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Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Firstly, I'd just like to go with what (most people in) fandom are raising havoc about, being Dean's one line in this episode: "Could you be anymore gay?" Some think it was insulting, some think it was unnecessary and completely un!Dean-like to have been written in. In my opinion though, I believe it was mainly a shoutout to fandom in general for obvious reasons. Yes they've played with the gay themes before and yes, they could've substituted it with something else like "girl" or "princess" and whatnot, but what's done is done. No need to harp about it repeatedly over one particular small line Dean had said. Hey, I found it funny because I knew it was the writers making a shoutout, or at least that's how I preceived it as. Not everything has to be a sensitive issue here, like with those SPN fans who were complaining and writing letters to the network/show about the Dick Chenney comment in last week's episode. It was said, it passed, let it go. Although I'll bet there'll be petitions going around created by angry SPN fans based on that ONE LINE alone, just wait and see.

Okay, enough of that piece of ranting and on towards the actual episode.

I really liked this episode, a lot. It dealt with fairytales and I, for one, LOVE fairytales. The gruesome, cannibalistic, bloodied original versions of the fairytales we grew up with and I daresay, having all the blood and gore in this episode based on those tales alone was FREAKING AWESOME! Though as someone had mentioned, I wished they'd gone at least one step further, like with the Cinderella case at having the evil stepmother or stepsisters' eyes plucked out and such. That would've been sweet. The retelling of those stories was majorly awesome in general, it had a colorful feel (which is unusualy for a regular Supernatural episode because it's usually so grainy and gritty and dark) but at the same time very sinister, which I loved. It had the same kind of darkness twist to it, though the reveal part about the doctor's daughter was very bittersweet. It left me having this sad feeling.

I did like the casting of the little girl and the grown up version of the girl, they actually looked very alike. Still a heartbreaking scene to see the father talk with the daughter, and Sam being all puppy!sad in the background, but yeah.

Now, Sam and Dean. Oh goodness, the argument in the beginning was so great. It was totally heated and we just jumped right in the middle of it, and it was awesome. Sam trying to convince Dean about reversing the deal by visiting the Crossroads Demon with The Colt and ending it once and for all (which before this episode aired, I had actually thought about it several times), and Dean suggesting that they don't know if that changes anything or not (again, something I also considered). It was so great, so sibling rivarly, so....perfectly Winchester. And Sam calling out on Dean for acting like Papa Winchester was also great, because I see some John in Dean, and not just because by making that deal either.

"Do you want me to let you go, is that it?" Damn it Winchesters, WHY DO YOU MAKE MY HEART BREAK HUH?! Seriously though, it was a oddly touching scene that might've not have worked if this episode hadn't touched on that issue in the beginning, so it was a nice to have that connection. Sam wants to help Dean but Dean's being defiant and difficult, thus leads Sam to do things on his own. Which brings us to....

The Crossroads Demon, played by Sandy McCoy (Jared Padelacki's real-life long-time girlfriend). First of all, how freaking adorable was she? Seriously. Cute as a button. I also LOVED LOVED LOVED her version of the Crossroads Demon. Of course knowing she was going to play that role I knew I was expecting it, but still. She had the best poise, the best way of communication with Sam, and I loved them circling each other, Sam pointing the Colt at her. I was too perfect of a match, and you just KNOW that both Jared and Sandy had a ball filming this (also, did you see that wide shot where you can totally tell how TINY she is to him? Of course, as my sister says, Jared's a freaking GIANT next to anyone so yeah). I thought that whole scene was fantastically done, and man did she look pretty. The hair, the outfit, definitely approved by me.

Of course, I would've loved to have Sandy return as the Crossroads Demon again....until, that is, when Sam SHOT HER IN THE FACE! OMG, Jared just shot his girlfriend in the face...that's never going to get old, is it? I bet they had fun shooting that (no pun intended well, maybe a little). They really outdid themselves here, because while having Sam confront the Crossroads Demon is one thing, but having him KILL the demon is entirely a different ballpark altogether. Just, whoa.

This also brings up two interesting points made in this episode, one being the bossman that the Crossroads Demon answers to. As she said, she's just the saleswoman, not the contract keeper. I have a vague suspicion that this high bossman is Lucifer. The other is the origins of Ruby, which judging from how she stated it, it seems that Ruby is probably a demon gone rogue and somewhat has a rotten reputation with the rest of her clan, though I still have my speculations regarding her connection with Lucifer and Sam, but that's for another time. It would've been too easy to have killed the Crossroads Demon with the Colt to save Dean's life, obviously there's another way that's more difficult to achieve, and Ruby holds the answer. Again, that'll be for later with my own theories. But another thing that is brought up in this episode, which was Sam's unhesitant nature for killing the Crossroads Demon.

Normally Sam isn't the one to go killing things automatically, he's a good-natured guy and isn't that ruthless and does have a heart, even for those of demonic nature. But so far we've witnessed Sam do these ruthless acts like killing demons -- while yes, it's their job, it's the way he's killing them. His expression is darker, he has this rough attitude about him that's different from the original Sam Winchester from before. I really like this exploration of his character. It's something I wanted to see and now that we know there's a bigger plan for him to possibly become the Demon King of the Underworld, it might get interesting seeing it all unravel.

So yeah, I liked this episode. Creepy little girl-who-looks-like-Snow-White and who-is-actually-innocent, Dean's "it's kinda like Mischa Barton...from The Sixth Sense, not The OC" along with his "I'm gonna go catch the Big Bad Wolf", the retelling of the original fairytales, the FREAKING TOAD/FROG FOLLOWING THEM EVERYWHERE, Dean and Sam doing their own research, and dudes the filming style this episode was fantastic as well. Loved it.

And Sam's drawing? HEE.

The only downside being there was no Ruby. Boo. Hopefully she'll be in the next episode. Speaking of which, it looks VERY interesting...ghost ship with Bela. Hmmmm, looks spooky from the previews.

Wow, I can't believe I wrote all that in one take. I'm extremely hyper tonight, as if you couldn't tell.
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