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Alright, guys and ghouls...

So it's Halloween, and I hope everyone is having a happy one. This year I've decided to not do anything except sit at home and watch horror movies, perhaps rewatch Supernatural if I can squeeze it in. It's actually a normal occurrance here, since our family has never been big on Halloween anyway. As kids we'd dress up and stuff, of course, but as time went on we just never bothered anymore. It's okay though, because I'm looking forward to Christmas anyhow (well, first Thanksgiving celebration for us then Christmas, but y'know what I mean).

I've discovered and have been listening to this song ("Aqua Vitae" by New World Music), which some may recognize as the background music for the Razor trailers and some other things too.

Other than that, nothing much else to report on except for my brain spinning more Heroes theories again, which is a given. I've also been having some for SPN too. I may or may not write those up by tomorrow or Friday, depending on how I feel and what's happening in RL, so I don't know.
Tags: halloween, music, rl on the dl
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