicaments with working with HRG and taking desperate measures to survive and keep those he loves safe, really what would anyone else in his position have done? Okay, I'll always defend Mohinder, but you catch my drift.

In my opinion, this was a place where Mohinder had to get to. Running around doing the Company's bidding while waiting for orders from HRG to take it down from the inside while protecting the little girl he loves from her living nightmare would've torn him down somewhere in the future, so I found his outburst something he had to do, despite it having him on closer watch by the Company. People have to remember that Mohinder is a professor, a scientist, and he isn't trained like HRG had been in knowing the tricks of these people. Even so, he has to tread even more carefully now.

Niki/Jessica Sanders: So apparently even though Niki had gone to the Company for help, obviously they needed her for something else. They needed Jessica. So that's what Bob was telling Niki in their phone conversation about her giving them what they wanted, and now Jessica will be shadowing over Mohinder when Bob isn't around, and you seriously don't want to anger Jessica. But I'm still confused over her whole deal, what the writers are going with her storyline. I still love Niki/Jessica and I love Ali Larter, but honestly I don't think they have a solid idea where all this is going. Now we know that Jessica had worked for Linderman so her joining the Company isn't a surprise -- but what happened to Niki? Did the Company subdue her so Jessica could come out and play? Huh.

Monica Dawson: I still love Monica, although I'm seriously getting the feeling that the Company isn't done with her yet, and that perhaps they're breeding her to become part of their circle. I mean, they've already gained her trust so having her on their side, considering her amazing abilities of muscle mimicking I think they want her to join them. Also take into consideration Bob's generosity along with letting her go so easily. I don't know, it's just a thought.

Hiro, Yaeko and Kensei: So the plot finally thickens with this ancient Japan storyline, wherein Hiro finally admits his true reason for staying being his love for Yaeko. Of course, Kensei finds out and his heart is broken, leading his betrayal to Yaeko and to Hiro by going to the other side. Oops, Hiro broke history. Again. Well, I guess this sets up having Hiro becoming his own childhood hero, and also Kensei's nature of becoming possibly part of the Big Plotline of the season. Because with someone who's immortal and having something like that happen, it means he'll hold this grudge forever and ever and whenever Hiro returns to the present they'll both cross paths again. At least, I'm hoping so.

Sylar, Maya y Alejandro: Incredibly short their scenes were, nothing much progressing in their roadtrip other than Sylar using his skillful persuasion to win over Maya's affections to trust him ultimately so she uses her deadly abilities to get to their destination. I know most think Maya is idiotic for trusting Sylar so easily, but in her case it's completely understandable. Clearly Alejandro doesn't buy it, which smart for him. Though I loved how Sylar plans on using them for his own personal gain; it's a complete win-win situation for him. Once regaining the ability to acquire other abilities he'll steal theirs, and if not he'll use Maya as his "shiny new toy". It makes sense. Should be interesting to see all their scenes play out, and hopefully there's more of them in an episode soonly.

Peter Petrelli and Caitlin: So it begins, Peter is rediscovering the things that his erased memory had stored away, and Caitlin is tagging along for the ride. Also dude, so we'll find out what happened to Peter within those four months before ending up in that crate and shipped to Ireland, and a partnership with this Adam fellow? DUDE, and that last scene with Peter being transported to 2008 in a New York City wasteland? Holy crap, it's nearly like last year when he had the vision of becoming the "exploding man"; now this time it's a different cause, same situation. Huh, interesting.

The Episode: Morality Lessons of Right and Wrong

Even though some storyline are being missed in episodes now because of the huge ensemble cast, I really did enjoy this one primarily because it dealt with morality choices and decisions the characters were going through; the personal conflictions, the turmoils and choices they all have to face sooner or later to fight for the greater cause. This was called "The Line" because these characters have to cross that particular line in order for those decisions to take place.

