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One for the money, two for the show.

1. In case anyone's been living underneath a rock, writers are going on strike. While I have my own opinions about this, I have nothing else to contribute about this topic that hasn't already been said by others. Though apparently this is going to affect many networks and shows, including The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Even Heroes: Origins has been declared indefinitely shelved due to this (although according the sources, the ratings are also partially to blame, something I am upset about) -- also this strike might be prepping for an early Heroes season finale. I do hope this strike is short-lived and a compromised will be settled soon, for obvious reasons that our shows don't get snubbed. Otherwise we're going to have to live with rerunning episodes and the dreaded reality TV until that time comes.

2. Autumn is finally here. It's getting colder and already the leaves are turning brown/red/orange and falling from the trees. Oh, and it's already freaking November! We've had a thunder-storm warning a couple of days ago, and while we haven't had really rainy-weather it's been really chilly outside. But the best part? I get these catalogues that are just tempting me with their Christmas sales. Yeah, I know, I'm a Christmas freak. I love the holiday season, so sue me.

3. I am now addicted to Gossip Girl. I love Blair, Leighton Meester is absolutely gorgeous. Blake Lively is great as Serena and I love Serena/Blair's friendship. Yep, I love this show and it's dramarama, it's is my guiltest pleasure.
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