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In which today was somewhat productive for being uneventful.

So when I said I wasn't going to dress up? Yeah, I semi-lied about that. I kind of dressed up as Ruby. I mean, it wasn't extravagant or special or anything, it wasn't even intentional. I wanted to test out some of my newest outfits, slabbed something together and looked in the mirror and thougt to myself, "Hey, I kind of resemble Ruby. This could work." Therefore, I was Ruby: The Demon Hunter for at least...several hours. And my sister decided she wanted to be Dean if I were to be Ruby, and we kind of had an almost in-character banter conversation before laughing at ourselves. Hee.

Oh, for to feed more into my fangirlish glee: ELIZA DUSHKU and JOSS WHEDON to work on a television show together! OMG YOU GUYS, THIS IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST NEWS LIKE, EVER! AND YES THIS DESERVES CAPSLOCK OF JOY JUST OMGYAYSPAMS! *ahem* Seriously, even if the show does get axed prematurely like most FOX shows do, at least we'll have seven-hours of Joss/Eliza delicious goodness. And guess what? The plot for the show is so freaking awesome. I'm in love with it already and if it's a work collaboration with these two, it's bound to be made of all sorts of awesome anyway.

That? Just made my night. Yep.

House M.D. 4.05 "Mirror, Mirror"

This was quite an interesting episode, I like how the PotW had the condition of mirroring everyone else around him, even though there is no such medical condition whatsoever. I have a feeling that while the show does tend to keep the medical emergencies and cases realistic as possible this was just something created to get inside the heads of the other doctors. I mean realistically, no medical case would have someone mimic another's personality without knowing the other person for more than a few seconds regardless of how close you are in the room or hot dominating they are. Although, it does make for a great crossover with Heroes.

Foreman! I didn't like him before, but now he's starting to grow on me, as is Cameron. Either the writing is getting smarter in regards towards their characterizations or I'm having an epiphany.

Hee, Wilson is definitely the dominating person of the House/Wilson relationship. Hee! Gotta love them, also I loved the House versus Foreman versus Cuddy play. The betting and bantering was beyond hilarious, which is why I love this show. I still think it should all be about Wilson and House and Cuddy, but whatever. Still funny.

"Fight the power!" Oh House, how I love you and your sarcasm.

Bones 3.05 "Mummy in the Maze"

Brennan as Wonder Woman and Booth as Clark Kent! LOVED IT! Plus, both looked so freaking adorable and hot. I saw the pictures in a TVGuide article, which they looked like they were having so much fun. Oh, and Angela looked absolutely stunning and Hodgins? Oh God, Hodgins also looked hot too in that uniform. Awww, and I loved that their relationship is a confirmed one, and that nothing will tear them down. Angela's answers to Azura's character was definite: she loves Hodgins. Awww! Much love.

So Booth is afraid of clowns, and who can blame him? I was about to say "the homicidal phantom clown!" because seriously, whoa. And Brennan with the snakes, she was so adorable squealing and being frightened of them. I know that's like a horrible thing to say but it was! And Booth having her on his back so they could get the girl out from the snake-ridden room, and Booth dropping her on her head! Oh, and Brennan accidentally shooting Booth was HILARIOUS!

This show is just made of awesome. So much flailing from me, and I love Halloween episodes as much as I do Christmas ones. Or any holiday, actually.

Azura Skye! Once again on one of my fandoms. She's getting everywhere now, isn't she? That's awesome.

Yeah, this concludes my late-night Halloween posting. And I'm, um, kinda hyper right now...and I haven't even consumed candy or caffine of any kind. So what does this say about me? That I'm high on life or what? Wow, how new-agey. Heh. Nah, just high from fandom-related things, and just...yeah. I'll stop rambling now before I start saying things that are so incoherent for anyone to understand, even myself.
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