The biggest one for me, quite obviously, was Mohinder's personal conflictions and rethinking his position of doing things the Company tells him. Even though he might blow his cover, despite HRG's warnings and strict instructions to not give them a reason to be suspicious from his actions or demands, he always does the right thing in the end. As evidenced in the alternate universe of "Five Years Gone", which surprisingly has interesting parallels here too, he will join up with someone whether he's consciously aware of their truest intentions or not, but in the end he'll be faced with an impossible situation that would make him question his moral bounds and whether he's willing to cross that line. In this episode HRG gave him strict orders to do whatever the Company asks of him, but here's the thing: Mohinder is not like HRG. There may be parallels with their intentions for protecting the ones they love, but Mohinder isn't going to cross over into that morally grey area that HRG has already done because essentially, Mohinder is the central goodness of the entire show in general. He may do things that others may find stupid or wreckless, but that's because he's human. Humans make mistakes, we do stupid things and in times of crisis we make decisions we normally would think twice about. Perhaps that's why I love his so much, because he is flawed just like we are.

Anyway, he's the moral compass for the series and what happens when that moral compass disappears? Chaotic results occur. I was afraid that Mohinder would give into the Company, but he seems to have his priorities straight regarding not doing things that go against his moral ethnics. He's also placing himself deeper into that risky hole, because while Bob had personally apologized he seems to think Mohinder might cause trouble if these trust issues continue. Thus, having Jessica become his partner -- or realistically, judging from their intentions, his dominating partner shadowing his every move -- to keep him in line so no further outbursts happen.

I do worry about him, though. Mohinder is a good man, he knows the difference between right and wrong and he most certainly isn't a murderer. He will not go in the direction HRG had gone, but if he doesn't something terrible will happen to him. But the Company won't kill him, he's clearly needed for his knowledge and his blood being the cure, but even though he isn't suspendible they can make his work more difficult to challenge his faithfulness to the organization. Eventually he will have to do something that goes against his ethical beliefs, when that time comes he won't have any choice. I just hope that if and when that time does come, Mohinder will use his intelligence and smarts to turn that situation around.

As for the rest of the episode, every character dealt with decisions and choices and the consequences of their actions. HRG deals with his own morally grey actions, knowing what he's doing and knows the stakes and is willing to do all those things because that's his truest nature; his former Russian friend promised that everything would return back to normal, that he and his family would be safe. But HRG knows that nothing will ever be the same again, that is why he does what he does. There is no turning back. Claire also faces the right versus wrong confliction, although hers is lighter than others she doesn't like what West had asked of her to do. Hiro knows his actions for letting his feelings for the princess show would break history, but this morality lesson will have him dealing with the very man he'd begun to train to become a hero. Maya and Alejandro are dealing with the right and wrongness based on Sylar's interference, and even the characters not seen in this episode are dealing with those same personal issues regarding what is ethical and what isn't.

Also, I do like the rehashing of returning plotholes and reusing the same storytelling for this season. Same telling of, different situation. This is the Heroes way. Some may not like that they're repeating the whole thing with New York City becoming a target of a pandemic, possibly caused by the virus spreading or something else unleashed through genetic mutations, but it's still engaging nonetheless.

The Glees and Squees!

++ Ando is just so much love, especially his expression in the end like "What, is that it? What happens next, I wanna know!" Hee, like an anxious kid wanting to know more about the ending of a storybook. Although I wish he was more involved somehow other than discovering the scrolls. Though because the scrolls are done now this means he'll be involved further, and possibly crossing paths with Kensei in the present time while waiting for Hiro to return.

++ David Anders continues to be hilarious and awesome, though he broke my heart in the end and his look he gave Yaeko once trading sides was just sad.

++ Mohinder. Him bursting into Bob's office, chucking the sringe against the wall and throwing the chair at the glass cabinet in absolute rage for what'd been asked of him was just awesome. That's the Mohinder I know and love! Also when he's all "screw you and this popsicle stand! I'm taking my daughter and I'm leaving this shithole and you can you find yourself another buttmonkey!" was another win from this evening. Hee!

++ Also, Mohinder and the white lab coat? Yeah, totally did it for me. Meeoow...

++ So does this mean that Jessica's the Six to Mohinder's Gaius Baltar? Because seriously, the connection there is uncanny, like whoa. Yay, fandoms colliding!

++ Badass!HRG FTW baby!

++ Even though the West/Claire progession is going nowhere for me, I liked that they did the bitchy!cheerleader in, despite how utterly teenagery it was. She should've just punched her like she did with Jackie. But nevertheless, I liked the dark-haired girl who obviously likes Claire well enough. I do hope they become BFFs because Claire needs a friend that's a girl and who isn't West. Although, wasn't there supposed to have been a cheerleader who was a lesbian this season? Did that ditch that storyline? Because honestly, that would've been more intriguing than the West/Claire stuff.

++ Regarding the Isaac Mendez prophetic paintings: after HRG and the Haitian discovered the rest in the warehouse, there was one that resembled Mohinder (whose nose seemed to have been patched up from being broken) and shooting a gun. And I think another with a blonde, supposedly Niki, pounding at a mirror which she's trapped in? I don't know, I'm with HRG when I have NO frakking idea what it all means. Of course, speculations are nice but seriously...whoa.

++ Peter HAD been involved with the Company, or this Adam guy who knows about the Company or has ties to it. Ha! My predictions were rignt. Although it hasn't been confirmed by fact as of yet, but it leads more interesting theories to what happened to Peter during those four months while everyone thought he was dead.

++ Sylar and Alejandro fighting = ultra hotness. I wanted to see who hit who first though. My guesses on Alejandro because of his obvious dislike for Sylar, but nevertheless that scene? Yeah, even without TKing or other powers it was hot.

++ "Either he goes, or I go." Oh fandom, the twincest just writes itself doesn't it? Alejandro/Maya FTW right there.

++ Sylar's intentions make sense. I do like the idea of a Sylar/Maya kind of deal *gasp* blasphemy, I know, it's all about the Mohinder/Sylar OTP yo, but knowing Sylar he's all about the power not the sex. He probably feels connected to Maya because of her abilities being very dangerous and deadly, and getting her to use that ability for personal gain to get to their destination is like his breeding her as his own special pet, shall we say. Either way, as long as Maya trusts him to being his "guardian angel" they're both potentially dangerous, and Alejandro knows this. So it's totally in character for Sylar to say these things about Maya, because he's only using her.

++ Dude, Bob mentioned "Gabriel Gray". I don't know about anyone else, but I think this is the first time that name has been said in front of Mohinder. He's always known him as Sylar and nothing more, and I liked that they finally finalized this in canon that after the events at Kirby Plaza that he knows who Sylar's true identity was.

++ AWWWWW! Mohinder looking after Molly and kissing her forehead. I love how fatherly he is with her, and he surely feels regret for taking her to the Company but as he said, he had no other choice and he was desperate. Still, he loves her and even without the House of M3 at the moment, that scene warmed my heart. ♥

++ No Nathan or Matt or the Older Generation in this episode, which makes me sad. :(

++ Who else got the impression that the "other threat" Bob was talking about was Maury Parkman? I kept thinking that as soon as he said it, until it was revealed it was the man on the folder which Mohinder had read in the beginning. Damn. It would make sense if Bob knows about Maury's intentions and is dangerous and is attempting to kill off the others of the Group -- it would give his apology to Mohinder more leeway to his sincerity. Though we do know that Maury is after Bob anyhow, so we'll see.

++ OMG, a pandemic possibly connected to the Company, the Virus or the mutations of Specials? OMG OMG OMG!! This is something I like, and this is only the beginning of the season, and I know some people are disappointed that things are speeding up based on these current six episodes, but remember last season when things didn't start picking up until midseasn, or right around/after the seasonal hiatus? I think this is what this season is going to be as well, and once that happens I can't wait when everything explodes.

++ Was there a Mohinder voiceover this episode at all or did I miss it? I want my Mohinder VOs, dammit!

Overall: This was another episode I really liked and enjoyed. Great for setting up the difficulties of these characters and what they'll have to face further down the line. Some will have to question their moralities and cross that line in order to protect the ones they love and for the fate of the world. I like this obversation and exploration. Obviously I would've preferred more investigation over the Older Generation plot, but this was enjoyable nonetheless. Mainly because I was nail-biting over Mohinder and what he would do, though I was very interested in everything happening for the hour aside from the Claire and West stuff, because we knew the outcome even before it happened so meh to that. Excited for next week, and the weeks/episodes to come.
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